Friday 10 April 2020

A Face Mask For Under £1?💕

There's not many face masks I haven't tried. I have my favourites, of course, but I also like branching out and trying new, different ones too. One of my favourite body scrubs is by the brand Bio Glow, and I'm also a fan of their body lotion, so when I seen that they did a face mask, I just had to get it to try!

Bio Glow Clean Skin Orange Peel Off Mask || 99p || Yes, you read that right: it's less than £1! Sure, sometimes I can be a bit skeptical about bargain beauty products - can they actually prove to be effective if they're as cheap as they are? But, fear not. I had high expectations for this mask due to trying products by the brand in the past. I don't tend to use peel off masks that often, but nonetheless, went ahead with it anyways. As it's in a tub, I felt I had plenty of control over the application process. It's quite a thin consistency, so I felt I didn't need too much - I only use a thin layer of face masks anyways. It's an orange mask, but in terms of scent, I don't feel that it's overly strong anyways - I was expecting to be hit by the overwhelming scent of orange, but no. This didn't bother me but I know for some people scent is a big thing, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. As I only had a thin layer on, it didn't take too long for it to dry either.

The peeling process was actually really simple and pain-free. With some peel off masks, I find it comes off in lots of tiny sections and feels as though it's ripping my skin off with it, resulting in some watery eyes! But, this one came off with ease and didn't feel sore when peeling off. To ensure it was removed fully and no excess residue was left on my face, I rinsed my face with warm water. The mask claims to unclog pores, removes dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving your skin silky, supple and fresh. This, I feel, is a pretty accurate description of the mask. My skin did feel super clean after use, and I could tell the mask had been effective. My skin was soft to touch, and to look at, appeared radiant and glowing. Sometimes some masks leave your skin feeling too tight, making it itchy, but this one thankfully doesn't have that impact on the skin.

I follow up by lathering my skin in a rich moisturiser to help keep it in tip-top condition. I really like this mask, it's one that you could probably use within your skin care routine without it being too harsh on the skin (not a daily routine, I'm talking more 2-3 times a week!) It's also cruelty free and vegan friendly, so what more could I say to try convince you?



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