Monday 13 April 2020

Glitter Face Masksđź’•*

Hands up who loves glitter?! It's impossible not to. It's sparkly and pretty, and available in so many colours. I couldn't believe it though when these face masks from T-Zone came through the door. A GLITTER face mask? Surely not! But, oh yes. And how smart of them indeed.

Zone Glitter Peel Off Mask Silver* || £2.99 || I wasn't quite sure what texture to expect. A peel off but with glitter? But, it's just your typical peel off face mask consistency (fairly thin), but the glitter, in my eyes, resembles microbeads. I find that there's a lot of face mask in the one packet; even after I apply, I find myself having leftover mask in the pack. I left it on for 10-15 minutes roughly (until I felt it was totally dry) before removing. And, boy it was dry. The pain I felt trying to remove this mask was on another level. My eyes were streaming like mad! After I finally got it off, it was totally worth the pain. My skin felt incredible; pores felt unclogged and excess oils stripped. It didn't leave it irritated, despite being a nightmare to remove, but instead, looked healthy and fresh. The mask claims that it draws out impurities, which I felt it does. It's enriched with strawflower and firming centella asiatica extract which helps keep the skin looking vibrant and glowing. It's for all skin types, but I feel is probably best suited, in my opinion, to oily to normal skin, as I feel that it'd perhaps be too harsh on dry skin when it comes to removing. 

T-Zone Glitter Peel Off Mask Black* || £2.99 || When I first seen this packet, I originally thought "charcoal face mask" - I've had some messy experiences with these in the past so panicked! Unlike the last mask, I purposely didn't leave it on as long. This time, I left it on for 5-10 minutes, so that the majority of the mask was dry. I only applied a thin layer, and was left with mask in the packet again. Rather than peeling off, I decided to try an easier method - using my Beautybay cleanser (read more here) and my PMD electronic facial cleansing brush (read more here). This made it a bit easier to wash off, and I didn't have to experience the same pain as before. It didn't impact the mask in a negative way because it still was clearly effective on my skin: I can't begin to explain how smooth my skin felt! Not only this, but my pores looked more refined and my overall skin looked glowing and radiant. Again, it's suitable for all skin types but same as the previous mask, I'd say oily-normal skin purely for the reason that it's tough to remove.

T-Zone, once again, have produced some fantastic products. Slightly disappointed with the glitter (I expected a lot of glitter but it was more like sparse microbeads), but the face masks themselves worked wonders with my skin. 


*PR Samples


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