Monday 27 April 2020

Testing More Argan Oil Hair Productsđź’•

I used to be so good at treating my hair when it was long. Then, after I got the chop, I got lazy. However, I've decided I want luscious, shiny and healthy hair again, so started buying new items. If you cast your mind back a few months, you might remember me reviewing a hair mask and raving about it (read here), and as I was so impressed by the mask, I figured I'd branch out and try a few more of the Argan Oil products - at their inexpensive price tag, it'd be rude not to.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment || £1 - Years ago, I used a Lee Stafford hair treatment RELIGIOUSLY. I loved it, and unfortunately, after it ran out, I never replaced it nor bought a new one. But, when this hair treatment at £1 caught my eye, I instantly knew I had to add it into my basket. The hair mask leaves my hair feeling super nourished, so I had high expectations for this little treatment. I decided I'd use it on my hair after washing (before blow drying to really let the treatment sink into my hair) on the days I don't use the mask. As it's an oil, I only use a small amount because I don't want to apply too much and make my hair greasy. I ensure to only apply it in the length of my hair, completely avoiding the roots - so, from the nape of the neck down pretty much. My hair is thick, so can get tangled whilst damp, so when I brush it, this oil makes this process a bit more bearable as it almost acts as a detangler. After I dry my hair, the ends where I applied the oil are left feeling smooth and silky, and looks healthy too! I love it!

Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray || £1 - I bought this from Savers, however, the website is currently closed so I can't link you up. I've tried various heat protectors over the years, but always like to change it up a bit. This one smells nice; just the same as the rest of the range. I don't tend to use much heat on my hair apart from blow drying it, and occasionally straightening it. I think my favourite thing about it is that after using heat on my hair, it doesn't go static, which is a common problem I have, especially after straightening. It does leave my hair protected so feels a bit healthier and looks shiner, and in general, it's a not bad product for the price!

I know there are even more Argan Oil products out there, so I need to get my hands on them too to fulfil the whole range! So far, at £1 a go per product, I'm hooked!



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