Tuesday 16 June 2020

Beauty Bay's Liquid Eyeshadow Trios💕

For New Years Eve, I decided to explore the world of liquid eyeshadows, and bought myself two of the beautybay's own branded ones (read more here). I instantly fell in love with them, and truth to be told, rarely touch any eyeshadows because I love the simplicity of the liquid shadows. And, because I loved the first two so much, I ended up ordering another nine...lol. Rather than buying individual shades, I bought 3 of their trio packs cause at £15 a pack (or £6 each), it was cheaper to buy trios.

Beauty Bay Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow Trio Solstice || £15 || I feel this is perhaps the boldest, most out there of all the trios I got. The trio includes Garnet (left) which is a beautiful rich red shade; Pyrite which is a stunning gold shade; and Malachite which is a beautiful green shade. It's an interesting trio because all the shades vary from each other significantly. I feel that Pyrite (gold) is probably the most wearable, with the green and red being rather out there, but if you're brave enough, then I dare you to experiment! Each of them ooze pigment and are true to their colour. I recommend this trio for people who enjoy playing with bright eye colours.

Beauty Bay Liquid Eyeshadow Trio Celestial || £15 || Now, this is the trio full of colours I'm more inclined to work with! Golds, brown and oranges are my safe colours and go-to, so I feel that this trio is a safe shout for me. The trio includes Moonstone which is a silver shimmer; Rutile which is a bronze shimmer; and Precious Topaz which is a champagne shimmer. Each colour is rich in pigment, and I feel that this trio would work with most eye colours too! Due to them being more "wearable colours", you can either glam these up or tone them down, depending on the look you're after. 

Beauty Bay Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow Trio Equinox || £15 || I really like the Earthy tones in this trio, a lot of cool undertones too. It includes Tiger's Eye which is a rich copper with gold flecks; Selenite which is a soft white with silver flecks; and Smoky Quartz which is a black with gold flecks. Personally, I find these colours quite difficult to work with because I haven't quite conquered an eyeshadow combination to create a look that suits me yet. However, with that being said, they are beautiful colours which I need to experiment with more.

I now have a varying selection of colours available from the range. I'm pretty sure I'm missing one shade and I own the whole collection!! I find the shadows super easy to work with, and they are super pigmented too. All in all, I don't think you can go wrong with these. They don't crease nor transfer, and are pretty opaque. But, to make sure I get their pigment to its fullest potential, I always applying an eyeshadow similar to the colour I'm using before applying, using the doe-foot applicator it comes with before using a flat eyeshadow brush to top it off. These are my go-to for a night out because they don't smudge or sweat off either, and this is pretty important for me. I can't wait to get creative with them!



  1. I love a liquid eyeshadow and Beauty Bay's range, so I have no idea why I haven't tried these yet. The formula sounds incredible. Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. Honestly, you'll love them. If you're a fan of their eyeshadows, these are a must x


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