Monday 8 June 2020

Andrew Barton Haircaređź’•*

Andrew Barton Haircare
2020 has most definitely been the year that's seen the most, and best, haircare treatment my hair has had for a while!! I have been loving trying out new products, seeing what works or doesn't, the impact it has etc. My collection is growing at a steady pace, and has been all year. The brand, Andrew Barton, got in touch with me to try some of their products. Of course, right up my alley, so I agreed. Whilst doing my research into my brand, I discovered two things; 1. the vast range of shampoos and conditioners available; and 2. the fact it's stocked in Asda so is easily accessible!

Andrew Barton Haircare
Andrew Barton Kind & Gentle Shampoo* || £2.50 || First thing I noticed is that it's infused with moroccan argan oil, cactus flower extract and aloe vera - if you've been reading my latest haircare posts, you'll know I'm loving argan oil at the moment - so as soon as I seen this, the shampoo was already in my good books. They have shampoos for different hair concerns, so I was intrigued to this as it's classed as being "soothing and hydrating". I noticed it had quite a thin consistency to it, which doesn't bother me as I find formulas like this will lather up better. You know it's a good shampoo when your hair feels cleans before you even rinse the bubbles away - my scalp already felt a lot fresher. In terms of scent, it reminds me of baby shampoo, but also the clean cotton Yankee Candle. And, if you know what both those smell like, you'll understand what I mean when I say this shampoo smells gentle yet clean. It's soft and delicate on the hair, so I could imagine it being beneficial for those with a sensitive scalp: although I don't, I know it's kind on my hair and will protect it.

Andrew Barton Haircare
Andrew Barton Kind & Gentle Conditioner* || £2.50 || I used to be lazy with conditioner and use whatever was in the bathroom, but now I've very specific and like to use a conditioner that matches my shampoo. So, it's no surprise that I have the conditioner which is the same as the shampoo; their soothing and hydrating. Much like the shampoo, I find the conditioner to be quite thin in consistency, so I definitely don't need a lot per use - I only apply conditioner on the lengths of my hair, avoiding the roots. I find it quite difficult to wash out of my hair, so I spend a little extra rinsing to ensure there's no leftovers. But, I do love how smooth and silky it leaves my hair. Neither the shampoo or conditioner causes my hair to tangle which is a godsend. Again, much like the shampoo, it has the same gorgeous and delicate scent. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy either; instead it's smooth and feels healthy, which is what it claims to do in the first place, winner!

Andrew Barton Haircare
Andrew Barton S.O.S Hair Repair Miracle Hair Oil* || £2.50 || I love hair oils! They really make a difference when you're drying your hair. I always make sure to only use a small amount to avoid any greasy messes. I was relieved to see this one had a pump as I find it easier to judge how much oil to use - typically I go for 3/4 as I have thick hair. Same as the conditioner, I only use it on the ends of my hair whilst damp. It has a gorgeous scent which I can't quite pin-point as of yet. It's enriched with both moroccan argan oil and macadamia oil, meaning it will hydrate your hair to the max. If I use a hair mask whilst in the shower, I don't use the oil because I don't want to weigh my hair down, and again, avoid greasiness. But, it's totally worth looking into this little bottle. It leaves my hair feeling super hydrated and soft at the ends, so if you have dry or damaged hair, I could only imagine the benefits that it would deliver! 

Andrew Barton Haircare

Andrew Barton S.O.S Hair Repair Mask Sachet* || £1.20 || So usually, if I have a hair mask, it's a whole tub worth of product. However, this one comes as a one-use sachet, which I actually prefer the idea of as it gives you more of a trial before splurging out on something you might hate. So when I opened the sachet, I actually expected there to be more product inside. At first glance, I didn't think there was all that much, but after applying to my hair, found it was the ideal amount of product - not too much nor too little! But, I think I have found my new favourite hair mask. And by no means, am I just saying that because the brand sent me this. Like my hair feels so good, it honestly feels as though I've just left the hairdressers - salon worthy!! It leaves my hair in such good condition, not only smelling amazing but the shine is unreal too. I can't wait for my next Asda trip to pick up some more of these sachets! 

I love each of these products, and now I know my local Asda stocks a wide range of them too, I can't wait to try some more. They smell lovely, leave my hair in such good condition and aren't overly expensive. As well as their wide range of shampoos and conditioners, all designed for different purposes and issues, they also have a styling range, including heat protector etc. And, I am pleased to announce that they are also vegan friendly too!!


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