Monday 22 June 2020

Be The Ultimate Fashion Icon💕*

I won't lie, I own way too much clothing. But, I am right into my fashion these days. Give me a pair of patterned trousers and I'm quite happy to build together an outfit! I also love a good night out with my pals, and this lockdown really got me missing the "what you wearing?" texts and multiple outfit meltdowns. However, over this period of time, I've ended up with a new few outfits which I CANNOT wait to wear out. But, my outfits are going to be on a new level with these little beauties from Femme Luxe.

One thing I've never really owned is jumpsuits, but damn I love how much of a staple this Red Strappy Wide Leg Jumpsuit* is!! It's super elegant and classy. I decided to wear it with a pair of black and silver diamante heels to add to the sophisticated vibe. Can someone have a formal party of some sort after lockdown please?! With trousers and similar full-length items, I often find that they're too short for me (I'm around 5ft8/9), but this genuinely fits like a glove. I wouldn't typically go for wide legged items but this just works well. Paired with some lashes, winged liner and bold lip, I am living for this jumpsuit! A gorgeous, simple and casual jumpsuit, but one that leaves you feeling bold and confident due to it's beautiful, striking colour!

I feel like for a night out, black is forever a safe bet, so it's no surprise I am super excited to wear this Black Utility Contrast Stitch Playsuit*! I feel like paired with my creepers, fishnets, sunglasses and cap, it's an absolute look!! I feel super comfortable in this playsuit as it's made out of the comfiest material ever, which is also stretchy too. I love the neon green detail, and paired with the "seat-belt" style belt, my fashion levels are totally through the roof! There are so many ways to style this playsuit, and if you want a striking playsuit that's not colourful, this black playsuit is the way forward!

And since I loved the black playsuit so much, I ended up getting it in white* too! Much like the black playsuit, the white one also has the same neon green detail, but it's hard to see it in the above photo because of the sunlight reflecting off it. Again, comes with a "seat-belt" belt, but because this suit is white, I'm keen to invest in some other "cool" belts to change up the outfit every so often. I'm not quite sure where I'll wear this one - white is an extremely risky colour on a night out! - but I need to find somewhere after lockdown! Also made with the same material as the black playsuit. I don't own any white dresses, nor any white playsuits, so super excited to add it to my wardrobe for the perfect excuse! And, can we take a minute to appreciate how well they go with my new white boots?!

Femme Luxe got me covered for my future nights out with some gorgeous and fashionable jumpsuits, and I can't wait! Bring it on, and let me be the biggest fashion icon out!


*PR Samples


  1. You look amazing in each outfit! They all look like they can be dressed up or down, with a change of shoes and a jacket! Love x
    Amber |

    1. Aw thank you Amber!! Yeah definitely, I originally wore the white playsuit with my creepers but then my boots arrived and just HAD to pair them! x


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