Tuesday 26 May 2020

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Years ago when I used to receive beauty sets upon sets for Xmas and birthdays, my shelves used to contain numerous body scrubs, which I'd use fairly religiously. Then, as I got older, I started slacking (I feel I keep saying this in all my blog posts, but it's true, self-pampering really did fall out the window, but it's back!!) and now, I love a good body scrub. I mainly rely on them for my fake tan; to exfoliate and prep my skin beforehand, but also to scrub it off and remove it afterwards. I sometimes struggle to find the right balance with scrubs though - some are too harsh, whereas some are ineffective and do nothing. It's a case of trial and error, but I've eventually found one that's budget friendly, and does the job. Alongside this, I've found the ideal companion for it - a body lotion - which ensures you keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Bio Glow Apricot and Rosemary Face & Body Scrub || 99p - although I can't find it online, it's most definitely stocked in Savers - I've bought it that many times I would know!! I never use it as a face scrub so can only give the verdict for it being a body scrub. To me, it smells like a peach yogurt! It contains small "gritty" pieces which gently exfoliate my skin yet still act effectively - you know it's done a thorough job. It doesn't feel harsh nor leave any red marks indicating that it's too severe on the skin either. One tub does last a while as I feel I only need a small amount each time - but focusing more on my knees, wrists, ankles and elbows if I intend on fake tanning. It washes off easily, and my skin instantly feels smoother and exfoliated, without feeling dehydrated in the slightest. Due to the strong scent, it may not be ideal for sensitive skin incase it irritates the skin, but for normal/dry skin, there shouldn't be any problems!
In terms of using with gloves, I love! The ones I use I got from Morrisons for £1, and they're decent quality - not too thin and fit my hand perfectly. I thought that combined with the scrub, it may feel quite rough on the skin, but it's not really - just a bit more intense compared to using the scrub solo. If it's for removing tan, you can legit see it coming off your skin, so the gloves are essential for quick tan removal! Is there anything this scrub can't do?

Bio Glow Cocoa Butter Moisturiser || 99p - Because I love the scrub so much, it only felt right to expand into the range and buy the body lotion! Looking at the moisturiser, it honestly looks like a tub full of yogurt - so, at first glance, the formula looks thick and creamy. However, it's not as thick as I initially thought - it's actually quite thin, almost water based. Therefore, resembles more of a body lotion formula than a body butter. I adore the scent, it's  cocoa butter but not your typical scent - it does smell like cocoa, but almost a bit toned down and sweeter at the same time? As it's a thin formula, I don't need a lot at all, and my skin literally soaks this up instantly, and with that being said, doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin; it's very lightweight and feels smooth on the skin. I love how smooth it leaves my skin feeling, and when I wash it off, it feels milky, so I know my skin is well nourished and hydrated. I especially like using it after exfoliating just to treat my skin - slather on some of this and you're a literal goddess.

All in all, I love this combo! I wish I could find more bio-glow products online but I'm struggling, so I guess it's time to have a long nosy in Savers next time I go!



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