Monday 4 May 2020

Trialing InVogue False Lashesđź’•*

Now that I'm finally coming to terms with lashes, I'm more than willing to try out some new, different styles and brands! That's why when the PR over at In Vogue asked me about trying their lashes, I was delighted! I couldn't get over the wide selection they had either, all which fell into the categories of volumise, glamourise and naturalise, as well as individual lash extensions! There's a lash style available for everyone, and the packaging is pretty cute too, which also includes a small lash glue too.

Invogue Volumise False Lashes #7* || £3.99 || Trust me, I cannot WAIT to try these lashes, but I don't want to waste them just being in the house so I'm waiting until lockdown is finished and I can finally go out again! I love how dramatic and extra these lashes are, they're super long and dark, so are definitely going to be noticeable. Although I haven't tried them, I can already tell they'll live up to their name of volumise!

Invogue Glamourise False Lashes #10* || £3.99 || The first of two glamourise lashes, but these I haven't worn yet. These are interesting, cause they look like normal lashes but then appear a bit more wispy, textured yet natural towards the end. What I like is that they don't look cheap and plastic either, but the extra long lashes at the ends really help to make your natural lashes appear longer and fuller, helping to enhance your eyes. They state that they help provide you with a medium volume and length, so nothing too dramatic.

Invogue Glamourise False Lashes #9* || £3.99 || The other pair of the glamourise lashes, this time a pair that I've actually worn! They look super long and extra, but once applied, they're not too extreme, they actually look really pretty on! They are so lightweight despite their length, and I feel that they'd be suitable for most eye shapes, and any eye look too; whether it be bold or more chilled. I find that I don't need to cut the lashes either, that they actually fit my eye shape really well! I may have only worn them in the house for trialing purposes, but I cannot wait to wear these on a night out! They flare out slightly towards the end, which is very complimentary as it helps accentuate and elongate your eye.

I decided to wear them with quite a full on makeup look (I had a red/deep burgundy liquid eyeshadow from Beautybay I was desperate to try!) but I reckon it'd work well even with a more toned down eye look.

Invogue Naturalise False Lashes #21* || £3.99 || Again, a pair of lashes I've worn, and to be honest, a pair that have really taken me by surprise! When I initially seen them, I didn't think they'd have that much of an impact as they're "short and natural", but damn, I was wrong - I am obsessed!! Although I said they're natural, they still help to enhance your eyes, bringing you extra length and definition to your natural lashes. 

Here, I chose to pair them with a basic winged linger and red lip, and the classiness was unreal! I didn't want to take them off cause they were so pretty.

One of the main reasons I love these lashes is because they're so lightweight! Sometimes some lashes can feel heavy and tiring on the eyes, but with these, it didn't even feel like I was wearing any. They have an extremely thin lash band, and the application process was super quick and easy - I managed to get them first time! (That's an achievement for me, trust me). I am happy to inform you that they are cruelty free, and vegan friendly! The lashes come with their own glue, but I prefer to use my own glue. For me, invogue lashes get 10/10!


*PR Samples


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