Monday 23 June 2014

My Soap And Glory Collection And Favourites♥

Firstly, I'd like to point out to you that I've changed my layout and background (incase you haven't noticed). I decided that I'd like to switch things up a bit as I thought the pink was a bit boring, and wanted a new look.
So, I'm writing about my Soap and Glory collection, and my favourites. I love their collection, I have a few of their products and they're amazing! I could easily spend a fortune on their products if I'm honest - the scent is superb!

In the front row (from left) there's The Righteous Butter, Heel Genius and another Hand Food.

Now for my favourites..

I love this "Clean On Me" body wash! The scent is great, it's so lovely. I did have a mini version, unfortunately I ran out of it but got this for Christmas in a set. Once you use it, it leaves your skin feeling super soft, it's honestly brilliant! I'd definitely say this is my favourite body wash, and a little bit sure goes a long way where this product is concerned!

I have recently been using the "Smoothie Star" body milk. It's just so good! I usually just use it on my arms and legs, but it's suitable for anywhere. It says it's deep moisture, and it really is, it sinks right into the skin, leaving it as smooth as silk. As far as scents go, this is different to the "Clean On Me", yet is still really nice!

Ultimately, my hands down favourite body butter is the "The Righteous Butter". Sadly, I lost the picture of it, I must have accidentally deleted it. I adore using this, mainly because of the strong scent, it matches the "Clean On Me", so I like to use it then this body butter to lock in the scent! As you can see, I haven't used much, I only got this at Christmas, but it will last me for ages! I had the mini one and that lasted me for like 6 months, so this will last a while!

That concludes my Soap and Glory collection, as well as my favourite products. I do hope you'll try these products, or the minis if you aren't 100% sure (Boots sell mini products for only £2.50), or Soap and Glory itself as it's amazing! Anyone who owns any of their products never say a bad word about it, which means they're products are fab!


  1. This is really good well at least I know now what to buy when I go shopping this weekend :) xx

  2. Aw thanks Natalie! Haha yeah, you really should:)!xx


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