Monday 16 June 2014

Primark's Summer Fashion Range 2014♥

A shop I never tend to go into is Primark. I don't usually find many items I like, but recently I've popped in for a look, as I know they tend to have a great Summer collection, and I happened to come across a few great tops I really like! A style I absolutely adore is lace - I own way too many lace tops in fact! I happened to see them, and decided to buy them, as they're just so girly, as well as perfect for Summer!

My first top is this blue one, which in reality is more green, it looks washed out as I didn't have great lighting unfortunately. This top is so light, which means in the Summer months it will be ideal for when it's so warm and I need something light to wear. The material is also so soft, and I already love it!

This top is the exact same as the blue one, except in a black version of it. The picture isn't great as I didn't have it sitting well, oopsss.. People might think "But black clothing isn't a good thing to wear in Summer!" which I do agree with, but this is so light. Since it's lace, it's obviously see-through so I'd wear this with a bandeau, vest top or a crop top of the same colour.

This top is slightly different style to the other two, it isn't a vest top style, it's more of a cropped t-shirt, with a v-neck. I haven't wore this yet as I only just bought it, but I can't wait to wear it as it's such a pretty top! The lace is super soft, the quality is great for Primark!

Can we just? This top is so beautiful! It's the same as the pink one above, but it's still lovely! Yet again, it's a cropped t-shirt, which I shall possibly pair with a pair of denim shorts as it'll look fab! I just think it's such a summery top, and it would look great with a tan!

So these are my Primark tops, and as you can see, they're all pretty cute, and are ideal for these Summer months! Each top was only £4 each, which is such a bargain! I'd definitely go to your nearest Primark to have a look at their range as they do have a great mixture at the moment!


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