Monday 9 June 2014

My Top 5 Perfumes - June 2014♥

Something I'm really into is perfume, and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favourites with you. I do have a variety, though these are my top 5 out of my collection! These aren't in any order (My top 5 never are in order!) as I love all these perfumes.

My first perfume is the "CKin2U" (Calvin Klein). This has such a beautiful scent - it's fruity and definitely a summer must-have! My Gran had this and I loved it, which then I got for my Christmas and wear it loads. I spray it in the morning and it lasts all day, which is great! It's a perfume in which I think everyone should have smelt, everyone I know who owns this loves it. (Such as my Mum, Gran and I!)

My second perfume is Emporio Armani "Diamonds Rose". I got this perfume recently and already really like this. The scent is so feminine, it's amazing! It's quite similar to the original "Diamonds" but you can slightly smell it's different. It is such a girly scent, and any girly girl is sure to love this!

My third perfume is Diesel's "Loverdose". I adore this perfume! I can't describe how gorgeous this scent is. I got this one Christmas, I was desperate all year to get it! I wear it quite often, I reach for it a lot since it smells so good. As you can see, I'm already half way through it, which proves I'm really fond of it! I strongly recommend this to anyone, if you haven't smelt it before, you seriously must!

My fourth perfume is The Body Shop's "Indian Night Jasmine". I recently got this as a gift and I honestly love the smell of it! It's so unique and smells nothing like anything else I own, which makes me love it so much! I also got a matching bodywash with it and they're honestly amazing - I love using them both, or sometimes together to keep the scent strong! I highly recommend this to everyone! (Not only because the scent is Jasmine!)

My final perfume is the Soap and Glory's perfume, which doesn't actually have a name. I received this as a gift a few months ago, and it's already becoming one of my favourites, I can tell! It just smells like the Soap and Glory products (example - Righteous butter) which I love! I sometimes go all "Soap and Glory", which I use the bodywash and then spray this for a long-lasting scent! I've had a few people complementing this scent so it must be really good.

So these are my Top 5 perfumes that I have been wearing a lot recently. I hope I have inspired you to maybe go out and buy these as I promise you, they're all amazing and I love them all! If you'd like to know more, check them out at Boots, Superdrug or leave a comment below asking me anything!


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