Monday 30 June 2014

Rimmel London "60 Seconds" Nail Polishes♥

Yesterday, whilst sitting deciding what to write about today, I figured I hadn't done a nail polish post in forever. So here it is, the long overdue nail polish post. I have multiple nail polishes (I think I have like 80..It's an ever-lasting collection!), and struggled to pick out a few to do this post. However, I'm really fond of the Rimmel London's "60 second". I really like the brush - it's really wide! The nail polishes have really cute names too, as well as great colours!

So here's the mini collection! I'll mention the name below when I'm talking about each of them individually. Each colour looks best when they have two coats. When I insert the pictures of them below, my nail has only one coat of nail polish. I must apologise for the dirt under my nail, I think it's mascara and it's a pest to get out.

The first colour is this coral colour, and the shade is 430 "Coralicious". This colour is so Summery! I really like this shade, it's so pretty. The photo makes the bottle looks a bit more orange than it does in person, but it isn't actually. I reckon anyone looking for a coral should get this shade, as it's also really cheap!

I adore this nail polish, in shade 210 "Ethereal. It's really light, but it's so nice. I usually apply a few coats for more colour. It's great, because it goes with everything! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a light colour, yet girly.

This purple is so pretty! This is shade 605 "Purple Reign". It's the perfect purple colour, I love dark shades of purple. It is quite light with one coat, but apply more coats and the colour becomes more vibrant. It has a shimmer through it, which I love.

This final shade is 310 "Red Carpet". It's the perfect red shade, with shimmer through it, again. I'd say in person, it's much more of a dark red, the camera makes it look lighter. This is an amazing red, which I think everyone should have!

That concludes my Rimmel London "60 Second" collection. All these are really inexpensive, which is super. I think you should give these a try as I don't think they'd be a disapointment.

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