Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Tag♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

I simply cannot believe it's Christmas Eve already! (And for some across the world, it's Christmas Day!) This is a tag created by the lovely Eve on Youtube (She hasn't officially posted her video yet, but she's posted on her twitter a screenshot of the questions though, so expect her video tonight.) called the "Christmas Eve" tag, and if you're answering it, it must be done only on Christmas Eve! Anyway, without me going on any longer, lets start!

1. What time is it when you're filming this?

I'm not filming this as I'm not a YouTuber, I'm a blogger so I'm writing this! But the time I'm writing this post is 11:52am.

2. How excited are you for tomorrow?

I'm pretty excited! Even though I can't get my head round the fact it's Christmas Day tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.

3. What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

I wouldn't say I have "traditions" as such, as I never do the same each year! However, I usually watch a Christmas film, and I'm planning on watching Elf later on.

4. Favourite Christmas Eve movie?

As I said above, it's got to be Elf!

5. Go on NORAD Santa tracker. Where is Santa right now?

Whilst answering this question, he's currently in Tarawa, Kiribati although he's heading to Funafuti, Tuvalu.

6. Can you sleep on Christmas Eve?

When I was younger, not at all! I can't remember if I did or not last year, I just remember sleeping until like 9:00am, which I'm usually up before that!

7. What present are you hoping to wake up to?

This year, I didn't have anything in particular that I wanted! I've really only asked for little body sets, but, last week or so, I've started to find things I'd like, such as Hollister body sprays and Zoeva makeup palettes.. Typical! I can always buy them after Christmas!

8. Have you bought all your presents for your family/friends?

I have indeed! I bought them all ages ago, like the last week of November! And I've already exchanged gifts with my friends, and my family's presents are under the tree!

9. Wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I tag anyone to do this tag! Comment below if you do it, so I can read it!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I'd love to do the tag for my YouTube channel, if that's ok with Eve but I'd put it up after Eve as it's her creation xx

    1. Shall look forward to seeing it! Yeah that's fine, I just did it early as I really wanted to blog! I And because she has screenshotted it! Merry Christmas :) x


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