Friday 19 December 2014

Perfect Gift Idea - Baylis and Harding♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

I happened to have been lucky enough to win a Baylis and Harding body set in a Christmas hamper! I think it's a perfect gift for Christmas, therefore, thought it'd be ideal to review this at this time of year, in perfect timing for Christmas!

This is definitely ideal for anyone into pampering themselves. All four items in this set are perfect for relaxing. I don't know if this is an actual set, but I do know you can buy these items individually!

So the theme colour is purple - nice and girly! The scent is "Moonlight Lavender", meaning it does smell amazing! The purple theme is really appealing, and looks really presentable!

First up, the product I was most excited to try, the calming body wash. The smell of this is amazing! It bubbles up great too - bonus!

Secondly, there's the cleansing hand wash. When I saw this was in the set, I couldn't wait to give it a bash! Turns out to be excellent - bubbles up well, scent lasts on your hands and also leaves your hands soft.

I couldn't wait to try this product, it's a soothing hand balm, which is just a fancy way of saying hand cream. This is a tad greasy if you use to much - one pump is just the right amount! Overall, it leaves your hands ever so soft!

My last product, I haven't yet tried, but it's a relaxing bath creme. I'd imagine it to be good, after all, Baylis and Harding products normally are!

If you've yet to buy any last minute presents, you should give these a go!


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