Monday 29 December 2014

Ted Baker "Ted Alley" Gift Set♥

For Christmas this year, I was lucky enough to have received the Ted Baker "Ted Alley" Gift Set. When I opened it, I was in shock and couldn't believe it! The box is stunning, and the products inside are even more gorgeous.
The box is quite simple, but the houses at the bottom add a touch of elegance, and the bow adds some cuteness!

Here's a quick overview of all the products. All of them smell amazing! The packaging of the products in my opinion are stunning, and I love it. All the orange products smell the same, they smell like vanilla, sandalwood, raspberry and rose. All of the pink coloured products smell like bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli.

First up, there's the Bath Foam. I haven't used this yet as I usually just hop in for a shower! I honestly can't wait to use this in a bath! I have high expectations for it!

Next up is a body lotion. I've used this and it's so creamy and moisturising - I love it already! I've owned a body lotion by Ted Baker before from the Butterfly collection and loved it, so I knew this wouldn't be a let down! If you're in need of a light body lotion that smells beautiful and is moisturising, get this!

We next have a body scrub. I've had one before also from the Butterfly collection. It does leave your skin super smooth, although, it can feel like some of the scrub gets stuck in your pores. I found to remove the scrub, it's best to use a body scrunchie with a lot of body wash and wash off the scrub in the places you used it.. (I call them scrunchies, but there's many names for them. Click on the word scrunchie and it'll show you a picture of one so you know what I'm talking about!)

Also in a tub, we have a body soufflé, which is just a fancy word for body butter/lotion. These are a thicker consistency than the body lotion, therefore are heavier on the skin, and are much more hydrating. Even though it's thicker, in the winter, these are great for dry skin. I've already tried it out and really like it!

Many people might find this one boring, but it's a hand cream. I tried this as soon as I opened the box, and so far, I really liked it! It's lightweight, but good for dry hands and it really does sink into the skin.

Of course it wouldn't be a gift set without a body wash, would it? I couldn't contain my excitement on Christmas day, so me being me, I tried it out! Ted Baker body washes are amongst one of my many favourites. The bottle itself is so pretty, and I love the fact it's square, making it unique. The scent lasted all day on my skin, so this is a definite winner for me!

Lastly, the one I'm curious to, some soap. You've probably just read that and can't work out why I'm curious about soap, right? I just want to see how this is when bubbled up, whether it will lather, will it make my skin dry etc. I'm expecting it to be a plain block of soap, but it would be nice if it had some sort of design on it!

This set retails at £45 in Boots, but since it was a Christmas set, they've reduced it half price, meaning it's only £22.50. If you're out shopping any time soon, I totally recommend you pop into Boots to buy this!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you're enjoying the holidays. I wish you all a happy new year and I will see you all in 2015.


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