Monday 8 December 2014

Cute and Girly Christmas Gift♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

As you'll see from my title, I have a hashtag! I really wanted a Christmas hashtag, and I finally do have one! I actually love it! Emma helped me out, thanks Emma☺!

Sometimes, some people are extremely difficult to buy for at Christmas, correct? That's why I've put this post together! If they're a girly girl, then this post will be perfect for them! I've gathered a few things in which you could use as a gift. Enjoy!

I forgot to take a photo for this part, but you could use a medium sized make-up bag for all the little presents. That way then you can keep the bag afterwards!

My first idea would be fluffy socks. Of course, I chose pink, but obviously you can use any other colour! Fluffy socks are such a Winter essential so pop a pair in!

Wipes could be another idea, simply because they're always handy to have! In Primark, they usually have two packets for £1. Whether they'll use them on the go, or for cleansing their face, who knows, but they're helpful anyway!

Hand sanitiser is totally optional! I just thought it looked so small and cute, therefore included it. You can also get lots of adorable packaged ones, and there's multiple scents too! I personally like to carry this with me in case I decided to shop then eat - kill those germs.

Body lotion because Winter sometimes mean dry skin! It's always good to have one spare too. Not only could you use it as a body lotion, but a hand cream!

No matter what else you've included, I totally think you should include a nail polish! There's so many pretty colours available, plus, everybody always appreciates a nice, new bottle of polish. 

A lip product, something you can't go wrong with! Either a lip butter, or tinted lip balm, both are extremely handy during these cold months! You could always add a lipstick or lipgloss instead, but if you want to play it safe, choose a lipbalm!

Lastly, a Lush product can't go wrong! A bodywash would be ideal because they're small and smell oh-so-gorgeous! 

For a little extra, you could always add in a little bath bomb! I don't own any bath bombs, but there's many adorable and gorgeous bath bombs!

Hope this helped you out for those "tricky" people to buy for!


  1. What a pretty layout! So christmassy and girly! You're pictures are brilliant, keep it up sweets, excited to see more! xx


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