Monday 17 February 2020

£1 Hair Mask You Didn't Realise You Needed💕

Hair masks aren't something I tend to use all that often. I won't lie, I would say I'm lazy when it comes to my hair - don't bother with hair treatments, heat products or anything. Literally wash it, dry it and straighten it, that's all. Occasionally I dye it, but only dark brown - ends up not looking much darker than it actually is which is frustrating. However, on one of my many visits to Savers, I thought to myself "I'll treat my hair for a change"! I went all out with this £1 hair mask, and let me tell you something - I love it.

Argan Oil Hair Mask || 99p - one thing I've always said on this blog is to never underestimate cheap, budget beauty products, and this is one of them! I'm pretty certain I've seen a range of this Argan Oil products, which is why I ended up opting for this one over the other available masks. I felt that for 99p, a 220ml tub was pretty damn reasonable, and now that my hair is shorter, I shouldn't need as much product. I was right - I only need a small handful, and even at that, I could get away with less as it's quite a thick yet creamy formula. I wash my hair, then apply it, and I feel it just glides into my hair. Normally I just apply it, tie my hair into a bun and leave it in for 5-10 mins before washing out. It smells really nice, I expected it to not be overly pleasant, I won't lie, due to it being argan oil, but it exceeded my expectations for sure; I can't quite pin-point a scent. 

What I often find with conditioners and hair treatments is that they can be challenging to thoroughly wash out; no matter how long you rinse, there's always leftover product which result in your hair becoming greasy quicker. This being said, it's one of the main reasons why I only apply hair treatments on the length of my hair and completely avoid the roots. I like to rinse my hair for a good 1-2 minutes when washing this out as I like to ensure every last remaining product is properly removed. As soon as I wash it out, it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth, as if it gets to work almost instantly as I don't leave it in for all that long. But, the real reason why I love it so much is because it makes life easier for brushing my hair. Sometimes when I brush my hair after washing and it's still wet/damp, it has the tendency to have tugs and noughts, but when I use this, it makes my hair much more manageable and I don't feel the need to brush quite as harshly. Definitely makes a difference that way. Following blow-drying, my hair doesn't feel too dry and dehydrated, and when you touch it, it does noticeably feel softer.

I try to use this once a week if possible to keep my hair in the best condition possible. If I knew it'd leave my hair shiny and as soft as it does, I would've started using it earlier - especially for the price of £1! I know for a fact it'll be a hair mask I repurchase, and might even look into their other hair products too - a girl got to keep her hair looking slick always!



  1. Argan oil works wonders for hair! I love to do a hair mask every once in a while, I wouldn't want to do it too often x
    Amber |

    1. I don't like doing hair masks too often incase they make my hair greasy x

  2. A good hair mask is SO hard to find! I have fine hair and it gets greasy very easily from heavy products. I do love a than for hair and body!! I use it minimally on my hair and space out of treatments just due to the grease. Great article!!

    1. Thank you! See, I'm the opposite; my hair is so thick!! x


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