Monday 24 February 2020

IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips💕*

My love for trying new lip products out has never faded out over the years. You can never own too many reds or too many nude shades either. Some undertones work better with different makeup looks, and different formulas are required sometimes! It was so surprised I was ecstatic when IT Cosmetics got in touch with me to try their new Pillow Lips Moisture Wrapping Lipsticks*. I was absolutely spoilt for choice with the colour selection available, and to top it off, each and every one of the colours are available in both a matte and cream finish!

I opted for 3 shades: Stellar, Vision and Like a Dream. I absolutely adore the packaging of the lipsticks: it really does match the name as it resembles a pillow in my opinion. They retail at £20 per lipstick, which for me, is quite a splurge. There is a strong scent of peppermint, but after applied, it isn't noticed.

Shade: Stellar || Looking at the lipsticks, the matte and cream versions are practically identical - to avoid confusion, I still keep them in their boxes, which are just plain white. They are a vibrant, striking red colour with some blue undertones. I, personally, outline my lips firstly with a red lipliner (just whatever I have to hand, I don't own many) before applying this just to avoid smudging and uneven application (I want to avoid the dreaded "bleeding" where the lipstick is a bit of a mess!). I find that they apply very similarly in terms of formula, regardless of the fact that one is matte and the other cream - it's the lasting power and finish that differs. The cream version has more of a shine, providing you with a glossy red lip, whereas the matte version is the complete opposite. If I'm wearing red, I like it to be bold and a block colour (because it's empowering and I live for that), however, when I wore the matte one out the other weekend, I found myself having to regularly top up as it was beginning to rub off and fade. Apart from that, its a gorgeous red lipstick that applies so well and would suit a variety of skin tones, as well as work with a lot of makeup looks. It's a classy red, so regardless of whether your wearing a natural or full-on makeup look, it'll tie it together well.

Shade: Vision || Oh how years ago, I'd never have went near nude lipsticks, now I can't get enough of them! I already own a few nude lipstick, varying in formula, so I was glad to have the same shade in both a nude and matte lipstick; I like to wear nude lipsticks for casual makeup looks, but also for more glam looks too. I really like this shade though. It's quite a warm toned nude, almost on the pink/peach side. As a result of this, it would suit a variety of people; it's one of those versatile nude shades. Again, both formulas are creamy and application is a lot easier with these due to it being lighter in colour. They don't smudge much, but I would recommend carrying if you're intending on going out for the day/night just to top off - because it is so creamy, even the matte (they aren't drying at all), it will rub off. For a nude shade, it's rich in colour too, but I love it.

Shade: Like a Dream || At first sight, I thought "oh, a pretty berry colour, my A/W favourite". However, when I apply it, it reminds me VERY much so of MAC's "Diva": a much loved lipstick by me, so I was excited to try it to see the comparison! (For those who don't know MAC Diva, it's basically a deep plum matte lipstick). When I apply it, I am very wary as I don't have a lipliner so a steady and light hand is the way forward as it is super pigmented. Thankfully, I somehow avoid making too much of a mess, but if I do need to clean it up, it doesn't stain too much and will come away easily. I wore this one day when going for lunch and ordered curry (duh!), but the lipstick didn't smudge all over my face! It came off slightly so needed a top up, but survived my food nonetheless. I know it'll be a staple during Winter/Christmas. So basically, if you love the shade Diva but hate the fact it's matte, then perhaps the gloss version of this lipstick is your desired lipstick!

Overall, I love these lipsticks. I like having the option of wearing matte or cream too. The cream is as it sounds on the tin, and the matte isn't overly drying in the slightest either - it's actually quite creamy for a matte. The colours are super vibrant due to oozing pigment, and as already mentioned, the colour range is great. There's definitely something out there for everyone!


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