Monday 10 February 2020

The Body Shop Himalayan Face Mask💕*

I love face masks. I've tried lots of different ones and I've never settled for one. It's not because I haven't found one I love religiously, but instead, I like trying out new options and exploring the world of face masks a bit further. However, one brand's face mask I haven't ever tried is The Body Shop. I've tried their scrubs, body lotions etc, but never their masks. So, I was intrigued when this little tub of joy arrived through my letterbox.

Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask* || £18 for 75ml || In the past, I've tried charcoal face masks, and when I say they're weird, trust me, they're weird - mainly because they can be difficult to remove and then I'm stuck with a face mask on my face. So, when I seen that this Himalayan face mask was charcoal, I was low-key hesitant. It has quite a strong scent, and to me, it's quite a minty scent - the scent and texture reminds me of the Lush "Mask of Magnaminty" mask! As the scent is so strong, I feel that it may not be ideal for sensitive skin.

It has quite a thick formula, you don't really need all that much when applying, meaning the tub will last quite long. It is textured, so it feels quite odd. It's described as being a "tingling" face mask, and it's absolutely correct: it feels effective whilst on the skin, not in a burning sense but definitely a tingling effect. It doesn't take that long to dry - less than 10 minutes - and you know it's dry as it feels hard and tight on the skin, and also appears "light green" in colour. As soon as warm water touches the mask, it washes off instantly - almost in a smooth, creamy way, but mess-free at the same time.

After washing, I follow up with a cleanser and toner before moisturising. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and looks radiant. My skin definitely feels clean as it removes any impurities in the skin and absorbs excess oil. I know it's a face mask I'm going to try incorporate at least once a week.


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