Monday 30 June 2014

Rimmel London "60 Seconds" Nail Polishes♥

Yesterday, whilst sitting deciding what to write about today, I figured I hadn't done a nail polish post in forever. So here it is, the long overdue nail polish post. I have multiple nail polishes (I think I have like 80..It's an ever-lasting collection!), and struggled to pick out a few to do this post. However, I'm really fond of the Rimmel London's "60 second". I really like the brush - it's really wide! The nail polishes have really cute names too, as well as great colours!

So here's the mini collection! I'll mention the name below when I'm talking about each of them individually. Each colour looks best when they have two coats. When I insert the pictures of them below, my nail has only one coat of nail polish. I must apologise for the dirt under my nail, I think it's mascara and it's a pest to get out.

The first colour is this coral colour, and the shade is 430 "Coralicious". This colour is so Summery! I really like this shade, it's so pretty. The photo makes the bottle looks a bit more orange than it does in person, but it isn't actually. I reckon anyone looking for a coral should get this shade, as it's also really cheap!

I adore this nail polish, in shade 210 "Ethereal. It's really light, but it's so nice. I usually apply a few coats for more colour. It's great, because it goes with everything! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a light colour, yet girly.

This purple is so pretty! This is shade 605 "Purple Reign". It's the perfect purple colour, I love dark shades of purple. It is quite light with one coat, but apply more coats and the colour becomes more vibrant. It has a shimmer through it, which I love.

This final shade is 310 "Red Carpet". It's the perfect red shade, with shimmer through it, again. I'd say in person, it's much more of a dark red, the camera makes it look lighter. This is an amazing red, which I think everyone should have!

That concludes my Rimmel London "60 Second" collection. All these are really inexpensive, which is super. I think you should give these a try as I don't think they'd be a disapointment.

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Monday 23 June 2014

My Soap And Glory Collection And Favourites♥

Firstly, I'd like to point out to you that I've changed my layout and background (incase you haven't noticed). I decided that I'd like to switch things up a bit as I thought the pink was a bit boring, and wanted a new look.
So, I'm writing about my Soap and Glory collection, and my favourites. I love their collection, I have a few of their products and they're amazing! I could easily spend a fortune on their products if I'm honest - the scent is superb!

In the front row (from left) there's The Righteous Butter, Heel Genius and another Hand Food.

Now for my favourites..

I love this "Clean On Me" body wash! The scent is great, it's so lovely. I did have a mini version, unfortunately I ran out of it but got this for Christmas in a set. Once you use it, it leaves your skin feeling super soft, it's honestly brilliant! I'd definitely say this is my favourite body wash, and a little bit sure goes a long way where this product is concerned!

I have recently been using the "Smoothie Star" body milk. It's just so good! I usually just use it on my arms and legs, but it's suitable for anywhere. It says it's deep moisture, and it really is, it sinks right into the skin, leaving it as smooth as silk. As far as scents go, this is different to the "Clean On Me", yet is still really nice!

Ultimately, my hands down favourite body butter is the "The Righteous Butter". Sadly, I lost the picture of it, I must have accidentally deleted it. I adore using this, mainly because of the strong scent, it matches the "Clean On Me", so I like to use it then this body butter to lock in the scent! As you can see, I haven't used much, I only got this at Christmas, but it will last me for ages! I had the mini one and that lasted me for like 6 months, so this will last a while!

That concludes my Soap and Glory collection, as well as my favourite products. I do hope you'll try these products, or the minis if you aren't 100% sure (Boots sell mini products for only £2.50), or Soap and Glory itself as it's amazing! Anyone who owns any of their products never say a bad word about it, which means they're products are fab!

Monday 16 June 2014

Primark's Summer Fashion Range 2014♥

A shop I never tend to go into is Primark. I don't usually find many items I like, but recently I've popped in for a look, as I know they tend to have a great Summer collection, and I happened to come across a few great tops I really like! A style I absolutely adore is lace - I own way too many lace tops in fact! I happened to see them, and decided to buy them, as they're just so girly, as well as perfect for Summer!

My first top is this blue one, which in reality is more green, it looks washed out as I didn't have great lighting unfortunately. This top is so light, which means in the Summer months it will be ideal for when it's so warm and I need something light to wear. The material is also so soft, and I already love it!

This top is the exact same as the blue one, except in a black version of it. The picture isn't great as I didn't have it sitting well, oopsss.. People might think "But black clothing isn't a good thing to wear in Summer!" which I do agree with, but this is so light. Since it's lace, it's obviously see-through so I'd wear this with a bandeau, vest top or a crop top of the same colour.

This top is slightly different style to the other two, it isn't a vest top style, it's more of a cropped t-shirt, with a v-neck. I haven't wore this yet as I only just bought it, but I can't wait to wear it as it's such a pretty top! The lace is super soft, the quality is great for Primark!

Can we just? This top is so beautiful! It's the same as the pink one above, but it's still lovely! Yet again, it's a cropped t-shirt, which I shall possibly pair with a pair of denim shorts as it'll look fab! I just think it's such a summery top, and it would look great with a tan!

So these are my Primark tops, and as you can see, they're all pretty cute, and are ideal for these Summer months! Each top was only £4 each, which is such a bargain! I'd definitely go to your nearest Primark to have a look at their range as they do have a great mixture at the moment!

Monday 9 June 2014

My Top 5 Perfumes - June 2014♥

Something I'm really into is perfume, and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favourites with you. I do have a variety, though these are my top 5 out of my collection! These aren't in any order (My top 5 never are in order!) as I love all these perfumes.

My first perfume is the "CKin2U" (Calvin Klein). This has such a beautiful scent - it's fruity and definitely a summer must-have! My Gran had this and I loved it, which then I got for my Christmas and wear it loads. I spray it in the morning and it lasts all day, which is great! It's a perfume in which I think everyone should have smelt, everyone I know who owns this loves it. (Such as my Mum, Gran and I!)

My second perfume is Emporio Armani "Diamonds Rose". I got this perfume recently and already really like this. The scent is so feminine, it's amazing! It's quite similar to the original "Diamonds" but you can slightly smell it's different. It is such a girly scent, and any girly girl is sure to love this!

My third perfume is Diesel's "Loverdose". I adore this perfume! I can't describe how gorgeous this scent is. I got this one Christmas, I was desperate all year to get it! I wear it quite often, I reach for it a lot since it smells so good. As you can see, I'm already half way through it, which proves I'm really fond of it! I strongly recommend this to anyone, if you haven't smelt it before, you seriously must!

My fourth perfume is The Body Shop's "Indian Night Jasmine". I recently got this as a gift and I honestly love the smell of it! It's so unique and smells nothing like anything else I own, which makes me love it so much! I also got a matching bodywash with it and they're honestly amazing - I love using them both, or sometimes together to keep the scent strong! I highly recommend this to everyone! (Not only because the scent is Jasmine!)

My final perfume is the Soap and Glory's perfume, which doesn't actually have a name. I received this as a gift a few months ago, and it's already becoming one of my favourites, I can tell! It just smells like the Soap and Glory products (example - Righteous butter) which I love! I sometimes go all "Soap and Glory", which I use the bodywash and then spray this for a long-lasting scent! I've had a few people complementing this scent so it must be really good.

So these are my Top 5 perfumes that I have been wearing a lot recently. I hope I have inspired you to maybe go out and buy these as I promise you, they're all amazing and I love them all! If you'd like to know more, check them out at Boots, Superdrug or leave a comment below asking me anything!

Monday 2 June 2014

Hair Products I Use♥

This post has been requested soo much, and I am finally getting round to doing this, I must apologise for the wait, but I will get more hair posts up soon! Anyway, this post is on hair products that I use, I use two of these currently and one I have ran out of and yet to repurchase, but let's just get into this post!

My first product is the Garnier "Fructis Strength and Shine" shampoo and conditioner. I love this shampoo and conditioner - the shampoo lathers up so well, making it really bubbly and washes your hair great! The conditioner is amazing too - it leave your hair really soft. The smell is so nice too, I'd definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner as it's not a let down! You can purchase this pretty much anywhere, I got mine in Asda, and you can get them in places such as Boots, Superdrug etc.

This product is the Bristows "Ultra Hold" hairspray. I find that this hairspray is awesome! It is not sticky, in which you'd expect from a hairspray but in fact it's the opposite. It doesn't have much of a scent which I guess is good! I'm beginning to run out of it so need to repurchase this, it's only £1 which is so cheap for this hairspray considering it's so good!

My final product is this VO5 "Styling Spray" heat protect. I love this hair product - it smells wonderful! I have actually ran out of this and still need to get this! I used it when blow drying my hair, straightening it or if I curled it. It leaves my hair so shiny and soft, not forgetting that it smells fab! I really need to repurchase this as it's my favourite heat protector.

These are my current hair products, as you see I don't really use many but I do need to buy a hair mask! I hope you have taken these into consideration and may try out these products! I do take in recommendations so if you have any, make sure to leave them below in the comments.

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