Monday 26 September 2016

Glowing On A Budget♥*

Liquid highlighters I adore; how about stick highlighters? I was mega intrigued by these three from Natural Collection* - a blush, bronze and highlight shade, although the blush and bronze shades could be used as highlighters on darker skin tones (and would look gorgeous!)

I was curious to how a stick highlighter would work. How do I apply it? How do I blend it? What if it looks unblended? No need to panic. They are pretty simple to apply, blend and glow with. I swipe some on my cheekbones then use the bottom of my damp beauty sponge (from Primark) to blend it out, look less harsh and help it look more natural. I wouldn't suggest using the bronzer colour for contouring on pale skin because its on the shimmery side and is slightly too warm toned too.

Coral Glow; this is such a beautiful pink and gives the appearance of "natural, flushed and rosy cheeks". It has a hint of shimmer through it which gives a healthy and radiant look. It has a creamy texture which blends effortlessly with a damp makeup sponge. A little goes a long way for this product (as with all the other sticks too) - it's super pigmented.

Rose Glow; Perhaps my favourite of the three. It is an absolutely stunning highlight shade which compliments my skin tone ever so well. It's a unique shade too - I don't have anything else like it. I noticed that it's quite a cool toned highlight also, definitely not on the gold side. Basically it's stunning, shimmery and you need it!

Copper Glow; I reckon it's more ideal for bronzing rather than contouring as it is more on the warm side. It gives a sunkissed glow to make you look as though you've just stepped off the plane after a holiday abroad for a week. Although it is quite shimmery so a little amount is all that's required - don't want to go Oompa Loompa style!

For £1.99, I don't see why these shouldn't be in your makeup collection. I know that some people wouldn't like these due to being quite shimmery but as I have said previously, a little goes a long way.

Have you tried these highlighting sticks? Did you like them?

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Monday 19 September 2016

The Vivid Lipsticks♥

Lip products were my genuine weakness a few years ago. I couldn't contain myself in Boots or Superdrug - I was guaranteed to leave with at least a lipstick or two (or more!) The pretty packaging, stunning colours and incredible deals were constantly drawing me in. Within my lipstick obsession period, I happened to buy the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks. I was more than willing to try these after hearing about them everywhere.

I guess there must have been a special deal on that I got two - who can resist a tempting buy one get one half price deal?! I settled for 906 Hot Plum and 910 Shocking Coral. Both are ever so slightly out of my comfort zones and aren't ideal for day to day wear, but I make them work, somehow. They are bright and colourful but how could I resist injecting some colour to my makeup look?!

Hot Plum is possibly the brighter, more out-there of the two. The gorgeous colour must have caught my eye. I cannot even explain how vibrant and pigmented this is - honestly, the colour payoff is not even on the scale. The true colour is what you literally see in the bullet - now how often does that occur?! I wouldn't necessarily say it's best suited for any season - it looks fantastic in Autumn and Winter because it's bold but also Spring and Summer because it's bright and colourful.

Shocking Coral, in my opinion, isn't an overwhelming coral. Toned down, it's a beautiful orange-toned pink, but wore normally, it's a bright pink. It is much more wearable for everyday wear as pink tends to be easier to pull off. It doesn't require as much attention to application as Hot Plum as it isn't quite as bold. This is the lipstick out of the two that I am more inclined to using in the Spring and Summer as bright pinks are right up my alley.

These lipsticks as a whole are brilliant quality for their money. At £6.99 each, I find the pigmentation to be out of this world, the colour selection to be vast, the packaging to be sleek yet efficient and the application to be phenomenal. As they are creamy, they apply so well and don't feel drying on the lips at all. I do like when my makeup smells good (none of that chemical smell, no thank you), but these smell super sweet! 

I'm seriously thrilled and smitten with these lipsticks. At the price, I highly suggest you pick one (or two) up - you won't regret it!

Have you ever tried the Maybelline Color Sensational range? Any shades you recommend?


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Monday 12 September 2016

Beautiful Brows On A Budget?♥*

There are thousands of brow products on the market nowadays, some more affordable than others. Course, you don't need the highend products for your brows to be perfect. Drugstore products work well enough for me, so I decided to put Natural Collection's Brow Products* to the test!

I used to adore brow pencils when I first got into the brow trend, then I just forgot about them. The Natural Collection Brow Pencils* have changed my view on them. I have both the light brown and medium brown - the light brown is ever so slightly too warm toned for my brows and the medium brown suits my brows much better. Both the pencils are pigmented and are easy to blend if needed. I find it extremely handy that the pencils come with a spoolie on the other end to help you achieve your desired brow shape.

I love the durability of brow kits - you have the wax and powder in one, so it's no surprise I couldn't wait to dive right into the Natural Collection Brow Kit*. Not only does it have a wax and powder, but it comes with a really handy brush and spoolie. The wax is uber pigmented - I was shocked and soon discovered that the smallest amount goes the longest way! Due to the wax being so pigmented, I only need a little bit of powder to fill in the rest of my brows. I use the brush that comes with it, and in actual fact, it's pretty compact and I like it!

Brow mascaras are super efficient for those days where you cannot be bothered with eyebrows - simply brush the product in and voila. Natural Collection's Brush On Brow Gel* is ideal because the wand is so small and precise, you won't be making any brow errors anytime soon. It also brushes on the right amount of product and doesn't go clumpy. It is available in two shades; medium brown and dark brown. The medium brown is quite warm toned whereas the dark brown is more on the cool toned side. For the price of £1.99, I do really recommend these.

It just goes to show that you can achieve beautiful brows whilst being on a budget! Natural Collection are a brand that prove this for sure.

Have you tried Natural Collection's brow range? What were your thoughts on it?

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Monday 5 September 2016

July 2016 Nailbox♥*

Subscription boxes aren't something I've ever got into before. Sure, I think they're a great idea as you get to try various brands and products before going out and buying a full sized product. When nailbox got in touch about a subscription box dedicated to nail products, I was intrigued. Each month, they send out a themed box including three nail polishes and two nail accessories. I received the July 2016 Paradise themed box.

 Brushworks Toe Separators* - I used to own numerous toe separators a few years back and lost them all so these pink ones shall be replacing them. I don't tend to use toe separators as I rarely paint my toe nails (because nail polish seems to last for about six months on my toes, no clue how), but I do reckon that these may come in handy some how.

Nailberry Coconut Nail Balm* - I've never, ever tried a nail balm, so when I saw this, I was curious. With it being coconut, I knew it was off to a good start. I soon discovered that you only need a small amount as it is quite greasy. I do like the product but I often forget to use it before painting my nails or going to sleep, but if you're cuticle proud (which I need to become), get this!

Nails inc Soho Place Gel Effect Nail Polish Aqua* - Nail inc is one of those brands I always want to try but it's a little on the pricey side, so when I saw this beauty sitting looking at me when I opened the box, I was delighted. Not only delighted that it was nails inc, but delighted at what a beautiful shade it was too. During the Summer months, I like wearing bright colours on my nails, so this is right up my alley. It reminds me of the sea due to the pretty blue colour and lasts well on the nails.

Angelica Nail Polish in Snow White* - sometimes, I just paint my nails white as it looks sleek, and my reliable white is becoming gloopy, so I was fascinated by this. Although I could use it just as a nail polish, it would be more ideal for French manicures. It isn't gloopy, thankfully, and isn't too watery, therefore it is ideal for using as a block colour, or French tips.

True Brit Nail Polish in The Summer House* - I could not (and still can't) get over how stunning this nail polish was, and the bottle also. The colour is more on the nude side but it looks as thought there is shimmer throughout, but that makes the polish even more gorgeous! Personally, I love this nail polish because it is guaranteed to go with every outfit.

I feel that Nailbox is definitely a good idea, a nail subscription box is rare to come by so I like the idea of this one!

Have you tried Nailbox? 

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