Monday 7 May 2018

Rediscovering An Old Favouriteđź’•

Who remembers the days where we were all OBSESSED with Soap and Glory? Or was it just me who was crazy for their pretty packaging and scrumptious scents? Either way, Soap and Glory was my absolute go-to brand, I wouldn't use any other body products apart from S&G; my shelf was full of their products, I was inundated with them as gifts and I took full advantage of their 3 for 2 deals. Since then, I've got kind of lazy with the body products department - exfoliating and moisturising have kind of gone out the window for me. For my birthday, I was gifted with four miniature S&G products and it really took me back to one of my first loves.

Clean On Me Shower Gel || Miniature (75ml) £3, Full Size £6.30 (500ml) || I cannot even begin to tell you how many bottles, full size and miniature, I have been through. I completely forgot how much I adore this. The scent is S&G's signature scent, which I am a fan of. The formula is rich and creamy, I would also say that it's quite thick in comparison to some body washes I've used in the past. It lathers up well and creates a lot of bubbles. I've found that you don't need a large amount either as a small amount goes a long way. The miniature lasts longer than you'd think, but the full size lasts forever, and it's ever so convenient that it comes with a pump too.

Hand Food || Miniature £2.50 (50ml), Full Size £5.50 (125ml) || I don't tend to like hand creams because I hate the greasiness, but I find that this is probably one of the few exceptions. I like the humorous name this hand cream has, because essentially, it is food for your hands haha. Anyways, jokes aside, this hand cream has the same scent as the shower gel above, and it's one which lasts on your skin for hours after applying. It's not overly thick but it's not a watery formula either, but it's not greasy at all and my skin absorbs it almost instantly. I find that using every day keeps my hands silky smooth, and if I need to use it out the blue, it works wonders - dry, cracked hands be gone!

The Scrub Of Your Life || Full Size £7 (200ml) || I've tried numerous body scrubs, but this one is by far my favourite. It's not harsh on the skin yet it's still effective as it leaves my skin feeling well exfoliated, clean and soft. Once again, it has the same scent as the rest of the range. As this scrub is so gentle on the skin, it means that people who have dry, sensitive skin would be able to use this without needing to worry about the scrub being too harsh on the skin. Much like the shower gel, I don't really need a lot of product, which means it lasts longer, and when I use it, I'd say I try to use it at least once a week.

The Righteous Butter || Miniature £3 (50ml), Full Size £10 (300ml) || Hands down, this is the best body butter on the market. Like the shower gel, I've been through umpteen tubs of this and not once have I been let down by it. It's thick and creamy but my skin drinks this up like there's no tomorrow - there's nothing worse than a body butter or lotion that takes forever to dry into your skin. Especially in Winter, I use this religiously because I want to protect my pins from going dry, and this works perfectly. It's even perfect to use in the Spring and Summer because you don't need to wait around for it to dry. I know people who suffer from very dry skin who use this and swear by it - it is a dry skin formula - but for those who don't have dry skin (ie me), then it can still be your best friend. 

Once again, S&G haven't disappointed. I'm sure that this has definitely thrown me back to my S&G days and my love have returned.

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