Monday 30 November 2015

A Pamper Routine With Nu Skin♥*

Everyone enjoys a pamper evening here or there. They're relaxing and you always feel extremely pampered as well as feeling great. Whenever I have a pamper evening, I go all out and use as many of my products as possible to feel pampered. When I received some Nu Skin products, of course I just had to give them a trial during my pamper evening.

I would normally have a Lush bath but if I don't, I'll wash my hair and continue with the ReNu Hair Mask*. This smells gorgeous! It smells like a really rich, expensive shampoo. It leaves my hair in tip-top condition; shiny and smooth. It's highly hydrating and your hair will thank you for using it.

I lather myself in the Epoch Baobab Body Butter* afterward. It's absolutely amazing - my skin absorbs it very quickly and it smells divine. It reminds me of fudge doughnuts, delicious! My skin always feels incredible after using it. Thankfully, it's non-greasy so that's always an added extra.

Before anything else, I like to wash my face, I particularly like to use a facial scrub. The Nu Skin Exfoliant Scrub* is fantastic! When you squeeze some out, looking at it, you wouldn't expect it to be a scrub. Once you apply it to your face and blend out, you feel the tiny little scrubs. They're not harsh at all and the scrub smells quite minty so you could imagine it being fresh. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking great.

The highlight of my pamper evening is using a face mask. I've been loving the Nu Skin Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask*. This has been a star product lately which I have seriously enjoyed using! I was expecting it to come out the tube thickly. Oh, how wrong I was! It's quite watery, as once applied to the face, it dries. You can feel it tightening on your skin, it feels amazing! My face feels super clean after using it. It meant to draw out any dirt from your skin, and I'm almost positive it does as my skin doesn't feel dirty - in fact, it feels the complete opposite.

Once my mask has dried and I've washed it off with warm water, I like to thoroughly cleanse my skin to make sure it's removed properly. Firstly, I use the Nu Skin Creamy Cleansing Lotion* as it's gentle on the skin. It's gentle, yet, effective! It smells phenomenal - it smells almost fruity but also quite sweet. I apply a small amount of product onto my face, massage in then wipe off with a clean, dry cotton pad. I then like to use the Nu Skin pH Balance Toner* on a cotton pad around my face to remove any hidden dirt and close off the pores. This toner doesn't have much of a scent, but it leaves my skin feeling a million dollars.

The Nu Skin Moisture Restore* moisturiser has been a stand out product to me lately. Although I like to use this on a pamper evening as it's light on the skin, I do prefer to use it in the morning. My skin feels as smooth as silk and isn't greasy at all. When I use it in the mornings, my makeup applies evenly. It's nice to use in the evening too, because, it isn't too heavy nor greasy for your skin. Due to it not being heavy, it won't block your pores. One pump is all that's required for me per use, so a little goes a small way.

A slightly random product, but I just had to include it! The Nu Skin* Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste* has been a godsend to me lately. I like to keep good care of my teeth and I'm always on the hunt for products to keep them in tip-top condition. Lately, I've been using this and I can honestly say, I have noticed a difference in my teeth! I think they look whiter, woo! It tastes like mint but isn't overpowering. Not often would I be obsessive over toothpaste but honestly, I have been loving this! I use it in the morning and the evening when I brush my teeth. And who doesn't want to end their pamper evening with a lovely, fresh breath?

Nu Skin has been a new brand to me and their products have impressed me! I have been using them in conjunction lately and have really liked the result. I'm all about anything that'll give me clear skin and all!

Have you tried Nu Skin?

*PR Samples

Monday 23 November 2015

The Highlighter Queen♥

By now, I think that it's no secret that I absolutely love highlighting. If it's pretty and is guaranteed to highlight to a high standard, the chances are, I will get it. One product which is blog famous is theBalm Mary Lou Manizer. I will admit; I did admire this highlighter for the longest time ever before deciding to purchase it. Many people had raved about it to me and told me to get it, so I eventually jumped on the bandwagon.

The packaging is different to anything else I own. theBalm's packaging overall is quirky and fun. I find the packaging is unique and I do really like it. It's meant to look like a criminal headshot, which is exceptionally unique. The writing is in English, as well as French. The box itself is cardboard but not flimsy. 

The compact is also the same as the box. It is beyond me why they put a circular compact inside a square box but oh well. The finish to the compact is sleek and feels shiny. The product is 8.5g so isn't heavy. When you close the compact, it seals shut with a satisfying click. The catch is very secure so if you carry it in a bag without the box, it shouldn't open.

Can we please applaud me for the fact my nails were nice whilst taking these photos and you can see them in the mirror reflection? The product itself is beautiful. Utter perfection. It can be used for eyeshadow and/or highlighter but I use it for highlighter because I own about 10 eyeshadow palettes. The compact comes in handy because it comes with a mirror, a full one (thankfully) so will be useful if you're on the go. The highlighter itself? My favourite. I am not one for a subtle highlight; I believe go all out or don't bother. Once on the cheekbones, it catches the light in any direction, which looks gorgeous! It's a golden toned highlight, and it looks great on pale complexions (aka me), so I am glad of that because it complements my makeup. As well as my cheekbones, I use it to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and my brow bone.

This is the highlighter queen of all highlighters. I reach for this basically everyday I wear makeup because I love staring at it (I do love using it too). This has quickly became a staple makeup item in my routine! I wish I got it sooner and listened to everyone as not once have I regretted it. What now? I rave about it to everyone and of course I'm not trying to persuade others to get it..

Do you own this highlighter? What's your thoughts on it?

Monday 16 November 2015

Brows On Point?♥

Not long ago did I still just consider my eyebrows as just eyebrows. Now everyone's buying the latest brow products to get their desired brows. I've recently tried three brow products out which have all gave me excellent results and left me as happy as Larry with my brows (when they like to co-operate and sit in place that is..)

A huge percentages of bloggers own or use Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. Sadly, I'm still quite a newbie brow amateur and haven't caught on yet (I'll get there). I like quickness with my brows because I haven't got the act yet so the products I use don't take much time.

The Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara was the first product I bought for my brows back in August time. I had heard so much about this product, heard it was a dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow and thought it'd be ideal for someone unskilled with brows like me. Turns out it's actually alright. Better than alright. I got mine in Dark Brown because my hair is dark and wanted it to match. This is fantastic for adding colour into your brows, keeping them in place and filling in any sparce areas of my brows (of course not fully because it's only a mascara). It's handy to use on "lazy makeup days" or for a quick makeup look!

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil & Brush* has been a brow product I've wanted to try out for ages. When I received this in the post the other week, I was delighted and over the moon! The excitement was real. I have mine in Hot Chocolate which is a perfect brown for us brunettes, plus, the name is cute. I find this product easy to work with, plus, it fills in my brows easily. I can notice a difference straight away and my brows look naturally fuller and more defined. With this product, you can go dramatic or natural, whatever your preference is! I like defined and almost bolder brows so enjoy using this.

My last product which is also another pencil is Threads Illuminata Brow Pencil*. This was the first brow pencil I ever owned, and it's fair to say, I wasn't 100% certainly sure what I was doing. Thankfully, it isn't too hard to get to terms with and isn't too dark either so isn't intimidating to use. It's creamy so when you brush through your brows with the spoolie, it will blend out so you're not left with any harsh lines. I reach for this quite often as I feel it leaves me with natural eyebrows which aren't very noticeable.

Personally, I think my favourite brow products are the pencils. I find them easy to use and look quite natural too. At first they look scary, but they honestly aren't. I have actually enjoyed using them as I'm becoming quite happy with how my brows look!

What's your brow secrets? How do you get them "on point"?

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Monday 9 November 2015

Blogger Induced Buys♥

Reading lots of blogs can only result in one thing - buying lots of new things. If there's a new beauty product out in the market and is raved about lots, chances are I'll find a way to eventually get my hands on it. Over the period of time I've been blogging, it's fair to say there's been a few items I've bought from reading blogs. I own three of the most popular items about and have put them to the test so decided to inform you whether or not they're worth it.

First up and a blogger classic, Lush Snow Fairy. This is one that not only is loved and raved about within the blogging community, but also people in general. From people I've spoken to, even to the people who work in Lush, this is loved! Majority of people like this product, with about 1% of people disliking it (why guys?!) This bottle is from Christmas 2014, and they've now changed the label (which truly upsets me!) but I'm sure I'll be getting it again. Usually I'm not the biggest lover of overly sweet products, but this is an exception. Just think childhood strawberry medicine you got with the doctors mixed with loads of sugar and strawberry laces, as well as candyfloss, and you've almost got Snow Fairy. To sum it up, it's basically very pink, sweet and gorgeous! A lush Christmas classic which almost everyone recognises.

Worth the investment? 

One that exploded on the beauty scene, the Maybelline Baby Lips. These were released in America first, and when the news hit us here in the UK, people were ecstatic to buy them. I ordered them because everyone hyped about them in America, and I picked up Pink Punch (obviously not because it's pink). One thing straight - why did I pick a light pink when I don't even wear them due to not suiting them?! That aside, let's talk about the actual product. Packaging is colourful, eye-catching and fun. Anyone who sees them knows what they are. You get a decent amount of product too for the low cost of £2.99. Although they apply smoothly, they don't feel like a lip balm. I'm normally a huge fan of Maybelline, but sorry, not this time!

Worth the investment?
Sadly, no. I didn't like or get on with this product unfortunately!

A product created by fellow bloggers are the Real Technique Brushes by Pixiwoo. These brushes are still popular and raved about in the beauty community to date and probably will be for years. With the range constantly growing and expanding left, right and everywhere, it's quite right to say they are brilliant. I own two sets: Real Techniques Eye Makeup Brush Starter Set (review here) and Real Techniques Core Collection (review here). Even though I only own two sets, I must admit, I wish I owned more (the whole collection would be perfect, thanks) because the quality of these brushes are insane! They look professional, are beautiful and leave your makeup looking flawless. Now, I'm away to collect all their limited edition sets and other sets..

Worth the investment?
Certainly, 100%!

Of course I have numerous more products that I have bought because of other bloggers, but these are perhaps the three most spoken about products out there!

What have been your blogger induced buys?

Monday 2 November 2015

The Hidden Beauty Brand♥*

There's big competition out there for beauty brands, and I mean huge. There's hundreds upon thousands of them, some well-known whilst others are really too known. Makeup brands for example, majority of makeup lovers know the popular brands; Maybelline, Rimmel, Benefit and Urban Decay are just a few to name. Seventeen? It's a brand that's sold in Boots, but not many people know about it nor have tried it. I received a few pieces, and none of them disappointed me!

This brick reminds me of Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks but for a fraction of the price. This shimmer brick, however, is incredible! Not only are these highlighters/bronzers absolutely stunning to wear on your skin, but it's a multi use product and can be used as an eyeshadow quad. Every single shade is highly pigmented, even the lightest colour. A little bit goes a long way where this product is concerned! This is fantastic for the little price that it costs and I highly suggest it to everyone. The highlight colours will work with any skin tone as well.

Unlike the previous highlighter, this is a liquid form. In the tube, it looks scary and intimidating, but honestly, it isn't. I use this on my cheekbones for a subtle glow, although, you can apparently use it to contour (which I haven't ever done) but I love how it looks as a cheekbone highlight. It leaves your skin looking luminous and radiant, as well as looking glowy and healthy. Normally, I apply it as a base highlight and apply a powder highlight on top to make it pop a little bit more.

I don't own many lip crayons (apart from the famous Revlon colourburst lip lacquer balm which is technically a lip crayon) so I was excited to see how this would turn out. I didn't know how the texture would feel on the lips, but when applied, it applies smoothly and just glides on your lips. Once applied, it feels hydrating and moisturising on the lips and non-greasy or thick. The colour I have is nude, but finishes off any makeup look perfectly as it's so natural!

Of course I kept my favourite until last! These lipsticks are insane! I never, ever see seventeen lipsticks raved about by bloggers but honestly cannot understand why. These have a creamy consistency meaning they're wearable on the lips. The lasting power of these lipsticks are impressive, and last a good few hours. Mine is in the shade Rule Breaker, which is a deep red/berry colour. When I wore it for the first time, I received so many complements on it. I hate nothing more than a pretty lipstick that dries out your lips but luckily this doesn't! Most definitely my Autumn and Winter 2015 lip product!

I know for sure I will most definitely be buying more from this brand. Their products are inexpensive yet great quality. I cannot wait to venture out and see what else they have available! Also, not to mention the packaging - not only is it cute but is sturdy!

Have you tried seventeen? Will you be trying their products out?

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