Monday 29 December 2014

Ted Baker "Ted Alley" Gift Set♥

For Christmas this year, I was lucky enough to have received the Ted Baker "Ted Alley" Gift Set. When I opened it, I was in shock and couldn't believe it! The box is stunning, and the products inside are even more gorgeous.
The box is quite simple, but the houses at the bottom add a touch of elegance, and the bow adds some cuteness!

Here's a quick overview of all the products. All of them smell amazing! The packaging of the products in my opinion are stunning, and I love it. All the orange products smell the same, they smell like vanilla, sandalwood, raspberry and rose. All of the pink coloured products smell like bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli.

First up, there's the Bath Foam. I haven't used this yet as I usually just hop in for a shower! I honestly can't wait to use this in a bath! I have high expectations for it!

Next up is a body lotion. I've used this and it's so creamy and moisturising - I love it already! I've owned a body lotion by Ted Baker before from the Butterfly collection and loved it, so I knew this wouldn't be a let down! If you're in need of a light body lotion that smells beautiful and is moisturising, get this!

We next have a body scrub. I've had one before also from the Butterfly collection. It does leave your skin super smooth, although, it can feel like some of the scrub gets stuck in your pores. I found to remove the scrub, it's best to use a body scrunchie with a lot of body wash and wash off the scrub in the places you used it.. (I call them scrunchies, but there's many names for them. Click on the word scrunchie and it'll show you a picture of one so you know what I'm talking about!)

Also in a tub, we have a body soufflé, which is just a fancy word for body butter/lotion. These are a thicker consistency than the body lotion, therefore are heavier on the skin, and are much more hydrating. Even though it's thicker, in the winter, these are great for dry skin. I've already tried it out and really like it!

Many people might find this one boring, but it's a hand cream. I tried this as soon as I opened the box, and so far, I really liked it! It's lightweight, but good for dry hands and it really does sink into the skin.

Of course it wouldn't be a gift set without a body wash, would it? I couldn't contain my excitement on Christmas day, so me being me, I tried it out! Ted Baker body washes are amongst one of my many favourites. The bottle itself is so pretty, and I love the fact it's square, making it unique. The scent lasted all day on my skin, so this is a definite winner for me!

Lastly, the one I'm curious to, some soap. You've probably just read that and can't work out why I'm curious about soap, right? I just want to see how this is when bubbled up, whether it will lather, will it make my skin dry etc. I'm expecting it to be a plain block of soap, but it would be nice if it had some sort of design on it!

This set retails at £45 in Boots, but since it was a Christmas set, they've reduced it half price, meaning it's only £22.50. If you're out shopping any time soon, I totally recommend you pop into Boots to buy this!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you're enjoying the holidays. I wish you all a happy new year and I will see you all in 2015.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Tag♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

I simply cannot believe it's Christmas Eve already! (And for some across the world, it's Christmas Day!) This is a tag created by the lovely Eve on Youtube (She hasn't officially posted her video yet, but she's posted on her twitter a screenshot of the questions though, so expect her video tonight.) called the "Christmas Eve" tag, and if you're answering it, it must be done only on Christmas Eve! Anyway, without me going on any longer, lets start!

1. What time is it when you're filming this?

I'm not filming this as I'm not a YouTuber, I'm a blogger so I'm writing this! But the time I'm writing this post is 11:52am.

2. How excited are you for tomorrow?

I'm pretty excited! Even though I can't get my head round the fact it's Christmas Day tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.

3. What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

I wouldn't say I have "traditions" as such, as I never do the same each year! However, I usually watch a Christmas film, and I'm planning on watching Elf later on.

4. Favourite Christmas Eve movie?

As I said above, it's got to be Elf!

5. Go on NORAD Santa tracker. Where is Santa right now?

Whilst answering this question, he's currently in Tarawa, Kiribati although he's heading to Funafuti, Tuvalu.

6. Can you sleep on Christmas Eve?

When I was younger, not at all! I can't remember if I did or not last year, I just remember sleeping until like 9:00am, which I'm usually up before that!

7. What present are you hoping to wake up to?

This year, I didn't have anything in particular that I wanted! I've really only asked for little body sets, but, last week or so, I've started to find things I'd like, such as Hollister body sprays and Zoeva makeup palettes.. Typical! I can always buy them after Christmas!

8. Have you bought all your presents for your family/friends?

I have indeed! I bought them all ages ago, like the last week of November! And I've already exchanged gifts with my friends, and my family's presents are under the tree!

9. Wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I tag anyone to do this tag! Comment below if you do it, so I can read it!

Merry Christmas!

Friday 19 December 2014

Perfect Gift Idea - Baylis and Harding♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

I happened to have been lucky enough to win a Baylis and Harding body set in a Christmas hamper! I think it's a perfect gift for Christmas, therefore, thought it'd be ideal to review this at this time of year, in perfect timing for Christmas!

This is definitely ideal for anyone into pampering themselves. All four items in this set are perfect for relaxing. I don't know if this is an actual set, but I do know you can buy these items individually!

So the theme colour is purple - nice and girly! The scent is "Moonlight Lavender", meaning it does smell amazing! The purple theme is really appealing, and looks really presentable!

First up, the product I was most excited to try, the calming body wash. The smell of this is amazing! It bubbles up great too - bonus!

Secondly, there's the cleansing hand wash. When I saw this was in the set, I couldn't wait to give it a bash! Turns out to be excellent - bubbles up well, scent lasts on your hands and also leaves your hands soft.

I couldn't wait to try this product, it's a soothing hand balm, which is just a fancy way of saying hand cream. This is a tad greasy if you use to much - one pump is just the right amount! Overall, it leaves your hands ever so soft!

My last product, I haven't yet tried, but it's a relaxing bath creme. I'd imagine it to be good, after all, Baylis and Harding products normally are!

If you've yet to buy any last minute presents, you should give these a go!

Monday 8 December 2014

Cute and Girly Christmas Gift♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

As you'll see from my title, I have a hashtag! I really wanted a Christmas hashtag, and I finally do have one! I actually love it! Emma helped me out, thanks Emma☺!

Sometimes, some people are extremely difficult to buy for at Christmas, correct? That's why I've put this post together! If they're a girly girl, then this post will be perfect for them! I've gathered a few things in which you could use as a gift. Enjoy!

I forgot to take a photo for this part, but you could use a medium sized make-up bag for all the little presents. That way then you can keep the bag afterwards!

My first idea would be fluffy socks. Of course, I chose pink, but obviously you can use any other colour! Fluffy socks are such a Winter essential so pop a pair in!

Wipes could be another idea, simply because they're always handy to have! In Primark, they usually have two packets for £1. Whether they'll use them on the go, or for cleansing their face, who knows, but they're helpful anyway!

Hand sanitiser is totally optional! I just thought it looked so small and cute, therefore included it. You can also get lots of adorable packaged ones, and there's multiple scents too! I personally like to carry this with me in case I decided to shop then eat - kill those germs.

Body lotion because Winter sometimes mean dry skin! It's always good to have one spare too. Not only could you use it as a body lotion, but a hand cream!

No matter what else you've included, I totally think you should include a nail polish! There's so many pretty colours available, plus, everybody always appreciates a nice, new bottle of polish. 

A lip product, something you can't go wrong with! Either a lip butter, or tinted lip balm, both are extremely handy during these cold months! You could always add a lipstick or lipgloss instead, but if you want to play it safe, choose a lipbalm!

Lastly, a Lush product can't go wrong! A bodywash would be ideal because they're small and smell oh-so-gorgeous! 

For a little extra, you could always add in a little bath bomb! I don't own any bath bombs, but there's many adorable and gorgeous bath bombs!

Hope this helped you out for those "tricky" people to buy for!

Monday 1 December 2014

"Excited For Christmas" Tag♥ || #HollyJollyJasmas

For a few months now, I've wanted to do both the Christmas tag and a Winter tag, but I couldn't decided which one and I didn't like some of the questions. However, I thought I'd be pretty exciting to make up my own tag! I chose the name "Excited for Christmas" simply because I'm buzzed. I don't think there is another tag to exist called this, as I just Googled it and nothing came up. I tag every one of you reading this, although I'm going to tag a few specific people at the bottom.

1. Are your Christmas decorations up? If not, when are you putting them up?

My decorations aren't up yet! But, I am putting them up this Saturday, the 6th! I can't wait to put the tree up and decorate it!

2. What's at the top of your Christmas list?

Honestly, I don't have anything on my list this year in particular. Every other year I've had at least one thing I'm desperate for, but this year I've only really asked for beauty products, such as Soap and Glory, Ted Baker etc!

3. Do you have an advent calendar?

Of course I do! I have one every year, and this year I have a Cadbury's one!

4. Have you bought all your Christmas presents or do you leave them all last minute to buy?

They're all bought and wrapped! I like to buy them early so I have them, and have put loads of thought into them.

5. Favourite Christmas film(s)?

Oooh, hard one! I love Christmas films! Elf is my ultimate favourite, though I do also love The Grinch!

6. Have you tried the Costa Christmas range?

Yes! I actually had one yesterday, I had a white hot chocolate in a snowman cup! I'm aware it isn't a limited edition, but I felt it was festive! Next time I go, I'm after a Brownie Hot Chocolate, yummm!

7. Favourite Christmas scent?

This is easy - cinnamon! I absolutely adore cinnamon candles, and I have a cinnamon body wash.

8. Do you wish for a White Christmas?

Yes! Oh my, they honestly just add such a good Christmas vibe! 

9. Typical Christmas meal?

I have some turkey with gravy, honey-glazed carrots, mash (or roast potatoes but I only eat the mash!) and pigs in blankets (Which if you're not familiar with, it's little sausages wrapped in bacon!)

10. What tops your Christmas tree?
For years and years, it was an angel, but the head fell away from the body, oops! Now, it's a gold glitter star!

11. Admit it : Do you own a cringey Christmas jumper?

Nope, I don't! I've seen many cute ones but I think they're too cringey for me to wear!

12. Do you have any traditions all throughout December before Christmas day?

Obviously open my advent calendar! I watch Elf many times, drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, watch Vlogmas and Christmas YouTube videos in general!

These are the 12 questions I've made up for the Excited For Christmas tag! I tag everyone reading this, but I tag these 2 people ;


I can't wait to see some people answering these questions! Make sure to comment below if you answer the questions and I will be sure to read it!

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