Monday 4 February 2019

Violet Voss x Nicol Conciliođź’•

If it wasn't for reading blogs and scrolling through Twitter, then chances are, I wouldn't have heard of Violet Voss. They have a wide variety of palettes available, all of which are individually unique and stunning. I had seen a Christmas set on Twitter, of which included a makeup palette, highlighting palette and lipgloss, and I was fortunate enough to receive this gift for Christmas (after sending screenshots of it and hinting, course).

Violet Voss Nicol Concio Palette - RRP £40 - Firstly, how stunning is the packaging? The holographic palette means that it shines and glitters in every light direction. Considering it's just cardboard, it is quite sturdy and surprisingly strong. Inside includes a large sized mirror, perfect for if you're away a trip and acquire a mirror. Then, for the 20 pigment oozing, colourful shades included. There's a good mixture of both matte and shimmer shades, which is perfect depending upon your ideal look.

Each shade has its own unique range, ranging from hangry (one of my favourite names because relatable, and its a beautiful shade) to palm tree. It's an ideal palette for near enough every occasion - from formal attires to nights out - you can either tone it down or vamp it up to the max. Considering I'm not (overly) good at makeup, my eye makeup somehow turns out decent enough when I use this beauty. I wouldn't say I experience much fall out when I use the shimmer shades, which it very common and often with some highly shimmery shades. When I use the matte shades - I tend to use these in my crease - I only need a small amount on the tip of my brush because the pigmentation is absolutely mad - it's definitely one of the most pigmented palettes I own. I am obsessed.

Violet Voss Pro Highlighting Palette - 25$/£19 - Do you remember a time when I was obsessed with highlighters? Mary Lou was pretty much my best friend. Then, I stopped using it for some odd reason. But, since discovering this palette, I have rekindled my love with highlighter and love to glow. The packaging isn't anything miraculous in comparison to the eyeshadow palette - a basic, black cardboard, but again, sturdy. With a handy compact mirror, you're always good to go.

As I have a pale complexion, I tend to use the first shade (the lightest one on the left) because it suits my tone best, but the middle also works well for me. Much like the palette, the pigmentation of these highlighters are insane - and of course, I love to glow and blind with a good, strong and subtle highlight. Although they're pigmented, they have quite a buttery texture, meaning they apply well, look soft on the skin and don't look or feel chalky either. They are on the warm side, which is ideal because it gives me some warmth to my ghostly complexion. I have a bad habit of touch my face, or resting my face in my hands, and by doing this, can rub off my highlight easily, but I haven't noticed that too much with this. The best part? It even lasts a night out. And I can tell you something - nights out in Glasgow are nothing short of a sweat fest, especially Garage, and this highlight shines right through the night and into the morning, so winner winner.

Violet Voss Lipgloss - £ - I don't usually go for lipgloss because I hate my hair sticking to it, and I can't find one I like. However, on all my last nights out, I've been pairing this with either Mac Faux or Mehr because I love the result. As you would expect from the packaging, it's quite pink in colour - this is something rare as I tend to struggle finding lipglosses with pigmentation - and even though the finish is glossy as expected, there's still a hint of shimmer and glitter throughout, which looks beautiful when applied to the lips. It also has quite a sweet scent which I adore. The applicator is both the perfect shape and size for applying too, which makes it effortless and quick too. I'd say it's an ideal size of lipgloss because it means you can throw into your bag and reapply if necessary.

I had heard about Violet Voss for years and had wanted to try the brand but I just couldn't afford, nor justify, paying over £40 just for a palette. But, this Christmas gift is probably one of the best offers I've seen around for a while and I'm super grateful for it!

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