Monday 27 June 2016

The Products That Are Almost Good Enough To Eat♥*

When it comes to bath products, I like them to smell nice. I like pretty things, and I like pretty smellies. When I received an email from Pegasus about Patisserie De Bain*, fair to say I jumped at the chance. The packaging is the sweetest thing ever - I love the pink and the overall cuteness of it. It's sure to be perfect for every girly girl's taste.

All of the products are based around cakes and sweets. The Cranberry & Cream Bath and Shower Cream* was the product I was more eager to try (out of the body products). In typical beauty blogger style, I tried it first. It smells divine, absolutely gorgeous. It is thick yet creamy, and lathers up like a dream. The Strawberry Cupcake Body Lotion* smells incredible. I couldn't exactly pin point an exact scent - it just oozes with different scents. A little bit goes the longest way too. As for hand creams, I'm never usually the biggest fan. I feel the Sweet As Cherry Pie Hand Cream* is an exception due to it's scent. It's as if I'm literally about to eat a pie - it smells insanely delicious. It's thick and doesn't have the greasy residue many hand creams leave behind. Win win.

If you know me, you'll know I love pretty things. When I saw the Raspberry and Apple Crumble Bath Fancies*, I knew I instantly loved them. They smell so good they could easily be edible (but they are 100% NOT!) They have a hint of glitter too which adds to the cuteness. As they are bath fancies, they basically just melt and make your skin feel smooth yet smell amazing. Staying with the bath fancy theme is also the Sweet As Cherry Pie Bath Fancy*. The scent is the same as the hand cream above and as it's a bath fancy, it's the same as the previous bath fancies. Personally, I quite like bath fancies as an alternative to bath bombs as they make a bath feel more "relaxed".

Finally, we have the Lemon BonBon Cupcake Soap* which I have discovered that I adore. I quite like the smell of lemon, so there's no surprise I have got on well with this soap. It's extremely refreshing and energizing. The fact it's shaped like a cupcake makes me love it even more, and it looks super cute sitting on my shelf.

I cannot believe what I've been missing out on from Patisserie - especially since it's sold online on Superdrug. Everything I own smells amazing so I have no doubt that there's something for everyone!

Have you tried Patisserie De Bain? Do you have any recommendations?

*PR Samples

Monday 20 June 2016

The Red Of All Reds♥

I cannot deny that I love a good red lip. Whether it's glossy, matte or anything in between, I'll wear it. Never had I ever tried mac until lately. Last month, my mum very kindly surprised me when she bought me a Mac lipstick from the Charlotte Olympia range, and more specifically, the shade Starlett Scarlet.

As it's from a different range to the original mac lipsticks, the packaging differs from the typical and standard black box it comes in. Instead, the print is on the "playful" side, patterned with lipstick stains, spider webs, eyes and hands, and gives the illusion of an artistic and mysterious lipstick. Personally, I really like the box, it looks quirky and unique, and not to mention that I love to sit it on display.

I'm automatically drawn in with the beauty of the lipstick. The clear, square tube with the gold inside is oh so gorgeous. Personally, I believe the lipstick looks more "highend", "luxurious" and "expensive" rather than the traditional mac lipsticks (although they look super sleek and professional). It's simple yet sophisticated. It also feels extremely satisfying to hold, too.

The colour itself is beyond beautiful. It's a perfect red colour, which is matte, but nowhere near drying. It's matte but still feels really creamy. The red is empowering and daring, and helps lift those confident levels. I own numerous reds, but this one stands out to me, alongside another two or so (maybe it's to do with it's beauty or the fact it's mac, who knows?!) The lasting power is impeccable; it lasts for hours. I can eat and drink, and majority of it is still perfectly in tact.

I truly adore this lipstick. It completes any makeup looks perfectly, and cannot fault it in any way. It's matte, red, creamy, long lasting and doesn't smudge. What else can one ask for?

Monday 13 June 2016

Get The Natural and Radiant Glow♥*

As a beauty addict, it is a pleasure to try out new brands to review on my blog, just for you all (and for my own benefit as I get to try new makeup ha.) When I was contacted regarding Natural Collection*, of course I just had to! They sent out a beautiful beauty box, which was presented lovely, and I was shocked to realise that ALL their products are only £1.99, have I been living under a rock?!

Sending out face products can be a bit risky for matching, however, these seem to match pretty well, fortunately! I own foundations, BB creams, CC creams and everything apart from a tinted moisturiser. I wasn't sure whether to expect a low or high coverage from their Tinted Moisturiser*. It blended well and left me with a medium coverage, and I reckon would most definitely be buildable. It feels very lightweight on the skin which is ideal for the upcoming Summer months. The Pressed Powder* sets the base flawlessly, and using the two does not create "cake face" or anything like that. For the price, I actually really like the powder and reach for it almost daily.

Blush is something I've been wearing a whole lot more lately; I feel it finishes off a makeup look perfectly, and it looks fantastic in Spring and Summer. The Blushed Cheeks Blush in Pink Cloud* is one of the more pigmented, prettiest pink blushes I own. A light hand is all that you need; literally just tap in the blush and no more! The Suntint Bronzing Powder* looked ever so slightly daunting and intimidating at first as it looked dark in the pan. Thankfully, it doesn't look too dark on my skin, but this could be down to the fact I use a light hand. It does have a hint of shimmer throughout it, however, it helps to achieve that sunkissed look. I sure achieve that "glow" look!

I cannot wait to buy more makeup from Natural Collection - especially since it's so inexpensive! I'm extremely impressed with the quality for the price, highly recommend the brand.

Have you tried Natural Collection? Anything I must try?

*PR Samples and the gorgeous necklace photographed around the products is the Dainty Bow Necklace* from Daisy Mae.

Monday 6 June 2016

In The Summertime..♥

I am delighted to announce we are finally and officially in Summer, which means plenty of sun (hopefully) and bringing out the Summer wardrobe. I was sent this Dizen Clothing Pieces Cropped Knitted Vest Top*, and I wasn't sure how to style it - I knew it was slightly on the Summery side but wanted to tone it down, casual.

Even though it's a vest top style, the straps are on the thick side - and I really like this. The knitted material adds an extra detail to the top, as well as some more texture too. I decided to pair it with a simple pair of black jeans (I finally own a pair!) to keep the outfit simple and minimalistic. 

I just had to wear my Black Lace Up Platform Plimsolls - they are perhaps one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own, and I ain't joking nor exaggerating! They go perfectly with the black jeans, and as a whole, it completes the outfit in my opinion.

I really like this top from Dizen. I must applause the quality of the top - it is surprisingly incredible and overall, I just like the style of the top.

Do you own any clothing from Dizen?

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