Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Egg Face Mask?!💕*

I go through phases where I'm obsessed with face masks and own numerous different types, then won't use them for months on end. And there's no in-between. Lately though, my skin has been playing up - breaking out and oilier than usual - so I figured I'd try out this mask I'd been sent out to review. And it was an interesting experience.

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening* || Set of 5 || RRP £22.50 - so although I didn't get sent a set of these, it was this exact mask I received and I can't seem to find the individual one online. But nonetheless, it's the same thing. So it's an egg based face mask, which is designed to tighten your pores and help oily skin (it combats the oils). It's an actual sheet mask as opposed to a liquid-based mask, and let me tell you - oh my goodness the difficulties I had just to get it on! So I took it out the packet, and tried unfolding it, but because it's coated with the face mask, it kept folding in on itself and closing. Eventually I got there, and it had gaps for your eyes, nostrils and mouth. I then smoothed it out at the edges just so there were no gaps etc. Then, I waited..

20 minutes later or so, I decided it was time to take the mask off. With it being a sheet, I knew it wouldn't dry like a usual mask, but I felt that it still felt "fresh" - I expected the sheet to start creasing, drying or do something! But no, it didn't. So I peeled it off, and my skin was coated in face mask. Me thinking I was being smart decided to leave it and hope that my skin would soak it up. However, it didn't - after about 10 mins or that, I was left with a greasy layer on my skin that just felt uncomfortable. I had to therefore wash it off so that my skin felt somewhat clean and fresh again, before continuing onwards with my skincare routine.

Despite this, I felt that my skin looked radiant and refreshed. It did look glowy, and this is down to the egg white and vinegar combination that works well on your skin. I don't know if it did necessarily help tighten my pores, but it did dry out a few spots on my face so I guess it helped my skin to an extent. They have got other face masks and general skincare products available, so I'm intrigued to these!


*PR Sample

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Get That Tropical Vibe On💕*

One of my favourite scents is coconut. There's something about coconut scented body lotions that I'm obsessed with. As soon as I smell it, I'm instantly transported to a tropical island in the Summertime, smothered in suncream. Well, let me tell you about these two Shea Moisture's "Virgin coconut oil daily hydration" range.

Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Body Wash* || £10.99 - infused with coconut milk and coconut oil, this fair-trade friendly body wash is one to leave your skin thanking you. One thing I realised when using is that it's of a thin consistency, almost on the runny side, meaning you don't need much as it lathers up really well, creating a thick and bubbly foam. It has a really strong scent too, and it's one which is clearly noticeable on your skin after you come out the shower. Reading up on the website, it says you can use it as a bubble bath, however, I haven't ever done this as I'm not prone to taking a bath, I prefer a shower. It leaves my skin feeling ever so smooth and I love how clean my skin feels too. It doesn't feel harsh on my skin either, meaning it feels relaxing to use.

Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Body Lotion* || £10.99 - I find that body lotions tend to be quite thin as opposed to a body butter which is on the thicker side. However, this body lotion has completed change my mindset. Considering the packaging its in, and that it's a body lotion, I was rather surprised to find it has quite a thick consistency, leaning towards a butter. A little goes a long way where this is concerned. Also, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling and I've found my skin absorbs it rather quickly too. In terms of scent, it's identical to the body wash, and is really strong too, with a lasting impact. It leaves my skin not only smelling lush, but also in tip-top condition as it feels extremely soft. If I have any dry patches of skin, I apply a small amount of lotion and within a few days, it's back to it's good ol' self. It's a winner really. And, as I don't need a lot of lotion, it means this bottle will last me a lifetime, but the only downfall - when it begins to run low, how will I get the remaining product out? As with a body butter, it tends to be in a tub. Anyways, besides the awkward packaging, I highly recommend this lotion!

I didn't realise until I wrote this review that Boots not only stocked these two products, they also have a whole array of products from this line too! They even have a shampoo and conditioner which I'm intrigued by, as coconut not only works wonders for your skin, but also your hair...


*PR Samples

Monday, 17 June 2019

Yet Another Bath Bomb💕

I am hands down a shower over bath person, but don't get me wrong, I do like to treat myself every so often to a pamper and have a bath. When I do, I like to have a bath bomb. I'm not exactly a bath bomb snob, I will use every brand there is. One brand I do love however is Bomb Cosmetics. They're a brand I've used for many years, and somehow still to this day end up with their products.

Unfortunately I never caught the name of this individual bath bomb as I was too eager to use it, however, can we take a minute to admire it? It's absolutely beautiful in colour and overall design. The gorgeous purples work well together, including the glitter layer too, all topped off with a little flower. Cute, right? Although it was given to me as a present, I know that bomb cosmetics are the cheaper alternative to lush. We all love lush, I am partial to using their products from time to time, but it is on the pricey side, so it's nice to have other items to use which aren't half as expensive.

When I dropped it into the water, it wasn't long on dissolving at all. It turned the water a slight purple hue, however, it was messy. And when I say messy, I'm referring to that glitter layer. It looked pretty at first in the water cause it was all sparkly, but when I came out the bath, it had A. stuck to my skin like mad despite me showering too and B. was all over the bath. It was everywhere. You know the mess sand makes? Well, it was like that, just purple. With that issue aside, I haven't any problems with the bath bomb itself. It smelt gorgeous, and was rather soothing too. It resulted in my skin feeling silky smooth, and it also smelt really nice too.

I haven't been let down by Bomb Cosmetics, as I expected. Their bath bombs are always exceptional and I'm yet to try one I don't like. I haven't ever tried any of their other products (they have soaps, bath and shower gels, body lotions.. the list is endless) but I could imagine they'd be just as incredible!


Monday, 3 June 2019

My New Die Hard Foundation💕

When I buy foundation, it lasts me a life time. Mainly because I don't wear it often, so I very rarely need to replace it. However, when I do, I just buy a relatively inexpensive one because I know I'll not need it often - typically I only wear foundation on nights out, or special occasions. However, for my birthday, I figured I would buy a new one as I fancied trying out new makeup, as well as replace a few of the necessities. I own a vast number of products from MUA Cosmetics - I love their low price tags and high quality products - and when I went to their makeup stand in Superdrug, they had 1/3 off deal, meaning their items were virtually costing me next to nothing, so did some stocking up.

MUA Pro base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation || RRP £5 - Let me introduce you to my new favourite foundation. As I've mentioned umpteen times on this blog, I have fairly oily skin, especially on my t-zone, and when I wear makeup, the oil tends to shine through or fade quickly. Therefore, I find myself buying products which are advertised as being "matte". Additionally, I always need to find a foundation pale enough for my skin - sometimes the palest shade isn't quite pale enough. Retailing at £5, but reduced to £3.33, I was instantly drawn towards this foundation, for the reasons mentioned above. And I can tell you something - I don't regret buying it. In fact, I can't stop raving about it! In the end, I opted for shade 120, and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the vast variety of shades available, especially for a budget foundation!

Rather than having a pump, like most foundations, it comes with a "spoon" style applicator, which is more ideal for both application as you have more control, as well as when you're running low as you won't be wasting the remaining product. Furthermore, it comes in a glass bottle, which gives it a fancier finish and perhaps sturdier too if you need to travel.

When applying, I either apply some directly onto an area of my face, or makeup sponge, then blend with a damp sponge. I find it blends really well with a sponge, and to ensure my finish is truly flawless, I tend to buff my skin with a foundation brush too. In terms of coverage, it took me by surprise. I expended it to be quite low, however I'd say it's more of a medium coverage, with potential to go right up to full coverage if you build upon layering. Speaking of layering, sometimes I apply a bit more on my t-zone area as this is my most problematic area, but I've never experienced any sort of caking, the coverage still looks airbrushed and smooth. Although it has a good coverage and is matte, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin; definitely more on the lightweight side of things.

Considering it's only £5, I have to say, it's my absolute, hands-down, favourite foundation. I just feel that regardless of the occasion, it's a versatile foundation and never does me dirty, unlike some. I've worn it when I've had photos taken with flash and never experienced any sort of flash-back. Also, it doesn't oxidise and go orange-toned throughout the day or night either. It also lasts well on my skin. I prime, apply this, set with powder and spray with setting spray, and I'm good to go for hours! Somehow, it just doesn't want to budge much; I don't experience the patchiness like some foundations and it keeps the oils at bay for that bit longer too.  

Just incase I haven't won you over enough yet, it's also vegan friendly, talc and paraben free, and formulated with vitamin e too!


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

YSL Black Opium Floral Shock💕

You cannot go into Boots and not spray at least one perfume - with their wide selection, it would be rude not to. One perfume I have lusted over for as long as I can remember is YSL Black Opium, and for Christmas, I received the Floral Shock edition. Although I hadn't smelt it, I already had high expectations.

The bottle is near enough identical to the original; the only difference being that there's some pink glitter at the bottom of this version, which I believe works well because it's almost linking the name of the perfume to the bottle itself (pink, floral, you get me?). In my opinion, the bottle is quite light too - nothing worse than heavy, bulky bottles as this makes it impossible for packing if you're taking them away. In terms of aesthetics, I think the overall design is beautiful and rather pleasant on the eye, and it looks amazing sitting on display.

Let's talk scent.

The main notes include black coffee, citrus and white musk - a bizarre yet brilliant combination that works well. It's one that I wish you could smell whilst reading this post so you could understand it's beauty. I would describe it as being a sweet, floral and powering scent, one which is sure to make a statement as its so bold. It's meant to provide you with an "irresistible shock of sensuality" - a dominant, sexy scent. Personally, I'd say it's more of an evening scent than a day-time wear, but of course I wouldn't object to wearing it at any time of the day. in terms of lasting power, this ain't budging. It's such a strong, long-lasting scent which you certainly don't need to top up on. I wore it on Christmas Day, and when I woke up on Boxing Day, I could smell it on my bedsheets and duvet it's that strong!

I love it. It may be pricey but I am truly thankful for such a beautiful gift because I'm clearly obsessed with it. I received the 90ml version and I know it'll go a long way, but its also available in a 30ml and 50ml bottle too.

G'on, treat yourself!


Monday, 20 May 2019

How About Some Day-Tox?💕*

Face masks really help in life. Minor inconvenience? Face mask. Stressed? Face mask. Skin breaking out? Face mask. I do love a good face mask, and although I don't do them overly regularly because I simply forget to, but whenever I do remember about them, my skin is always eternally grateful. So, you could imagine when a PR email arrived in my inbox asking if I'd be interested in trying out some face masks.. eh, yes please?!

Daytox Peel-Off Mask || RRP £20.00, on sale at £13.33 - Peel off masks I love, but very rarely use. No idea why. So, I was intrigued to this one. The description describes it as being a deep cleansing face mask, which helps absorb any extra sebum, reduces impurities and helps to try prevent blackheads from arising. The only peel off's I've ever used are individual packet ones, never in a tube, so I wasn't entirely sure how much to use in one use. When I went to use it, I read the tube and realised it's a charcoal face mask - which I've heard mixed reviews on. It applied evenly, and I didn't find it to take too long to dry. However, removing it was a different story. It was near impossible to peel - it kept flaking off in tiny pieces, which meant I was trying to peel it off for ages. I swear it took less time to dry than it did to peel. In the end, I gave up and just washed it off. Thankfully, it came off with ease doing this. This is probably the only fault I've came across with this face mask, because it left me with smooth and refreshed skin - it looked as though I'd just had a facial. I left it on until dry, which was around 20-30 minutes. Apart from being an issue removing, I throughly enjoyed using it, and I'm sure my skin also benefitted from it too.

Daytox Clay Mask || RRP £20, on sale at £18 - Clay masks I tend to use because I love how clean my skin feels post-use. The tube describes the mask as being a deep cleansing treatment which helps neutralise stressed skin and removes any impurities whilst smoothing the skin, and leaves you with a radiant complexion. I found the mask to have quick a thick and creamy texture, one which didn't apply overly thick nor take long to dry. It doesn't dry right solid, like I expected with it being a clay mask. It washes off as soon as the water hits it, and I love how it leaves my skin - it's super soft and also feels really clean too, which in my books is a winner. I didn't need to leave it on too long, it'd say maybe 20 minutes max. This one is definitely a hit in my books.

Generally speaking, I do love both these face masks. Over the trial period, I've noticed myself using face masks more regularly, and it has been beneficial as my skin has worked well with both the face masks. Although they're on the more expensive side, they're absolutely worth it as I adore them!

Go on, treat yourself.


*PR Samples

Sunday, 21 April 2019

NYK1 Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum💕*

I guess I could say I'm fortunate to have naturally long eyelashes, and in terms of eyebrows, the individual hairs are also quite long too (which is a pain in the backside!) I'm always sketchy when it comes to hair growth products as I can't quite imagine them actually working. When an email landed in my inbox about reviewing the NKY1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum*, I figured I'd give it a bash. Previously, I've tried hair growth products and I did notice a reasonable difference, but in terms of eyelash and eyebrow growth, this would be a first.

Clearly, it's just a slim, silver tube, nothing too exciting. It's only 8ml, so I keep it in the box or else I would lose it. On my first use, I only used it on my eyebrows - I know it's designed for lashes, but I was afraid incase I was allergic to anything or ended up with an eye infection etc - whereas on my eyebrows, the worst thing that could happen is that it'd burn them off.. Anyways, it is recommended that you use it twice daily for best, maximum results, however I personally prefer to apply these sort of products in the evenings right before I go to sleep. According to their website, it is estimated to last 3 months, and although I've had it for a good few months, it did take me a while to get round to test it - I used it religiously for over a good month so I could write a thorough review. 

The brush is really thin, which makes it easier for precise applications. For the lashes, the website suggests you apply it like liquid eyeliner - of which would make most sense so that all lashes are treated, and the brush makes this ideal. Personally, I decided to trial it on my eyebrows, as I knew I'd see the change easier - I have dark eyebrows, so any "newbie hairs" that grow in post-waxing I know are guests which aren't welcome. Although the brush doesn't apply to much product, I tried my best to apply plenty - mainly focusing on the tails of my eyebrows as I wish for them to grow fuller. I applied it once daily for about a month solid to see the best results.

And, the outcome? I actually did notice a difference! For the first week or so, progress was slow, and was beginning to believe it was a gimmick. Nonetheless, I continued using the product to see if I got an outcome, of which I did. My eyebrows do grow fairly quickly anyways, but I feel that by using these, they grew in quicker, and more importantly, in the areas of which I want - I've tried growing out my eyebrows on numerous attempts, but it always fails as it results in thicker inner squares and thin tails, not exactly what I'm after.

After reading other reviews, people highly recommend that if you feel you have short, thin eyelashes, then this is the product for you! I know it has worked well on my eyebrows, so I have no doubt that it'd work just as well on eyelashes too. Although it is quite expensive (retails at £69.95 but currently on sale at £34.95), it does work and can assure you that you won't be wasting money in the slightest!


Monday, 4 February 2019

Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio💕

If it wasn't for reading blogs and scrolling through Twitter, then chances are, I wouldn't have heard of Violet Voss. They have a wide variety of palettes available, all of which are individually unique and stunning. I had seen a Christmas set on Twitter, of which included a makeup palette, highlighting palette and lipgloss, and I was fortunate enough to receive this gift for Christmas (after sending screenshots of it and hinting, course).

Violet Voss Nicol Concio Palette - RRP £40 - Firstly, how stunning is the packaging? The holographic palette means that it shines and glitters in every light direction. Considering it's just cardboard, it is quite sturdy and surprisingly strong. Inside includes a large sized mirror, perfect for if you're away a trip and acquire a mirror. Then, for the 20 pigment oozing, colourful shades included. There's a good mixture of both matte and shimmer shades, which is perfect depending upon your ideal look.

Each shade has its own unique range, ranging from hangry (one of my favourite names because relatable, and its a beautiful shade) to palm tree. It's an ideal palette for near enough every occasion - from formal attires to nights out - you can either tone it down or vamp it up to the max. Considering I'm not (overly) good at makeup, my eye makeup somehow turns out decent enough when I use this beauty. I wouldn't say I experience much fall out when I use the shimmer shades, which it very common and often with some highly shimmery shades. When I use the matte shades - I tend to use these in my crease - I only need a small amount on the tip of my brush because the pigmentation is absolutely mad - it's definitely one of the most pigmented palettes I own. I am obsessed.

Violet Voss Pro Highlighting Palette - 25$/£19 - Do you remember a time when I was obsessed with highlighters? Mary Lou was pretty much my best friend. Then, I stopped using it for some odd reason. But, since discovering this palette, I have rekindled my love with highlighter and love to glow. The packaging isn't anything miraculous in comparison to the eyeshadow palette - a basic, black cardboard, but again, sturdy. With a handy compact mirror, you're always good to go.

As I have a pale complexion, I tend to use the first shade (the lightest one on the left) because it suits my tone best, but the middle also works well for me. Much like the palette, the pigmentation of these highlighters are insane - and of course, I love to glow and blind with a good, strong and subtle highlight. Although they're pigmented, they have quite a buttery texture, meaning they apply well, look soft on the skin and don't look or feel chalky either. They are on the warm side, which is ideal because it gives me some warmth to my ghostly complexion. I have a bad habit of touch my face, or resting my face in my hands, and by doing this, can rub off my highlight easily, but I haven't noticed that too much with this. The best part? It even lasts a night out. And I can tell you something - nights out in Glasgow are nothing short of a sweat fest, especially Garage, and this highlight shines right through the night and into the morning, so winner winner.

Violet Voss Lipgloss - £ - I don't usually go for lipgloss because I hate my hair sticking to it, and I can't find one I like. However, on all my last nights out, I've been pairing this with either Mac Faux or Mehr because I love the result. As you would expect from the packaging, it's quite pink in colour - this is something rare as I tend to struggle finding lipglosses with pigmentation - and even though the finish is glossy as expected, there's still a hint of shimmer and glitter throughout, which looks beautiful when applied to the lips. It also has quite a sweet scent which I adore. The applicator is both the perfect shape and size for applying too, which makes it effortless and quick too. I'd say it's an ideal size of lipgloss because it means you can throw into your bag and reapply if necessary.

I had heard about Violet Voss for years and had wanted to try the brand but I just couldn't afford, nor justify, paying over £40 just for a palette. But, this Christmas gift is probably one of the best offers I've seen around for a while and I'm super grateful for it!


Monday, 14 January 2019

A Cheap Marc Jacobs Daisy💕

Admit it, we all love a bargain. Nothing beats saving a few pennies here and there if possible. I won't lie - I do particularly enjoy expensive perfumes. Typically, I receive them as gifts, but I can tell you, they are worth every penny. If you're a fan of Marc Jacobs Daisy, then let me introduce you to Miss Daisy.

The bottle is slightly different, but it would be rather difficult to replicate such a beautiful, detailed and delicate bottle. The resemblance I notice is the bottle cap, whereby its meant to look like a flower/petals, just like the Marc Jacobs bottle itself. Nonetheless, I'm actually shocked at the scent, and how alike it is to the original itself. Infused with notes of wild berries, white violet, Jasmine and Sandalwood, these are the exact notes which are blended together to create Daisy, as stated on the Boots website. Impressive, isn't it?

I own Daisy, so I'm able to compare the two, and I can, hands down, admit they smell. very similar. I love Daisy, but at £50+ per bottle, its not one I'll wear on a day-to-day basis, whereas Miss Daisy has a bargain price of £2-3, and I'll happily wear it everyday because its inexpensive enough to replace. Of course, it's lasting power isn't as strong as Daisy itself - I find myself needing to top up throughout the day - but I guess that this is expected. Apart from that, I love it - I can wear one of my favourite scents on a daily basis without feeling like I'm "wasting it", which is ideal.


Monday, 7 January 2019

Self Acceptance 💕

Makeup, isn't it wonderful? How we can express ourselves through such an art. Colourful lips, abstract eye makeup, its great, right? But, is it a disguise of our true, natural self, or an expression?

Some keep it simple, some prefer extreme, and both are totally cool. But does it portray who we are? Covering our flaws, altering our looks? On a daily basis, I keep it natural and plain - concealer (or sometimes foundation), powder, eyebrows, mascara and sometimes bronzer and highlighter. For nights out, I try a bit more, by adding eyeshadow and eyeliner. Does it change how I look? Yes. And every person is the same, and some people become unrecognisable.

Above is a fairly simple makeup look, nothing too dramatic.

Above is before a night out. As you can see, I have a bit more eye makeup than the previous.

Above is a no makeup look. 

Compare all three images. You can still tell it's me, but yes I can alter my appearance to an extent. I do have dark bags beneath my eyes, which are hidden with concealer. I do have some breakout on my chin, which is hidden with foundation. I do have lighter eyebrows, which are darkened with brow pomade. Am I hiding true identity with makeup?

Personally, I will leave the house without makeup on, no problem. I do know some people who won't, and that's down to personal choice and self confidence. I am a bit cautious of my chin at the moment because it's so red and noticeable, but I'm working on it. But, it's becoming part of who I am, and I should embrace it. Over time, it may begin to clear up, who knows.

Self appearance aside, another thing to point out is that I'm quite tall, and my arms are long. In group photos, I'm always the tallest friend, towering my friends. I look long and lanky, but again, this is something I should be proud of. Not everyone is the same height as me, making this my own unique quirk.

Comparison is a killer, but you may be blessed with a quirk that someone else doesn't have. Just because you don't quite have the desired nose you wished for doesn't mean you can't love yourself, or because your hips are curvier than your friends' doesn't mean you can't wear that outfit you've been lusting over. Rock it, own it. Make a list of all your strengths, because trust me, they will outweigh the weaknesses. And those weaknesses? Learn to love them. It's easier said than done, but admire them on a daily basis, and you will notice the difference. If it means sitting in front of a mirror and just learning to love this flaw, then do it!

Let 2019 be the year of you; the year you discover who you are, and love yourself. It has taken me YEARS to do so, because sometimes people treat you like rubbish and shatter your self esteem, but I'm back bitches xo

P.S: Don't feel the need to hide behind the makeup because you're amazing already xx

Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #4: For a Pampered One💕*

Admit it - we all love a pamper session or some me-time every so often. Whether it's a night in pampering yourself with some beauty products, or spending time doing something you love, it's important to take some time out of your busy schedule to relax.

Pamper evenings are something I rarely do; I don't know why. Personally, I like to do them when I want to make myself feel a million dollars, but in all honesty, they most likely occur in the preparation for a night out. I like to go all out and use nice smelling products, including some goodies from Bilou*.

Bilou Shower Foam Pink Melon* || £3.99 - if I were to pick a beauty product that smells like Summer in a bottle/tin, I would have to choose this shower foam. It's sweet, fruity scent is infused with melons and raspberries, creating a recipe for a juicy yet delicious scent. Although the scent gets the approval from me, I was still a bit skeptical about the concept of the product - a foam. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, or more to the point, how it would work. I must admit, it really blew me over. With it being foam, I didn't expect it to lather up much, but I was ever so wrong - in fact, I think it actually lathered up better than some shower gels I have. One thing I noticed also is how well the scent stays on your skin. A lot of the times, you don't notice the scent after you rise the shower gel off, however I feel my skin absorbs this one and leaves me smelling of sweet fruits and Summer.

Bilou Cream Foam Cotton Candy* - Unfortunately, I can't find this product online which is a real shame, however I have found the shower foam version (here) and another cream foam of a different scent (here). As the scent is cotton candy, I was a bit unsure to whether or not it would be too sweet and overpowering, but with it's beautiful blends of cotton candy, sweet and caramel, it's a delight to own, even for those, like myself, who aren't often a fan of such scents. I've used various body lotions, creams and butters, all of which have completely different formulas, but never a foam, and I must say, it's probably one of my favourites - it doesn't leave you feeling greasy because your skin absorbs it so quickly, and the scent lasts for hours too, and in my books, those are winning qualities.

One of the main selling points of these products for a lot of people is that they are vegan friendly, so they are cruelty free! And at such a low price for the quality, I highly recommend them - I can't get enough of them! I know for a fact that they would make perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.


*PR Samples

Monday, 3 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #3: The Hair Guru💕*

Don't we all love products that are pleasant on the eye with pretty aesthetics? And isn't it even better when they smell amazing? Lord behold, let me introduce you to the Lee Stafford Chocolate Cupcake Gift Set*. Not only is it pretty and pink, but it smells good enough to eat.

Again, Lee Stafford has hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating beautiful gift sets. The products never fail to surprise me, so I knew that when the PR got in touch with me, the gift set would live up to expectations.

The best part about the range before I go in-depth about the products is the scent - its chocolate. YES, CHOCOLATE. And for me, this is damn right bloody brilliant as I'm such a chocolate gal, gimme a bar of Dairy Milk any day over a bag of Doritos. Again, Lee has kept his signature pink packaging, making it easy to identify his range.

Lee Stafford Choco Locks Shampoo* || 250ml RRP £6.99 - Looking at the 50ml, I thought "I won't get any more than one use" - nope, I was wrong. I used a smaller amount than I typically would because I want the bottle to last me a longer length of time. By decreasing the amount I used, I thought it wouldn't lather the same, but again, I was wrong - it actually lathered up really, really well! It felt as though it fully cleansed my hair and scalp, leaving me feeling clean and fresh.

Lee Stafford Choco Locks Conditioner* || 250ml RRP £6.99 - Of course, you can't have such a gorgeous smelling shampoo and not have the conditioner to go! Since cutting my hair short, I don't need quite the same amount of conditioner as I did previously, so I only use a small blob, meaning I'll get a few uses out of this little bottle. It's so creamy, and leaves my hair feeling hydrated, moisturised and smooth, I love it. I also think it helps to enhance the dominate, sweet scent of chocolate too.

Lee Stafford Choco Locks Butter Cream Treatment* || 200ml RRP £7.99 - I have been numerous hair treatments from various Lee ranges, and I can tell you something - not once have I hated any of them; they all smell delicious and leave your hair in such good condition. This one is no exception. I apply it to damp hair post-shampooing, and leave it in for roughly 5-10 minutes for the best results. It's easy to wash out, and it's definitely worth incorporating into your haircare routine because not only will it leave your hair smelling good enough to eat, but also keep it hydrated and in tip-top condition too.

Lee Stafford Choco Locks Hot Choc Shots* || 4 x 15ml RRP £7.99 - I was intrigued to the fact this sachet claimed to be self heating. In the past, I hadn't ever used a self heating hair mask - I've tried self heating face masks, but not hair masks - so I wasn't sure how this would go. Truth to be told, I didn't notice the heating effect, but I believe that this is because I only applied on the length of my hair, as if I apply conditioner or hair treatment onto my roots, I find my hair gets greasy quicker. So, I think that perhaps if it was on the whole of my hair, I'd feel the impact more. Apart from being let down from the self-heating claim, I really liked the hair treatment because it leaves my hair feeling super hydrated and healthy.

When I wash my hair with these products, I feel as though I've washed my hair in Dairy Milk because of the strong chocolate scent it blesses my hair with. The scent put aside, it does work wonders on my hair and I love the result.

Whether you're buying this as a gift or treating yourself, it's a set you won't regret buying. 
Retails for £16 in Boots.


Monday, 26 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #2: The Blending Sponge💕*

I've been using the same makeup sponge for months now, and truth to be told, it's actually disgusting - no matter how many times I wash it, there's still traces of makeup on it that simple won't budge, and it's beginning to tear a bit too. Nanshy brushes are a brand which I have heard of for a while in the beauty and blogging industry. Their PR contacted me, and sent me out one of their fairly new makeup sponges.

Nanshy Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge* || £6.95 - Straight away, I was intrigued by the shape and form of the sponge as it is different to any other sponge I've used - typically, I tend to use the stereotypical egg-shaped sponge - so when I saw that not only is it a rounded-end, but also a flat tip and front. 

When I went to use it, I dampened it under running water, and to say the least, I was surprised by the amount it increased; it almost doubled in size! This, for sure made it easier when it came to applying makeup. I only use it for my foundation, concealer, and if I feel like it, cream contouring. Due to its precious shaping, it makes it easier for the application process. I use the round end for applying foundation on my cheeks and chin, the flat front for my nose and forehead, and the tip at the top for beneath my eyes.

I haven't tried using it dry because personally, I'm not a fan, as I feel it doesn't blend makeup well on my skin. When using it damp, my makeup looks flawless and airbrushed - it looks as though I have no makeup on, which of course, is a lie. I particularly like the peculiar shape of it, because it means you don't require numerous makeup sponges which are of a differing shape, you only need this one.

I really wish I had discovered this sponge sooner, because it's made doing my makeup a dream, it's a whole load easier. If you have a beauty guru in your life, then I highly, highly recommend treating them this Christmas to this Nanshy makeup sponge - trust me, you won't regret it!


*PR Samples

Monday, 19 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #1: For the Scent Lover💕*

Back in the days (around 2009-12), Charlie and Impulse were my go-to body sprays as I didn't use perfumes. I remember the excitement you would feel when you stood in front of the range, trying to narrow down which one to buy with your pocket money. Oh, those were the days. It seems that since then, Impulse has been through one of the biggest glow-ups ever, the packaging has completely changed for sure. I was rather excited when the PR got in touch asking if I wanted to feature the new impulse products in a blog post.

Helen Anderson Limited Edition Violet Palms + Neon Nights* || £6 - look how much more appealing the bottles are nowadays compared to the old, thin cans they used to be in - the packaging would definitely draw me in more! The Helen Anderson body spray was created by Impulse in collaboration with blogger and youtuber Helen herself, and has created a Summer-scented body spray - so even though Summer doesn't last all year round, the scent will. It almost reminds me of Parmaviolets as it has a similar scent to it, resembling the childhood sweets. It's quite sweet but not exactly sickly. The scent is infused with cactus flower, neon apples and rose - which is clear because it does have a subtle fruit tone throughout it.

Go Get Glitter Melted Candy Unicorn Dust Mist* || £6 - If you like young and exciting scents, then this is it. It's definitely a fun scent because it's so sweet. For some reason, it makes me think of hairspray because it has a very similar underlying tone - but don't fret, it's not like you're spraying hairspray on yourself at all! This time, it;s infused with fresh vanilla, which is perhaps what provides it with such a sweet scent. In my own opinion, I do prefer this one - I just think it's better, but everyone will differ.

With a lot of body sprays, I've found that their scents don't last long, but with these two, their lasting power is pretty strong, as I will get a whiff of the scent from time to time. Considering their beautiful, revamped packaging and desirable scents, I feel that these would be ideal as a Christmas gift, whether it be a stocking filling etc. If you know someone who loves their perfumes or beauty items, then they wouldn't be disappointed to open their Christmas present on the big day for sure!


*PR Samples
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