Monday 31 October 2016

Freedom Makeup "Z Palette"♥

I had wanted a z-palette for as long as I can remember so that I can store some of my favourite eyeshadows within the one palette without having to search through multiple palettes. That was all until I stumbled upon the Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist Pro HD Pro Empty Palette whilst doing a spot of online browsing one day. For £5, I snapped up the palette, along with a few of their pans.

As you can see, I have six pans in the palette already and there is still a relatively large space left. The palette is magnetic, and the pans stick to it no problem without moving all that much. I am delighted that it comes with a large sized mirror considering the price of it, so is brilliant for travelling and generally on the go.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist HD Pro Refills Pro - Highlight 01 - typical Jasmine couldn't buy some makeup without throwing in a cheeky highlight, could she? I love trying out new highlights so decided to try out this one. Although it's pigmented to an extend, it isn't as blinding as some of my other highlighters (Mary Lou, I'm calling on you), but I do still love it nonetheless. It doesn't have a chalky feel to it either, I would definitely say it's more on the buttery side.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist HD Pro Refills Pro - Banana 01 - I haven't ever owned a banana powder, but I felt it was about time I did. Everyone seems to rave about them, so I gave the Freedom Makeup one a shot. Wow, holy pigment for sure - I had high expectations for this but it kind of blew me away. I use it to set my concealer under my eyes as well as highlight that area, and I think it's only fair to say that it does work really well.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist HD Pro Refills Pro Eyeshadow - Colour 05 (Purple) - I was really stepping out of my comfort zone whilst ordering this one. I own absolutely nothing like it and can we appreciate how gorgeous it truly is? I was a tad intimidated to use it because it's quite a striking colour, but it's beautiful. It's glittery and pigmented and everything you would expect. It looks gorgeous paired with black eyeshadow in the outer corner and winged liner.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist HD Pro Refills Pro Eyeshadow - Shimmer 02 (Gold) - one of my beloved golds has hit major pans, but it isn't available separately, so when I saw this one online, I knew I had to give it a go. Although it is slightly different to my beloved one, I still adore this one. It's just a perfect, all-over-the-lid gold. Can't fault a good gold shade, can you?
Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist HD Pro Refills Pro Eyeshadow - Colour 10 (Brown) - Brown and gold shadows are certainly my safe bets, so no surprises here, I got another brown. It's quite a warm yet dark brown with glitter throughout, but, would be ideal for either all over the lid, or through the crease. Again, it's another stunning colour with a whole lotta pigment! Although it is more warm toned rather than cool toned, I reckon it would compliment many eye colours, and a variety of skin tones too.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist HD Pro Refills Pro Eyeshadow - Colour 09 (Red) - For some reason, this is the only matte shadow I got, and guess what? It isn't a gold or brown. It's a red. And I have been L O V I N G it, a lot. I've been popping it in my crease (no lid colour) and pairing it with winged liner, and I feel as though I can rule the world - quite literally empowering. Must I admit, I used FAR too much the first time I used it because I was gobsmacked at how pigmented it was.

With all the glitter shadows, you will be delighted to hear that there is little to no fallout and I couldn't be happier with that. The shadows aren't chalky at all, and are easy to blend too. For £2, I love the eyeshadow, and for £3, I would highly recommend the highlighter and banana powder.

Have you tried any Freedom Makeup pans? Any I should add to my (ever growing) collection?

Monday 24 October 2016

Trying Katie Price's Beauty Range♥*

I didn't know until recently that Katie Price had her own beauty range. It seems that near enough everyone has their own beauty range (c'mon blogsallbeautyy, let's be next!) so when I was contacted to try the Katie Price* beauty range, I jumped at the chance - she has lots to offer, from makeup to skincare and much more!

Katie Price Face Mask* - I absolutely love trying new face masks! Anything that can help my skin or leave me with smooth skin is on to a winner. I was unsure what to expect with this face mask if I am honest. The consistency is on the thick yet creamy side, and felt as though it was quite similar to a moisturiser. Unexpected from it, when applied on the face (which goes on really smoothly!), it dries. I wasn't expecting that in the slightest. This mask leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, and not to mention how beautiful the mask smells!

Katie Price Makeup Remover* - I felt disloyal towards my Garnier Micellar Water using this as I absolutely adore it, but I felt it was time to venture out my comfort zone. It says shake well before use, so evidently, I did. I soon realised it was on the oil based side which I have no objections to - it would be perfect for dry skin! It removes my makeup really well, and doesn't leave me with sore eyes. The only thing is, after using, it does have the tendency of leaving an oily residue behind, but in all honesty, it doesn't bother me - I just wash my face.

Katie Price Nude Palette* - straight away, this palette reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette with all the pink tones. The packaging is a sturdy metal tin, with nothing spectacular on it. An extra added bonus to this palette is the fact it comes with a proper brush. None of those stupid sponge applicators which go straight in the bin. The colours themselves are stunning. They are pretty pigmented too, however, do often have some fallout, but nothing a good ol' powder brush can't sort!

Katie Price Baked Bronzer in Golden Bronze* - perhaps I'm keeping my favourite product until last. It was love at first sight for this beautiful bronzer. I don't actually own that many bronzers so couldn't wait to do my makeup to try this out. I found out the hard way that it is indeed incredibly pigmented. Looking at it, it looks on the orange side ever so slightly, however, using a light hand, it doesn't look orange in the slightest. In fact, it just looks like you've been sunkissed and have a healthy bronzed look.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Katie Price range, and do have to admit, I have enjoyed using each product themselves. I wasn't expecting miracles from these products (mainly because I hadn't heard much about them!) but I do love them, and want to try more products for sure!

Have you tried the Katie Price beauty range? Any products I should give a shot?
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Monday 17 October 2016

Cushion Makeup♥*

Cushion foundations are the next biggest thing right now within the beauty community. The first big name I can remember bringing out a cushion foundation was L'Oreal, now every brand are bringing them out, including Lanc├┤me. As well as their foundation, they have also introduced a cushion blush - and this was the first cushion blush I have seen. Fair to say I jumped right in to give it a bash.

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion* - first of all, can we please appreciate how beautiful and elegant the packaging is?! I adore it. I was glad to see you do get a makeup puff with the product, obviously because it's the cushion style. When you lift the compact, you discover the foundation section. I have the shade 015, which is ever so slightly too dark for me, but regardless, the coverage is flawless and the finish is beautiful. It does give quite a high coverage but I reckon that it would be buildable. Although it has quite high coverage, it doesn't look cakey in any way, the only way to describe it has to be airbrushed.

Cushion Blush Subtil* - The concept of a cushion blush had me intrigued. I was afraid in case I would use too much, but after I got the hang of it, I knew what I was doing. As you can see, shade 02 is a beautiful, rosy yet natural blush and it will look beautiful in the colder upcoming months. It blends out like a dream - I apply a small amount with the makeup puff provided then use a damp beauty sponge. I would even say that it would be a good base for under a powder blush. As with the foundation, both require very little product as they are very pigmented.

Although I had never tried cushion makeup products before, my first experience has been interesting yet I must admit, I do really like the products. I do feel I have more confidence using a cushion foundation as opposed to a cushion blush, but if you wear blush on a daily basis, I highly recommend this one as it is easy to get to grips with!

Have you tried any cushion makeup products? What are your opinions on them?

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Monday 10 October 2016

A Foundation For Oily Skin?♥

Having oily skin and finding a foundation that won't slip and slide around is a bit of a nightmare. I have being paying particular attention to the skin type so that I can buy a foundation just for oily skin. Then I stumbled upon the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless. I had heard of it on YouTube and blogs as I believe it was originally released in America first - I knew I had to get my hands on it.

As usual, I bought the palest shade available, and in all honesty, I don't feel it's all that pale. With that aside, the foundation itself is pretty good. As it's in a tube packaging, I only use a small amount and add more if needed - less is more - and can always build more layers up. I ensure to use a primer beneath (mainly out of habit; mainly because of my oily skin), then set it with powder and use a setting spray to lock it in. In terms of lasting, it lasts a fair few hours before I feel I need to apply some extra powder. I have found that on the (rare) warmer days, it will slip off more, however, I won't need to worry about that happening often in Scotland (haha, more like worrying about it dripping with the rain..)

I wouldn't say I'm a fan of it being a tube - I'm always afraid incase I use too much and waste it, I would've liked if it came in a pump style bottle. Personally, I blend it out with a damp beauty sponge, and by using this, it ensures that the foundation doesn't look cakey.

For the price of £5.99, I don't think you can go wrong with this foundation. It isn't orange either, which is good for a pale gal like me. The coverage is quite medium but feels super lightweight at the same time. It is most certainly an everyday foundation.

Have you tried this foundation? What's your opinion on it?

Monday 3 October 2016

Covershoot Cosmetics♥*

Is there honestly anything more exciting than adding new makeup to your collection? Especially new brands and types of products you don't already own? You could imagine my excitement with regards to trying out Covershoot Cosmetics*. When they got in touch with me, I could hardly knock them back - their products look exciting and their packaging is ace.

Covershoot Cosmetics Brow Kit* - the packaging of this is ever so basic yet I can't help but love the simplicity and sleekness of it. Inside, there are three brow shades, a primer (wax), miniature tweezers and a small brush. I don't use either the tweezers or brush because they're too small but the brow products themselves? Great. The primer is different to any other brow wax I have but I always make sure to brush my brows before applying the powders. The brown shade is ideal for about 2/3 of my eyebrows, and the beige suits the front of my brows just to give a "gradient" effect. However, I don't use the black for my brows, but it would be perfect for an eyeshadow regardless.

Covershoot Cosmetics Contouring* - Never before had I owned a cream contour kit, so I guess it was fair to say I didn't know what to expect from it. I was glad to see that the contour shade was cooler than the bronzer shade so would create a shadow. I used my damp makeup sponge to blend it all out. I really like the natural look that the contour shade gives; the bronzer shade gives the perfect amount of warmth to your complexion; the highlight shade confuses me. I don't quite know what to use it for. I guess maybe concealer or highlighting the high points of your face, but it's not my favourite. Apart from that, I love this kit!

Covershoot Cosmetics Neon Palette* - most certainly the brightest eyeshadow quad I own for sure. I must admit, it is quite intimidating. I wasn't sure if I could pull off ANY of these colours at first, so I thought I'd give it a shot regardless. Not exactly my day to day palette, but ideal for Halloween or any party like that!

Covershoot Cosmetics Smoky Palette* - Greys aren't colours I tend to wear, but I was more than willing to try out this palette - there is something truly beautiful about these shadows. I was shocked by the pigmentation and it's fair to say that a few times, I used more shadow than required. One thing I can praise this palette for is the lack of fallout, which I'm extremely glad of. I've figured out one, simple eye look which requires two shadows from this palette and I receive SO many compliments on, and that is using the white shade (far right) all over the lid and the darkest colour (far left) on the outer corner and slightly into the crease then blend, blend, blend. It's my go-to eye look at the mo!

Covershoot Cosmetics Twist Pot* - this is perhaps one of the most convenient products I have ever owned, and should have owned long before now. Typically, when I remove my nail polish, I use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. Now, I use this twist pot. All you need to do it pop your finger in and twist, as the name would suggest. It removes every trace of nail polish even easier than I thought was possible. I would highly suggest getting one of these because I cannot believe or grasp how easy and quick this little pot is!

For the price, Covershoot Cosmetics have overwhelmed and surprised me. The quality is immense and they have a wide selection of products. I noticed that the products are stocked in Savers, and I couldn't help but notice they have a fan brush, so guess what's on the to-buy list?!

Have you tried Covershoot Cosmetics?

*PR Samples
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