Monday 29 September 2014

CK One Summer 2014 Perfume♥

A few months ago, my cousin had the CK one Summer 2014 perfume, so I smelt it and it was just amazing. I had had my eye on it for a couple of weeks at this point, and when I smelt it, I just HAD to get it! I've owned it now for about a month, therefore decided to share it with you all.

Like most CK fragrances, the box is pretty simple. I do believe it's a limited edition perfume - which is a reason I was desperate for it. Depending on the light, the box can look more blue or green, it has a metallic look to it.

With this fragrance, you have two options - a cap in which you can pour it out or a pump in which sprays it out. I only put both on to show, but I always prefer to use a pump. I just find it too fiddly and messy for a cap, as too much either pours out or it runs down your neck and wets your top.

I only paid £16 for it in Boots (Originally £32) but I don't think Boots are stocking it, but I just found it here in Fragrance Direct for £17.99 (Originally £32)

"Featuring refreshing top notes of grapefruit, lime and juicy melon, Calvin Klein CK One Summer is a sweet and icy scent. Combining heart notes of white freesia and Cyprus with sweet base notes of coconut water, cedar and crushed sugar."

This is definitely one of my favourite perfumes. The scent is gorgeous, unique and definitely a Summer fragrance.

To sum this up in one word, it would be either perfect or beautiful, as it's both of them!

I believe there's a new one out every year, as all the previous ones have different bottles, but I don't know if the scent is the same or if it changes each year.

This is not a disappointment, I love it and so do all my friends!

Monday 22 September 2014

Updated Skincare Routine ft Boots Essentials Skincare Products♥

In time of writing this, I am four views away from 4,100 views! That's crazy! Thank you all!

Also, before I start, I just want to point out that the background in the photos is different, it's all because the lighting was really bad in the other room so I've switched it up. Expect this to be the new background!

I was in need of some new skincare products as I had ran out. So when I happened to go shopping with Emma, we went into Boots, and I just happened to look at their skincare aisle, with the Boots essential range sitting right in front of me, I had a look. And somehow, they have ended up in my skincare routine!

These three products are the ones I decided to get. Initially, I was going to get a toner but left with more products. They are really inexpensive, £1.50 each, but I got them on the deal 3 for £3, which I believe is still currently running.

Firstly, I'm going to point out that it isn't full. That's because I bought them a week ago and have been trying them out. This is the "Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Wash". It's made for all skin types. There were two different facial washes - a fragrance free or a cucumber fragrance one. I wasn't a fan of the cucumber one so got this one. It's quite good, it's lathers up not bad and it's leave my skin feeling soft. I use this both in the morning and night.

I personally think a toner is essential in a skincare routine! This is the "Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Toner". I just sweep this around my face on a cotton pad, and it's great for picking up any missed make-up which may have been left behind on my face. It's very gentle on the skin. I only use this at night as I feel it isn't necessary to use in the mornings.

This little tub is my favourite of them all! The "Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Moisturising Cream". I adore this! It's slightly on the thicker side, but not too thick, and it ideal for the upcoming Winter months. My skin feels as soft as silk. It does not leave my skin feeling oily at all either. I use this twice a day - in the morning and at night.

That concludes my updated skincare routine, which was all Boots essentials products. I really do recommend them, as they all work wonders for your skin. They also have other products such as - facial wipes, eye make-up remover, facial scrub and many more, which are all available from

Monday 15 September 2014

N-Spa Bath and Shower Gel Review♥

Around Christmas time, I always get lots of body sets, as I love them! People know I'm into things like that, so I end up receiving some. Back in Christmas 2013, I received two of the N-Spa Bath and Shower Gels from my sister (very kind of her!) I never used to know this, but N-Spa actually stands for Nirvana Spa, interesting. 

Consider this tip : Use these as a bubble bath. You get great bubbles, and they smell gorgeous!

As you can see, they're actually both empty. I finished them last month (August), but kept them for this post as I knew I'd be doing a review on them. The bottles are quite large, both containing 500ml, which lasts forever. They can be used for two things : either body wash or bubble bath.

This one is the "Exotically Creamy Coconut" version. How amazing it smells, I literally can't describe. I do really like coconut scents though - most people do! It claims to be "Natural vitamins for your skin" as well as "Real fruit goodness".

The other one I have is the "Fresh Sweet Raspberry" version. Raspberry body wash isn't one I'd look for, in fact, I didn't think I'd use it much! Turns out it's so good, it's quite sweet but isn't overly sweet.

If you'd rather go in-store and smell them before purchase, I do know Asda always stocks them, they also have body butters, body mists, body scrubs, hair and shower gel and bath bombs. Right now at Asda, they have a 2 for £4 deal across their products, so go snatch them up whilst you can!

Monday 8 September 2014

My Make-up Collection - Lip Make-up Edition♥

It's the final post for my make-up collection! It seems like a while ago since I did my face make-up, it isn't that I find it boring, but I found this continuous post really fun! So, it's the "lips" make-up edition, and this is probably my favourite. I've bought a few more lip items since I did the face make-up, that's why I left this one until last, as I knew it'd probably grow... Oops! Anyway, I'm just going to get stuck right in and begin!

Lip Liners

I don't wear lip liner, I didn't own any. I had been on the hunt for one, preferably red, and I found this one for £1. It's the MUA lip liner in Red Drama. It's such a smooth application - perfect. All in all, for £1, you can't really complain.

I also bought this lip liner when I bought the one above. It's another MUA lip liner, in Pink Me Up. I haven't yet found a match for this lip liner yet, so if you know any matches, let me know! I've tried it out and it's pretty good for £1.


I don't wear lipgloss, but this one I really like. It's a Barry M one, but doesn't actually have a shade, all it says is limited edition, but there's more here, and cost £4.49. It's a really light pink with some sparkles in it, perfect for any girly girl, correct? It's so pretty, and smells great too, bonus! 

This little Lipsy lipgloss is great for whenever I need a quick, clear lipgloss. Again, it doesn't have a shade! I was obsessed with it, then forgot about it, and started using it recently. It's kind of moisturising, and has a good scent.

Lip Stains

I had heard about the mega-raved Revlon Moisture Stains, and was desperate to try them, so I picked one up. Mine is in the shade Barcelona Nights. These cost £7.99 originally, but are reduced to £5.99 in Superdrug. It's such a pretty pink colour. At first, I thought "Oh God, this is so watery!" but you just apply a second coat and it's good to go. I even ate with it and stayed on - great staying power!

Lip Balms

A few months ago, I purchased one of these as I was very intrigued by them (I know, I was quite late to jump on the bandwagon, my baddd!). It's the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Stain - What a name! I purchased the shade Vivacious, costing £5.99. It's a gorgeous pink, which is just amazing for the summer time. You can make it very subtle or build up a vibrant colour. If you've been reading my blogs for a while, you might have remembered this being featured in my July haul.

I guess you could say this product is extremely similar to the previous, as it is! Except, this is the MUA Power Pout in Broken Hearted. These only cost £3, so are super cheap. I was obsessed with this at first - swear it was like my holy grail at the time! I do occasionally use it, but not as much as I used to.

My newest favourite lip balm. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop. I LOVE this product. I previous had another lip butter in Cotton Candy, but now I regret it as I don't suit it (Why did I even buy it...?) They cost £7.99 each, but they're so so pretty! You can't see from the photo, but it has wee bits of glitter in it, how cute?!

Lip Stick

If you're a regular reader, you'll recognise this. It's an Avon lipstick in Doll Pink. I cannot find it on their website, sadly. It looks quite scary in the tube, but it's lovely on. People might think "That's Barbie pink!" But trust me, it isn't! I think it cost around £3 but I got it when it was on a deal, 2 for £4.

Sticking with the Avon lipsticks, as I adore them, this next one is in Kissable. Either I can't find it on their website, or it isn't working. This is my favourite red, oh my! It's highly pigmented, with adorable packaging. I bought this with the lipstick above as it was in the 2 for £4. 

My third and final lipstick from Avon is in Jungle Fever. I, yet again, can't find this on their website. Maybe I'm looking wrong? But it's a red-orange lipstick. I got this for I believe £1.50 as it was in their sale. I've been experimenting with it, and so far it's quite cool.

Photo doesn't give the swatch it's justice, but this is a pink lipstick from Body Collections. Decent lipstick, don't really reach for it, but good enough pigment.

This is another lipstick from Body Collections, and it's a dark red. Kind of annoying that they don't have names.. But quite a nice red for winter though, really smooth application.

Bright red lipstick from Body Collection. I used to love this, it was my favourite red lipstick, until I discovered the Avon one (above). It still is nice to wear, just not the biggest fan of the Body Collection lipstick packaging..

Regular reader? Maybe remember this product? It's the Revlon Ultimate Suede lipstick in Trendsetter. I guess it's both a lipstick and stain in one as it barely budges, but applies like a lipstick. Such a great product for £8.99. It looks like a bright red, but it's a bit darker than your average red.

Scary lipstick alert!! Yes, it is the MUA lipstick in Nectar. It's an orange lipstick. Looks like a peach on the website, but it's brighter. It's great for £1, really should check it out, as you won't be disappointed.

Nearly there! This is the Maybelline Color sensational in Hot Plum. How pretty this is is beyond me! In the photo, it looks pinky, but I'd say it's more purple. It's pigmented, smooth and long-lasting. Costs £6.99 and glad I got it.

Finally, I have the Maybelline Color Sensational in Shocking Coral. The name suits it perfectly, it IS a shocking coral. I don't own any "corals" so this fits perfectly into my collection. The packaging is sleek and simple, yet I really like it - makes it easy for me to find! As above, it costs £6.99, but the smoothness and colour pay-off is amazing.

Wooww, long post, sorry about that! Hope you've taken in some recommendations and will go swatches these and maybe buy them!

Monday 1 September 2014

My Make-up Collection - Eye Make-up Edition♥

Firstly, I apologise if any of the lighting in these photos are bad - I took them different days as some accidently got deleted the first day, and the lighting wasn't as good as it was the previous day!

As part of the continuous make-up collection posts, this is the second one, which is my eye make-up. I'd say I have a reasonable amount of eye make-up. I've bought everything, apart from the Barry M "Natural Glow" eyeshadow palette, as I got this for my birthday. Anyway, enough from me, and I'll start on my collection.


My first eyeliner I have is the Ps.. Love felt eye liner pen. I purchased this from Primark for £1.50, as my first liquid eyeliner, hence the fact I cannot do liquid eyeliner, I figured it'd be good to buy a cheap one to experiment with. It's decent - it does the job!

Secondly, I have the MUA "Intense colour" eye liner in "Snow White". I really wanted to try out a white eyeliner, and when I saw this was only £1 here, I thought it'd buy it and give it a shot. It's extremely creamy, glides on really well and is definitely white - not like a cream colour!

Finally for this category, I have the MUA "Intense glitter" eye liner in "Starry Night". I wasn't in need of a black eyeliner, but since I was at the MUA section, I decided to get this as it was only £1 here. It does however, have glitter throughout it, so be careful not to get it in your eye - it is NOT pleasant!! Besides that, it's so smooth and glides on really easily.


This mascara, oh god! It's the Maybelline "Big Eyes" mascara. I had had my eye on this for a while, mainly because it had two wands, I thought it was cool. The brush on the right is the "Upper wand", with the one on the left being the "Lower wand". Personally, I use both on my eye lashes - upper wand first and then the lower wand on top. Overall, a good mascara, would recommend and I only paid £5.99 for it, but is usually £8.99 here.

If you've read my blog for a while now, you might be familiar with this mascara. It's the Rimmel Kate Moss "Eye Rock" mascara in "004 Jet Black". Back in the day, I raved about this mascara, I loved it (You can read the blog post about it here) But recently failed to impress me, therefore bought a new one (above). My lashes look great at first, then clump so badly, making me look like I have about five eyelashes. I am so glad I only payed £5.99, instead of the whole £7.49, which you'd pay here. Maybe it's a good enough mascara for someone else though!


This palette is the Barry M "Summer Love" shadow and glow palette. It includes six eyeshadows, and a highlighter. The highlighter is the bottom colour in the swatches above. It's quite shimmery, which means I can't pull it off but maybe someone else could. The six eyeshadows are all really pretty. Some give off better pigmentation that others, and are definitely more wearable than a few. I bought this for £6.49 here. Definitely recommend this as it's a great palette for the Summer time!

My second palette is also a Barry M, with this one being the "Natural Glow" shadow and blush palette. Mega throwback to when I started my blog, I wrote a review on it as my very first post (You can view it here). Whenever I wear eyeshadow, this is the palette I always reach for. The blush (bottom colour on the swatches) is very natural and light, but I never wear it. I really like the matte brown, which is the third from the top. I got this for my birthday, which originally costs £6.49 here. Definitely a great buy for someone who's new to make-up!

I wasn't sure whether this should be considered as an eyeshadow but ah well. It's the Maybelline "24 hour Color Tattoo" in "35 On and On Bronze." This is soo pretty, very creamy and highly pigmented. Of course you can tone it down. It can be used as a eyeshadow base or just eyeshadow, but I usually use it for both. In my opinion, it was the most natural, mainly the reason for buying it. You can buy it for £4.99 here.

That's my whole eye make-up collection. I don't have too many items, thought I'd like to increase it soon. All products are drugstore, as is all my make-up. Any questions? Leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you. 100% my honest opinion.

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