Monday 31 July 2017

The Easiest Brow Pencil Ever♥

Not so long ago (probably longer than I actually think it is), Benefit released their totally new look, revamped brow range, and the beauty world went INSANE, quite literally. In all fairness, I was quite excited about the launch even though I initially wasn't going to buy anything (this was before I used any brow products). The quirky packaging, cute names and high quality products were sure to catch anyone's heart. On Twitter, there are often links to where you can claim free products from time to time (it's called SoPost) and one time, the product up for grabs was the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil.

As the name would suggest, it's legit goof proof - it's so simple to use that you could not possibly make a mistake. Unlike other eyebrow pencils I have, this is more angled as opposed to pointed, and I think that I prefer it being angled because it's easier to use, not to mention quicker too! The formula is creamy yet doesn't smudge down your face, and blends smoothly if required. I have really annoying eyebrows - they enjoy moving out of place throughout the day no matter what - but I find it incredibly easy to do my brows using this, it takes almost no time and always looks fab, and I'm not exactly a brow professional. Due to the angled tip, it makes it straight forward to achieve your desired brow shape.

I have the miniature size and it has lasted quite a good while, so I could only imagine the full size lasting a while. There are 6 shades to choose from; I'm sure mine is shade 3 and it matches pretty well, not too dark nor light. For a brow beginner, or someone who doesn't like their brows looking too bold, I suggest you look into this pencil - it's fab!

You can find the miniature size here.

Have you ever tried this brow pencil?

Thursday 27 July 2017

My Skin's Heroes♥*

Skincare has literally taken over makeup for me at the moment. I have no clue why, but I've been slacking in the makeup department but prioritising skincare, but then again, you need a good skincare routine in order to achieve clear skin, which creates an ideal, blank canvas for your makeup. When I try out new skincare products, I try them out for a long period of time to give them time to work with my skin and find out what works, or doesn't, with my skin. A while back, Bravura London* got in contact with me about trying out their skincare range. When I looked on their website, I couldn't resist their products - look how professional and expensive looking the packaging is! The wonderful Hannah (the PR who emailed me) was fantastic and helped pick out products which are perfect for oily skin.

Bravura London was established back in 2003 and was the first brand to create chemical peels (more to come on that further in the post!) Their products are not tested on animals (yayy!) and are suitable for vegans too. I have found that their products are delivered to a high standard, and this is perhaps why I adore them, along with many other customers.

Azulene Moisturiser* - can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that the moisturiser itself is blue? How cool is that! The word "azul" in Spanish means blue, hence the colour, but also because the compound azulene is dark blue in colour too. As soon as I seen this little tub, I could not wait to dive right into it and give it a shot. Little did I know how easily I would fall in love with it. The formula is quite thin and feels cool and soothing on the skin, of which my skin absorbs, feeling refreshed and hydrated. It is designed for all skin types, including sensitive, combination, normal and oily, so I have no problem using this. I couldn't say there was any sort of strong, overwhelming scent but even if there was, it wouldn't put me off the product. My skin feels incredible after using; irresistibly smooth, not to mention healthy too. I use it both in the morning and in the evening to allow the moisturiser to work it's magic on my skin. Sometimes moisturisers can feel heavy and greasy on my oily skin but I haven't experienced this once using this one, so for me, this moisturiser is a winner.

Revitalising Ginseng Toner* - Oh how I love toner! It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and cleansed to the max. This toner has a pH of 4.5 and helps to even out your skin's own pH level following cleansing etc, and before any further treatments. I have discovered that there is a scent - I'm not the biggest fan ever - but I can look past this because it works well with my skin, and it's alcohol free too. I use this after cleansing and before moisturising just to ensure that there is no excess dirt or makeup (if any is worn!) trapped beneath my skin. Some toners can be quite strong and harsh, but this is quite gentle on my skin, and I haven't experienced any break outs using it - in my books, it deserves praise for this! After using, my skin feels so clean you would think I've had a luxury facial. I find that I don't need to use a lot of this on my cotton pad, meaning it will last me a while! I also believe that this is a dupe for the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic as they both contain the same ingredients, but saving you a couple of pennies!

First Cleanse Oil* - I've used various cleansers in the past but never had I tried an oil based one. I felt weird using it at first because the formula was quite runny, but that was expected to be due to the oil. I only need to use two pumps for my face, I simply rub it in and then wash it off using warm water. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy after use, it actually feels hydrated and silky soft. It leaves a sort of "glowing" effect on my skin, and it doesn't clog up my pores either. I use it regardless of having oily skin because it doesn't do any harm to use it. It can be used to remove makeup, and I was quite impressed by how simple it was to use and how easily it removed every last trace of makeup - even mascara! Typically, I use it in the evening every day but it can be used in the morning too, and I believe that it would help to "wake up" the skin. Since using, I haven't suffered any breakouts at all!

Salicylic Acid* - I'm not going to lie, I was kind of intimidated and scared by the bottle at first. Going back to a previous reference to a chemical peel, this is exactly what I was talking about. The product is simply applied to the area of your concern - whether that be acne, blackheads, blocked pores etc - and then wash off. Having the word "acid" in it's name makes it sound much scarier than it actually is, but trust me, it's a skincare miracle in a bottle. I only use it once a week, and I find it to be pretty damn impressive. After such a short use, I can already see a vast improvement on my t-zone - it's basically helping to unblock and eradicate any of my main skincare concerns, ace. The pH of this acid is actually lower than the toner at pH 3. Whilst on my skin, it doesn't cause me any irritation whatsoever, whether that may be itchiness or redness. The acid is at a low concentration of 2% due to it being more effective at lower levels, however, it isn't advisable for people with sensitive skin just incase, but, you can find out more about it on the Bravura website.

When Bravura first contacted me, in typical beauty blogger style, I instantly did my research and read numerous blog reviews on the products, all of which spoke rather highly of them, so you could imagine my expectations for them. I can only say that I have not been let down by these products in the slightest. I adore the simplicity of the packaging, and their glass bottles make them appear more expensive. My favourite part is that the brand caters for everyone as there are products designed for each skin type so you are guaranteed to find something that works with your skin! Their products are of such a high quality and I'm so happy to include them in my skincare routine - who knows, I might even end up buying some more!

Again, thank you to Bravura London and their PR Hannah for helping select these products for me - you're the best! (PS I believe that if you contact the brand themselves they will be able to find some products that will suit your skin!)

Have you ever tried Bravura London skincare?

*PR Samples

Monday 24 July 2017

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette♥

"blusher (blʌʃə/) - noun: a cosmetic of a powder or cream consistency used to give a warm colour to the cheeks." A product that I own a few of but don't tend to use that often. I genuinely don't know why, I just very rarely ever reach for it. I bought the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice purposely, because I wanted to try and use blush more. I did want the Sugar and Spice palette, but they were all out of stock once again! 

The palette contains 8 powders; 6 which are blush, and 2 which are highlighters. The blushes are all of a different variety of shades, from pinks to peaches and dusty rose shades. Although I don't tend to go for the bright pink shades (bit too Barbie-like on my pale complexion), I can comment that they are quite pigmented. There is a mix of both matte shades and shimmer shades so you can alternate depending on what you fancy - there are three matte as well as three shimmers (50/50 split). I believe that there is a shade that will compliment near enough any type of makeup look in this palette. As for the highlighters; well I adore them. The marble-white highlighter is perhaps my favourite out of the two because it suits me best. It's quite blinding, but as you know, that's how I like my highlight to be. The marble-pink highlighter is obviously pink toned but is a little harder to pull off, as it all depends on the makeup look you go for. I think that the highlighters are more pigmented than the blushes, but they certainly are buildable.

The packaging is similar to all other makeup revolution palettes - the shiny black case with a large mirror. I think it looks classy and professional, and the plastic doesn't feel overly cheap or tacky. As the blushes and highlighters are powders, I often feel that I end up with powder all of the mirror so it has the tendency to end up dirty but I guess that this isn't too much of a problem. It doesn't contain any brushes, nor have a brush slot, but once again, this isn't too much of a problem.

For a low price tag of £6, I think this is a pretty good deal - it equals up to 75p per item in the palette. In my opinion, this palette would be perfect for people just starting out with blush, or makeup, or if you prefer quite a light blush that isn't too striking. Makeup Revolution have now released cream blush palettes so if cream blushes are more down your alley, then perhaps check those out!

Have you tried this blush palette? What's your opinion?

Thursday 20 July 2017

Crabtree and Evelyn Have Done It Again♥️*

In my experience, I have used many body lotions, some of which are too greasy and thick, whilst others are too thin and watery - it is tricky to ace the right formula to suit everyone's preference. Then I was introduced to Crabtree and Evelyn's Old World Jasmine Body Lotion* and it wasn't before long that I converted to using this as my current body lotion. I must admit - it's possibly an ideal summer body lotion due to it's formula.

If there's one thing I hate about body lotions, it's those that come in tube packaging. I just hate it, I find it awkward and annoying to actually get the product out. That's why I really like the design of this product because it has a pump, meaning you are able to use the required amount of lotion without using too much and wasting it. As the scent is "old world Jasmine", you can definitely notice the distinct floral notes in the scent, and it's not overpowering, in fact, it's quite light and delicate. I do however think that it could be a bit too much for sensitive skin so you must be wary before purchasing if you have sensitive skin. Once your skin has absorbed the lotion though, I don't think that the scent is overly noticeable - I couldn't say I have ever noticed it anyway.

Now, the real question - what's the formula like? I do think Crabtree have smashed this one. It certainly isn't watery nor is it thick, it's just in the middle. A small amount goes a long way for sure, and if that doesn't prove anything, I don't know what will. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy either, it just feels smooth and hydrated. Lately, I've had some dry patches on my arms and I've used this lotion and I can truthfully say that it has helped clear them up. My skin also absorbs the lotion quite quickly, and I put this down to the fact that the formula isn't overly thick. It's one of those lotions that you could pop on and go as you don't need to wait around for a while waiting for it to dry.

The body lotion is described as being a luxurious hydrating body lotion, and it most certainly is. For £24, you get a 300ml bottle WITH a pump. For the size of it, and how little you need to use, I know for a fact this bottle will last me a while.

Have you ever tried this body lotion?

*PR Samples

Monday 17 July 2017

Kate Moss Lipsticks♥

In all honesty, I feel that there aren't many drugstore lipsticks I haven't tried, especially a while back when lipsticks were my weakness. Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick range is highly hyped about, especially shade 107 and her new nude range (of which I'm yet to try) but I have two lipsticks which I have been impressed with, in terms of formula, colour and wear.

13; I feel that this one is right out of my comfort zone for sure because it's so vibrant and vivid. Ideally, it's more wearable in the Summer due to it being bright, and I associate the colour with the Summer. As it's such a bold and dominant shade, I find that it's easier to wear with a minimal/no eye makeup look, so that the focus of the makeup look is purely on this lipstick, and I know that it's sure to make an entrance! Due to being so bold however, you need to be really precise with application - a steady hand is essential to get that crisp line around the lips.

02; I was initially swaying towards this being a Winter shade due to it's berry tones, however, I'm now believing it could be worn in the Summer because it's quite a "bright" berry. Many of the berry shades I own are quite dark, but this one is intense and bold. Unlike the previous lipstick, this one is more versatile as it can be paired with an eye look but doesn't appear too much. It can be worn as it's true, bright self, or toned down by using less colour and blending it out more. Either way, it's a stunning shade.

The formula of these lipsticks are creamy but I haven't found there to be any issue of smudging. The Kate Moss lipstick range is forever expanding, therefore there it is guaranteed that there is something for everyone, and the shades will accommodate each and every one's skin tone.

I think I want to invest in the nude range simply because they look so easy to pull off (and the packaging is aesthetically pleasing!). 

Have you tried any Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks? If so, which shade(s) do you recommend?

Thursday 13 July 2017

Meet The Mr♥️*

I first met The Mr when I came home one day to find he had made it through my letter box (I hope I didn't catch you out too much on the title haha!) Lancôme have done it again with their Monsieur Big Mascara* which I was really excited to try. It was the first Lancôme mascara I had ever tried, and as had "big" in it's title, I initially knew it was going to be a mega voluminous mascara - I'm typically a lengthening mascara gal so I put it to the test.

I think that the black and pink packaging appears chic and clean yet also smart and sleek, I do really like it. Although it's basic, I like the colours together, they work well even if they do contrast slightly. It's actually quite a thick and chunky tube, making it easy to identify. In my opinion, as the tube is quite big, it makes you instantly aware that it's a voluminous mascara - anyone else agree?

Now for the exciting part - the wand! Going by it's name, I was expecting quite a "fat" wand because it is a voluminous mascara. By no means is the wand long and thin, but it is wider than my usual mascara wands, yet it's nothing intimidating at all. The wand is made up of plastic bristles which are similar in size and length. I normally curl my lashes beforehand and when I apply this mascara, my lashes look huge, voluminous and bold, almost as if they were false lashes. Regardless of whether or not I use my lash curler, it does create a lot of volume, and really opens up my eyes. It really helps to emphasise my natural lashes as it manages to grip onto every last lash to coat them in mascara.
 In terms of removing, I remove it with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and I have no problems with removing every last trace. It's a mascara that's suitable enough to wear during the day, creating a natural look, or can wear in the evening as it layers effectively enough to create a dramatic effect.

I really must admit that I've been impressed by this mascara as I've been happy with the results. I tend to prefer lengthening mascaras as I've previously mentioned but I would say that this mascara is among one of my favourite voluminous mascaras. Whether you have naturally long lashes or short, little lashes, I am confident that this mascara would work for you.

Have you tried this mascara? How did you get on with it?

*PR Samples

Monday 10 July 2017

The £1 Concealer That Took Me By Surprise♥

Stick concealers definitely do not receive the hype they deserve. Rewind maybe 10 years ago and they were all that everyone used. For some odd, unknown reason, I stopped using stick concealers and had switched to concealers that had a doe foot applicator. However, recently I bought the MUA Hide & Conceal Stick to take on my holidays. Being only £1, I didn't expect too much, but in actual fact, I was blown away by it!

I went for the shade "Fair", simply because I'm pale but also for the illusion that under my eyes are brighter and that I look more awake. Turns out that it matches me pretty well and doesn't look too bad with a tan either I discovered. Considering I brought this concealer with me to a pretty warm climate, I was impressed that it never melted - I was expecting to take the lid off and the whole concealer had melted inside haah! For stick concealers, and any concealer in general, my preference to blend it is by using a damp beauty sponge, and boy does that work a treat with this little gem.

The formula of the concealer is uber creamy, it blends out effortlessly and flawlessly, concealing any imperfections without a hassle. A little goes a long way with regards to this concealer, meaning it will last a long period of time. I can't get over how good the coverage is for the price - it works amazingly on those dark under eye circles! I haven't tried it out on spots because I don't like to cover them with makeup but I still believe it'd work well! My only criticism with this concealer is that it does have the tendency to crease under the eyes so it's important that you set it with some powder to avoid this happening.

Honestly, I cannot recommend this concealer enough, especially for the price! It was one of those bought on a whim because I was needing a cheap stick concealer for holidays but turned out to be one of the best I've ever tried. Without a doubt, I would repurchase this again!

Have you tried this concealer?

Thursday 6 July 2017

Lancôme Matte Shaker♥️*

If you can rewind your mind back to last Spring, every blogger (including myself) was going mad for the Lancôme Juicy Shakers, of which I was in love with too (read my review here). Since then, Lancôme have expanded their delightful range even further, introducing a Matte Shaker*. When two beautiful shades arrived at my door, I couldn't have been more excited, not only because of the colours but also the idea that they are a matte formula.

Much like the original shaker range, the packaging is practically identical - the only difference is that the cap is black as opposed to the previous silver. I think that they resemble nail polish bottles purely because of the way the colour of the lipstick is exposed. Personally, I think that they look sleek and smart, not to mention quite cute too! They are an oil-based formula, and people often worry that the colour pay off will be weak, however, it's actually the opposite - they ooze pigmentation.

Yummy Pink*: I was curious to how bright this would be because on my first glance, I thought it was a "Barbie pink" and was wary of it. It turns out to be more subtle than the tube portrays it to be. When first applied, it feels "wet" on the lips, not tacky, but after a few minutes, it begins to dry. By no means does it feel drying at all, which can always be a worry with a matte lip product. I believe that it's a pink that could be worn on a daily basis if toned down, or ideal for wearing out due to being quite bright. Although it's quite a bold shade, it's definitely not too striking or overwhelming to wear, and it's sure to suit a wide range of skin tones - I'm quite pale and it doesn't make me look ghostly white.

As you can see, it's quite a light but pretty pink which is easy to pull off. Here, I have a simple makeup look and I feel that the lip colour just completes the whole look.

Red'y In 5*: Ah, a classic red, what more could I ask for? It has a bright colour pay off, but it is quite hard to apply because it's bold, and the formula is quite thick to an extent. I use a lip liner to make my life easier and sharpen up the edges of my lip. I cannot believe how pigmented it is - honestly, a small amount goes the longest way ever, you'd never guess that it was a liquid lipstick. With some liquid lipsticks, the colour changed once it dries, however, with this one, the colour remains the same, which I'm ever so glad of if I'm honest. It's certainly a striking red, not one of the more subtle shades.

Yes, I have very subtle eye makeup on - that's because I knew I wanted to pair it with a red lip, and this shaker is quite bright and bold. I don't know about you, but I love it.

I love the matte range of these shakers just as much as I loved the original. To compare and contrast them, I do think that the original range is more "oily" as opposed to the matte range, but this may be down to the whole idea of being matte. Both ranges have a wide variety of shades to choose from (the matte has a total of 7), so there's a little something for everyone! Not to mention how lightweight these feel on the lips, you almost forget that you're even wearing anything!

Have you tried the new matte shakers? How did you get on with them?

*PR Samples

Monday 3 July 2017

Achieve A Summer Glow All Year Round With Dove♥️

Fake tan is not really an area which I often talk about, mainly because I don't use them as I'm so ghostly pale I'd look stupid with tan (truly blessed being Scottish). On the odd few occasions where I'm dressed up fancy and need a bit of a tan to look less ghostly, I use the Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Gradual Tanning Body Lotion for fair to medium skin, you know, just for that summer glow.

 I first used this lotion a few years back and I was really impressed by it. It comes out looking like an ordinary lotion due to being white in colour, and this does mean that it's hard to see whether or not you have applied it evenly, which is potentially the only downfall. It has quite a thin consistency but it is not runny in any way at all. There is a strong, distinctive smell, but it is one which is rather pleasant as opposed to the typical fake tan smell (which I despise). After applying, you must give it time to sink into the skin, or else you will feel greasy and sticky; I usually apply in the evenings when going into my jammas so that they are light against my skin. Unlike other fake tans, it doesn't end up all over your clothes, leaving that dreaded orange streaks that everyone hates, especially if you go shopping and try on white clothes (PET HATE!!)

The best part about this tan is that it's a body lotion, meaning that not only will it leave your skin with a natural glow but also moisturise your skin at the same time so it's a win win situation really. For me, my skin really gets on with this lotion and I am able to see the tan beginning to show within 1 to 2 uses. I have the lotion for fair to medium skin, although you can invest in the medium to dark skin lotion here.

This lotion is definitely a fake tan that I will return to many times. It doesn't appear orange toned in the slightest which I know many fake tans can do. It has a pleasant scent, moisturises my skin AND leaves me with a summer glow - who could resist it?!

Will you be swapping your usual fake tan for this one any time soon?

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