Monday 23 February 2015

My Top 3 Drugstore Mascaras♥

I've forever been a massive lover of mascara - I still am and probably always will be! I own multiple mascaras, simply because I'm not satisfied with just one, I love experimenting with different mascaras. I don't think I could ever settle for one..

I've tried many drugstore mascaras in the past, some I've loved, some I've hated and some which I've had a love-hate relationship with. In my collection today, I've found three which have impressed me, all from the drugstore, which I recommend. You can find all three of these in Boots.

First up is a mascara which was raved about here in the blogging world at it's release. It's the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara and mine is in the shade black. I'm not the biggest fan of the upper brush, as sometimes it can go clumpy. However, I love the lower brush (pictured above). I often use it on my upper lashes as it adds a lot of length! If you use the lower brush, the mascara is definitely true to it's name!

Next up is the Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara and mine is in the shade glam black. The wand is insane - it's guaranteed to give a lot of volume! Sometimes, too much mascara is on the wand, meaning it can go clumpy, so, I wipe off any excess onto the tube. If you prefer volume over length, I would recommend this! I personally like to brush through my eyelashes after applying this mascara, it gives a feathered out look. 

My final one is No.7 Lash Impact Mascara and mine doesn't have a shade but it's just black. I was a little unsure of this at first, as the wand is quite different to what I was used to. After testing it out for a while, I decided I loved it! Again, I'm always afraid in case it makes my lashes clumpy, so I wipe it, and my lashes look long and more voluminous too! I know some people mightn't class this as drugstore, but it's available in Boots, and is only £10!

What are your favourite mascara(s) that you would recommend?

Monday 16 February 2015

The Body Shop Haul♥

Being a fan of The Body Shop, I am forever browsing their website. A few weeks ago, I went onto their website, and it came up they had a sale on plus 40% off, so, I took the advantage and ordered some stuff. Least to say, I was super excited for it to come.

Since I don't own many of their products, as I ran out of them, I thought this would be ideal, and it's a good variety of products. It's a Christmas gift set, which is their "Coconut Festive Picks". It included a body wash, body scrub, body butter, bar of soap and a body puff. One word to describe this scent? Delicious! I'd never tried a body scrub from The Body Shop, but I was extremely happy with this little one. This set is originally £17, but with the sale and discount, it only came to £7.20.

I'm a big fan of the lip butters, and when I saw this little gift set, I just had to get it! Whenever I go shopping, and there's a Body Shop, I go in and just smell all the scents, because I love them, so I knew what to expect, scent wise. I love the lip balm - it's not greasy at all, in fact, it's quite moisturising. The body butter is wonderful, it makes your skin feel so smooth. Originally, this set was £7, but I got it for only £3.

As if I don't already own enough body washes, I got another. I got the "Brazil Nut Shower Cream". Oh my god, can we just talk about the smell of this?! It literally smells like caramel in a bottle, it smells phenomenal! It's 250ml, and I only paid £1.20 for it instead of £4, which is an absolute bargain! I can't find any of the "Brazil Nut" collection on their website, can anyone tell me in the comments if it's discontinued?

Every time, without fail, when I went into the Body Shop, I was always curious by this little bottle. It's the "Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil". It's suitable for hair and skin, so I thought I'd give it a go. I've used it on my skin, and it left it feels silky smooth, not oily at all! Originally, this costs £9.00 for 100ml, yet I only paid £2.70.

Like I've said, I had never tried a body scrub. I got one, as I'd wanted to get one for ages, and I also love the smell of their raspberry products. I picked out the "Raspberry Body Scrub". This actually looks like a tub of jam, but it works wonders on your skin! My skin was left feeling super afterwards. The smell is fabulous, so fruity yet I adore it. Usually these are £13, but I got mine for a total steal of £3.90!

Because I'd spent over a certain price, I got a free product. I got the "Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream". The packaging is a little unappealing, it looks a bit like acrylic paint. However, I love the smell of it! It's different, but nice. It works really well for dry hands, or just for hydrating hands in general. Like I said, I got it for free, but to buy it, it costs £5 (30 ml) or £11 (100ml).

What's your favourite product from The Body Shop that you recommend I try?

Monday 9 February 2015

OOTD : Snowy Days♥

Jacket - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Top - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M

Monday 2 February 2015

Worth The Hype? - Lush Bath Bombs♥

In the blogging world, Lush is a company which is raved about non-stop! It's particularly popular around Halloween/Christmas time and Valentines as they bring out a limited edition collection. I decided to treat myself to a gift set from Lush after Christmas, as I was browsing in Lush and happened to have found some gift sets, which, were all half price! I just had to get a set!

My set I bought was called Best Wishes, which included two bath bombs and a body wash. The bath bombs always have such good ratings, yet I'd never tried them!

I happened to have used the "So White" bath bomb the other day, and it's sadly limited edition! I wasn't expecting much to happen, as it was basically just a plain, white bath bomb. Once it hit the water and started to explode, I was so intrigued! 

As the photo above shows, there's pink in the water, perfect! Inside the bath bomb was hints of pink, so I was totally up for a pink bath, obviously!

I managed to get the bath bomb on camera, only ten seconds or so. As you'll see, it fizzes in the bath for ages, mainly because it was such a large bath bomb!

I apologise for the noise of the running water, as I recorded this whilst the water was still running and couldn't find any way to mute the water!

Rate : 10/10!

After I came out the bath, my skin was extremely smooth! As it's not a bubble bar, it doesn't create any bubbles, but I did add some bubble bath in before the bath bomb.

I did also try "Cinders" which did smell amazing, however, I think I slightly prefer this bath bomb over it!

Do I recommend Lush bath bombs?

YES! I definitely wish to try more in the future, as well as their bubble bars.

Are they worth the hype?


What do you think of Lush bath bombs? Do you have any favourites that you'd recommend?

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