Monday 25 August 2014

My Make-up Collection - Face Make-up Edition♥

I know that I like reading blogs or watching YouTube videos of people's make-up collection, so I decided I would do a blog post on my collection. But, I thought it might be too long in one post, therefore I'm splitting it up. Anyway, this is my face make-up, with next week either being lips/eyes and either eyes/lips the following week (depending on what I do next week of course!)

I've bought most of the make-up in my collection. Some I've been given as a gift for Christmas/birthday etc. For my face make-up, I've bought it all, with my own money.

First things first, if you're going to wear full-face makeup (which I'll admit, I rarely wear a full face!), you'll start with foundation for coverage. I have the No.7 "Essentially Natural" foundation, in "Cool Vanilla". I'd say this is more of a BB cream, as it doesn't give much coverage in one layer, but is buildable. You can purchase this for £9.95 here.

I had been in such need for a new concealer and decided I'd give this a bash, it's the Maybelline "Fit Me!" concealer. Oh my god. I love this! It's so creamy, smooth and gives really good coverage for a concealer. I use this everyday, on any blemishes as well as my under eye circles and it's amazing. I got this in shade "20". I really recommend this for everyone, if you're in need of a concealer, grab this! You can purchase this for £5.99 here.

Finally, to finish my face make-up, I set it all with a pressed powder. I've had various different ones in the past, but this is probably my favourite. It's the Maybelline powder, also from their "Fit Me!" range. Mine is in the shade 220. This sets my make-up so well. It also hides any oil my face has, making it matte. It also comes with a compact mirror and sponge, but I just use my Jessup powder brush. Works wonders! You can purchase this for £5.99 here.

That's a quick wee look into my make-up collection. I don't have many face products, that's why it's the first post. Questions about any of the above? Leave them in the comments! Next upcoming two weeks will be linked to this, as I'll write about my eye make-up or lip make-up.

Monday 18 August 2014

The Body Shop - My Collection&Review♥

If you haven't smelt any of The Body Shop items, where have you been?! I adore them!
The reason why I decided to do a collection on my items, is because I did one for my Soap and Glory one here, and you seemed to enjoy it, so I figured I'd do another collection with a small review with it.

Body Washes

I have four in total, with two currently finished, but figured I'd keep them to show in this post. I have a mini and large of "Cranberry Joy" body wash. I felt that the consistency in the small bottle was slightly too runny for some odd reason? But the larger bottle was absolutely fine! Love the scent, it's so Christmassy and just smells so good. The "Gingerbread Man", I haven't yet used, as I dislike the scent very much so. My favourite though is the "Indian Night Jasmine" as it has the same name as me. Haha no, jokes, it just smells amazing, completely different to everything else!

Body Butters

These two actually match the mini body washes above, so have the same scent, therefore won't need to go into too much depth as I have already above. All I will say for now is that they're both really thick (which I like!) and moisturise your skin very well.

Body Mists

only own this one body mist, and I would like more if I'm honest! The scent is "Indian Night Jasmine" as I got it in a gift set from Jennifer (You have good taste in scent Jennifer ;)!) so it matches the body wash. I hate when you have a body spray and it doesn't spray out evenly, which this is the opposite of and sprays evenly!

Lip Butter

Completely different to the last few, but this is one of their lip butters from the "Chocomania" collection. In my opinion, it doesn't smell like chocolate! Though, it does still smell good, and leaves my lips soft, non greasy too. I really do love this!

I really do hope you'll nip into The Body Shop, or hop along onto their website and have a nosy around as everything smells amazing, and works amazing too. Any further information wanted about any of the mentioned products, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Monday 11 August 2014

Jessup Make-up Brushes Review♥

I had been in need of a new make-up brush set for a while now, in fact too long, none of my brushes were even a set! I had heard about the Jessup brushes for a wee while now, they were really raved about. So, I decided I'd buy them and give them a shot, as I got them on eBay for just about £12. I'd read that they were the dupe for the Sigma brushes, except a whole load cheaper.
I purchase the package with the eye brushes and face brushes, as I needed both. I was really happy when they came, as they were extremely soft. They took about 2 weeks to come, as they were shipped from China.

I thought the black and gold brushes were the nicest, they were my favourite. It comes with a concealer brush, a blush brush, brush for bronzer (not so much contouring but you could always try!) stippling brush for foundation and a powder brush. Personally, my favourite is the powder brush, as it's very soft and applies the product evenly which is good.

Again, since it was the same set, the eye brushes are also black and gold. There's a crease brush, fluffy angled brush, all over lid brush, and two blending brushes (Well that's what I'd use them for anyway.) I really like the crease brush, it blends it in really well.

Every brush picks up a lot of product, which I'd say is good. I don't wear blush or bronzer, but I have tried the brushes and they work well. I haven't yet tried the stippling brush as I don't tend to wear foundation, but will do when it's a special event. The concealer brush works perfectly, blends my concealer in brilliantly. Of course, the powder brush is my favourite as I wear powder on a daily basis therefore have used it the most.

The crease brush is my favourite as I like using it I guess? The all over lid brush works well as it distributes the eyeshadow great. I've used the fluffy angled brush to highlight and it works pretty good. The blending brushes work amazingly, and blends excellently.

I hope I've at least gave you plenty of information on each of the brushes. Obviously you can research more information, or ask me in the comments. I bought the brushes with my own money and gave my honest opinion, and I am really glad I purchased them.

To view the brushes and maybe buy them, click here

Monday 4 August 2014

Product Empties and Reviews - July 2014♥

Over the month of July, I decided to keep all my empties to share on my blog with you all. I actually finished way more than I thought I would! I had mixed products - some good but some bad. I've figured it'd be easier for me to split them into categories (e.g body washes, perfumes) so I'm just going to get right into it, and give you my 100% genuine review. I shall go left to right of products in the picture.



So...? Kiss Me - This perfume I did NOT like. The scent was too sweet, it was horrid. The scent didn't even last long on the skin - I wasn't able to smell it after an hour. I reckon it's okay for someone who's younger and looking for an inexpensive perfume, such as a 10 year old.
Beverly Hills Polo Club Classic - I really quite liked this perfume. The scent is completely different to all my other perfumes. My mum also had this and she loved it! I'd say though that I probably wouldn't buy it (I got given it).


Huggies Natural Care Wipes - I'm not really that fussy when it comes to wipes, it's only to remove my make-up so I just pick up the first ones I see! These were very gentle on the skin, and the scent was nice. I have had these before so they were a repurchase.

Clearasil All in 1 Wash and Mask - This was the first time I'd ever tried Clearasil, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty good - the smell of it was really nice. The texture was really lumpy and strange. It said it was for removing blackheads, which it sadly didn't do, but it left my skin feeling super soft.

Superdrug Cleansing Facial Wipes - One word - Hate! I did not like these one bit. Everytime I used them, my face started to sting or go red, so I had to rinse my face with cold water. Happily can say I will not be buying these again!

Body Lotions

Calvin Klein Eternity Body Lotion - I loved this body lotion! It was so moisturising. The smell was amazing - it's sweet but I like it. It isn't thick nor thin, the consistency is great! I would definitely repurchase this!

Sanctuary Spa Body Butter - Wow! I love this! The smell is gorgeous, and it's so moisturising - my skin feels soo soft. I got this at Christmas in a set from Amy, and I really want to repurchase this! If you've never smelt it, go smell it, promise it is not a let down!

Emporio Armani Diamonds Body Lotion - This was quite a good product. I love the smell of it - smells like the Diamonds perfume! It was quite thin, and it lasted forever. Only think I dislike is the packaging, it's just awkward to get out towards the end.

Ted Baker Woman Body Lotion - I got this body lotion with the "Woman" perfume at Christmas time. I really do like the smell, it's so feminine, but I hate that it's so watery, it put me off it. Sadly, I won't repurchase it because of how watery it is.

Body Scrubs

Ted Baker Butterfly Body Scrub - This product I actually re-discovered after a while. I wondered "Why haven't I finished this?" Which I then realised why. When you use a body scrub, you're skin is meant to feel scrubbed clean, right? This did the opposite. It clogged the pores and left a greasy finish. You had to use loads of body wash to clean it out. Let down by this as I love the rest of the collection.

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub - One word - perfection! I adored this scrub so much, it was extremely gentle on the skin, yet it still felt like you'd used a body scrub. Scent is amazing, skin felt unbelieveably soft afterwards, must I say I will definitely be buying this again soon once I've finished my current body scrub.

Body Washes

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash - This body wash is exceptional! Again, the scent is the same as the body scrub and butter (mentioned above). It's such a unique scent but I really like it. I have a feeling I may be buying more Sanctuary Spa products soon!

Bayliss and Harding Beauticology Strawberry Cupcake - Ew. The scent is disgusting! I hated it, way too sweet and doesn't even smell of strawberry cupcake, more like bubbles. It did create a lot of bubbles when used on a bath lily though. Shall not be using this again.

Boux Avenue White Jasmine Body Wash - I love the smell of this, not only because I have the same name as it, but it smells divine. It become really bubbly but you do need quite a lot of product, which means it doesn't last long (sadly).

Bayliss and Harding Body Wash - Is it bad that I was desperate to finish this? Just proves how bad it was, it made loads of bubbles but hated the smell. Ew, never again.

Bayliss and Harding Beauticology Cherry Cupcake - The smell was great, doesn't remind me of cherries though. It didn't lather up great at all, so I literally used up a whole bottle in once use. It was also very glittery which put me right off it.

I love... Mango and Papaya Body Wash - Loved this! The scent was so freshing, just so perfect! It also lathered up great and made my skin really soft. Will definitely want to get a bigger bottle next time.

That was a pretty long post, I apologise. I did use a lot of products as you can see, and tried to give you my honest opinion. I can't describe smells very well so I'd probably advise you to go and smell them yourself!

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