Sunday 21 April 2019

NYK1 Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum💕*

I guess I could say I'm fortunate to have naturally long eyelashes, and in terms of eyebrows, the individual hairs are also quite long too (which is a pain in the backside!) I'm always sketchy when it comes to hair growth products as I can't quite imagine them actually working. When an email landed in my inbox about reviewing the NKY1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum*, I figured I'd give it a bash. Previously, I've tried hair growth products and I did notice a reasonable difference, but in terms of eyelash and eyebrow growth, this would be a first.

Clearly, it's just a slim, silver tube, nothing too exciting. It's only 8ml, so I keep it in the box or else I would lose it. On my first use, I only used it on my eyebrows - I know it's designed for lashes, but I was afraid incase I was allergic to anything or ended up with an eye infection etc - whereas on my eyebrows, the worst thing that could happen is that it'd burn them off.. Anyways, it is recommended that you use it twice daily for best, maximum results, however I personally prefer to apply these sort of products in the evenings right before I go to sleep. According to their website, it is estimated to last 3 months, and although I've had it for a good few months, it did take me a while to get round to test it - I used it religiously for over a good month so I could write a thorough review. 

The brush is really thin, which makes it easier for precise applications. For the lashes, the website suggests you apply it like liquid eyeliner - of which would make most sense so that all lashes are treated, and the brush makes this ideal. Personally, I decided to trial it on my eyebrows, as I knew I'd see the change easier - I have dark eyebrows, so any "newbie hairs" that grow in post-waxing I know are guests which aren't welcome. Although the brush doesn't apply to much product, I tried my best to apply plenty - mainly focusing on the tails of my eyebrows as I wish for them to grow fuller. I applied it once daily for about a month solid to see the best results.

And, the outcome? I actually did notice a difference! For the first week or so, progress was slow, and was beginning to believe it was a gimmick. Nonetheless, I continued using the product to see if I got an outcome, of which I did. My eyebrows do grow fairly quickly anyways, but I feel that by using these, they grew in quicker, and more importantly, in the areas of which I want - I've tried growing out my eyebrows on numerous attempts, but it always fails as it results in thicker inner squares and thin tails, not exactly what I'm after.

After reading other reviews, people highly recommend that if you feel you have short, thin eyelashes, then this is the product for you! I know it has worked well on my eyebrows, so I have no doubt that it'd work just as well on eyelashes too. Although it is quite expensive (retails at £69.95 but currently on sale at £34.95), it does work and can assure you that you won't be wasting money in the slightest!


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