Monday 27 July 2015

GRWM : Surprise Birthday Party♥

On Saturday, I went to a surprise party. Since it was a party, I wanted to do a little extra for my makeup. I've also included a OOTN as well.

I kept the face natural and lips nude, but I went for bolder eyebrows and eye makeup.


Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 220 Natural Beige



Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige
Base - Fabulous 
Transition Crease Colour - Flawless
Crease colour - Friendly



Blush, Highlight and Bronzer - Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native


Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - New Look

I enjoyed doing a GRWM this way as it was different and I preferred doing it rather than just photographing the products I used. Would you maybe like to see another one in the future?

Monday 20 July 2015

Achieve Longer Hair With Lee Stafford♥*

Hair growth products always sound like a gimmick to me. How could they possibly work? Every time I see something that claims to grow your hair, I pass by it as I don't believe it. When I first saw these, I was curious to whether it actually worked. I gave it a shot and just had to share it with you.

If you want your hair to grow, surely you need clean, fresh locks to begin with! The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo* ensures you have clean hair and also creates a healthy scalp for your hair to grow. Not to mention does it leave your hair feeling amazing, but also smells gorgeous! The packaging is also great as it's pink, and it looks cute sitting with the rest of the Hair Growth collection.

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment* is the beauty of them all! This is the magic product that works, however, I cannot work out how it actually does it. After you've rinsed out your shampoo, you apply a handful of this throughout your hair from roots to tips and leave for five minutes. Not only does this help your hair grow, but it leaves your hair is such good condition. It's a treatment, therefore, is quite intense for your hair leaving it looking glossy and gorgeous. Every time you wash your hair, you use some of this treatment until you notice a difference, then continue using weekly to keep your hair maintained.

Once the treatment has been in for five minutes and is washed out, you condition as you usually would. The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner* works along side the shampoo to leave the scalp in good condition for your hair to want to grow. It's very creamy, and glides through your hair when applying. This leaves your hair feeling extra smooth and shiny after rinsed out. 

The scent of the whole Hair Growth collection smells identical. It honestly smells beautiful, and in fact, I've received complements from people saying my hair smells good (bonus!) But, the real question? Does this improve your hair length? I've noticed a difference in my hair, and I would genuinely say it has helped my hair! It isn't a gimmick product, and that's always a positive point!

Ever tried this miracle product? Will you be trying it now?

* PR samples

Monday 13 July 2015

Summer Holiday Lookbook 2015♥

On the 30th June I went on holiday to Torremolinos, which is just about 10 minutes away from Malaga. Whilst I was away, I stayed in Hotel Puente Real (which is a gorgeous hotel by the way!) and whilst being here, I took advantage of the fact there was a beautiful beach right across the road and decided to put together a lookbook of what I wore every evening during the week I was away.

Night 1

Top - Forever 21
Bandeau - New Look
Shorts - Golddigga - Sports Direct
Sandals - Tesco
Bag - Shoe Zone (Same each night)

Night 2

Top - Stradivarius
Shorts - Golddigga - Sports Direct
Shoes - Shoe Zone (Same each night)
Sunglasses - Primark (Same each night)

Night 3

Top - Stradivarius
Shorts - Internacionale 

Night 4
Dress - Primark

Night 5
Top - New Look
Skirt - H&M

Night 6
Top - Primark
Shorts - Primark

Night 7
Top - New Look
Shorts - Golddigga - Sports Direct

I think either night 3, 5, 6 or 7 were my favourite outfits! Which night's outfit is your favourite? Let me know!

Monday 6 July 2015

Favourite Summer Perfumes 2015♥

I love perfume, and there's no doubt about that. I currently own way too many, yet still continue to buy them. Majority of them smell gorgeous, and their bottles are normally stunning too. Whenever I end up in Boots, Debenhams or Superdrug, I always end up smelling perfumes. I decided to pick out just five perfumes to share with you as my Summer scents for Summer 2015 (and trust me, it was hard to narrow it down to just five).

Starting with my newest perfume, Vera Wang Princess. Firstly, can we talk about the cute heart shaped bottle?! The scent itself is very fruity. It's extremely feminine and young. It's meant to make you feel like a princess! It may be fruity, but, it is sweet too. To sum it up in three words : sweet, girly and fresh.

The Top Notes: Water Lily, Apple, Fresh and Sweet Mandarin and Apricot.
The Heart Notes: Exotic Guava, Tiare Flower, Tuberose and a hint of Dark Chocolate.
The Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber and Wood.

Next up, CK One Summer 2014. This was Calvin Klein's perfume for Summer 2014. I grabbed it quickly in August as it was reduced and I really wanted it! The scent is unisex, yet I adore it. It smells like Summer in a bottle; refreshing and cool. It comes with an optional top - you can either us it as a spray, or, pour it on. Personally, I prefer a spray.

The Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lime and Melon.
The Heart Notes: White Freesia and Cyprus.
The Base Notes: Coconut Water, Cedar and Crushed Sugar.

When I first got this perfume, I didn't associate it with Summer. Fast forward until a few months, it reminded me of Summer! It's Beyonce Pulse. It's a gorgeous perfume! I reach for it quite often simple because it smells fantastic. It's floral yet fruity and strong but not overpowering at the same time. It's a hard perfume to describe because there's so much going on, but I highly recommend you go and smell it! As you can see, the top lid of the bottle is long and protects the actual bottle itself!

The Top Notes: Pear, Bergamot and Blue Curacao.
The Heart Notes: Bluebird Orchid, Peony and Jasmine.
The Base Notes: Vanilla, Musks and Woody Accords.

Another newbie perfume, Lady Gaga Fame. Do not fret, the perfume is not black when sprayed! When looking at it, you'd expect it to be deep, dark and mysterious. It's actually the complete opposite. Again, it's fruity (I love fruity perfumes), and it's not too strong. When I wear this, I receive a lot of complements and people always ask what perfume I'm wearing! The bottle is incredible and unique - clear so you can see the perfume but has the golden claw top.

The Top Notes: Belladonna Flower and Incense.
The Heart Notes: Honey Drops Saffron and Apricot.
The Base Notes: Jasmine and Tiger Orchid.

Finally, one much loved in my family, CK in2U Her. This is probably the strongest, most fruitiest perfume of the lot. It's strong yet still wearable and nice. Apparently, this is the "youthful scent aimed at the younger generations", so you can feel young wearing this! As if the scent isn't good enough, the bottle is very sleek and modern.

The Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot and Red Currant Leaves.
The Heart Notes: Sugar Orchid and White Cactus.
The Base Notes: Amber, Red Cedar and Vanilla.

I love fruity perfumes, therefore I own many! Those are my favourite perfumes for the Summertime this year.

What are your favourite perfumes for Summer? Got any you recommend I try?

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