Monday 30 October 2017

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes♥

No matter what, I hate washing makeup brushes, as do many other people. It's just so time consuming and quite frankly, I find it boring. The only amusing part is when you wash a really, really dirty brush and all the makeup runs out, apart from when you see all the wasted foundation that ended up in your brush rather than on your face. I've seen people using fancy gadgets to wash their brushes, but of course they come with a pretty big price tag. I previously used a flannel, however, once day on a whim in Primark (stalking the beauty section because it's what I do best), I came across this absolute gem - a facial pad.

Yes, a facial pad. Who would have thought it's the best thing since sliced bread? As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of my makeup brushes - the perfect item for washing them. I thought perhaps the bristles would be ideal for ensuring that every last drop of makeup is removed. It was an absolute bargain as well, at only £1.50. I was afraid in case it would ruin my brushes, however, it hasn't caused them any damage at all because it's made of thin plastic.

The surface area of the pad is large enough for "fluffier" brushes, including my foundation brush, powder brush and kabuki brush. Personally, I wash my brushes with soap (some people prefer shampoo) and I find the bubbles lather up with no problem at all. Must I admit, it is rather satisfying after you've washed your makeup brushes as they are clean, but the process itself is boring. I do find that this little pad helps make things a tad faster though!

Facial pads are brilliant for two reasons; a) for the reason they're designed for (your face, duhh!) and b) washing your makeup brushes. If you don't own one, go get one - they are incredible, and ever so affordable! At the end of the day, who doesn't love a product which has multiple uses?

How do you wash your makeup brushes?

Monday 23 October 2017

The Best Of The Best: Drugstore Foundations For Oily Skin♥

Drugstore makeup is one thing I am pretty clued up on. It's mainly because when I started wearing makeup, I used to buy my makeup from a Boots or Superdrug (still do!) as I didn't quite know that highend makeup existed (nor did I have the funds). Since using makeup, there has been several trials and errors, a lot of money spent and a heck of a lot of makeup bought, so I've tried my fair share of available products. Foundation is something I didn't start using straight away when venturing with makeup (being totally honest, I cannot remember what my first one was or where it came from, and no it wasn't that dreaded dream matte mousse thankfully) but along the way, I have realised that I need to be picky with my foundations because of one thing - oily skin. I have rounded up three foundation, all which vary from each other but work well with oily skin and are from the drugstore.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin || £8.99 - I had opted for this one because it was new (introductory price of £5 really had drawn me in) and it promised me better skin by using it. Foundation shopping for me is simple as I only need the lightest shade (I went for Light Beige) and it's 99% guaranteed to always match me. I really liked the coverage of this foundation, it's lightweight and doesn't look cakey either - it's just a natural finish that sits well on the skin. I always use a primer beneath my foundation, and this has a long wearing time before needing any powder top up. You can read more about it here.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation || £6.99 - I haven't ever tried the original Fit Me Foundation but as soon as I saw the matte and poreless version, I knew I had to be on to a winner. It's for normal to oily skin, so it's not ideal for those with dry skin as I reckon that it would "cling" to the dry patches of your skin. When applied on my skin, it doesn't appear dewy at all, and I believe that this is because it's specific for oily skin, and is to give the appearance of matte skin. It feels lightweight on the skin also, and has an airbrushed, flawless finish. One thing I must mention is that I bought the shade 105 (which was the lightest in the stand) and it's ever so slightly too dark for me, but nothing atrocious looking. It lasts until late lunch time if applied early in the morning before needing any powder touch ups. Pores aren't visible at all, skin appears matte as shine is kept at a minimum, what isn't there to love? You can read more about it here.

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser || £2.99 - Technically this isn't a foundation, but I had to mention it. The coverage of this is almost as good as a foundation, and better than your typical tinted moisturiser. I have found the consistency to be quite thin but when applied with a damp makeup sponge, it applies evenly to the skin, and gives quite good coverage, I would say it's light to medium, and is buildable in layers to give as much coverage as you require. Again, this is ever so slightly too dark for me, but a bit of powder and bronzer and you're good to go. The reason I sometimes opt for this over a foundation is that I find my skin is able to breath a bit more beneath it. It helps to give coverage yet is light enough for freckles etc to be visible. It lasts quite well on my skin (in conjunction with a primer, powder and setting spray, of course) and feels comfortable to wear.

I recommend all of these foundations for those with oily skin. They probably would be fine to use with dry skin, but they are more suited to oily skin in my opinion (or normal skin too). All are under £10 and work well, so you'd be a fool not to buy them!

What foundations work well for your oily skin?

Monday 16 October 2017

A Temporary Brow Tattoo♥*

Trying out new brow products can be a little daunting because they aren't always guaranteed to work for everyone, and working them out can be quite the mission. Typically, I use brow kits or a pomade due to the effectiveness of them and their simplicity. The wonderful people from Maybelline emailed me about trying their Brow Tattoo*, and I was intrigued as to whether it truly worked as a tattoo or not. I opted for their darkest shade, Dark Brown but they also do a Medium Brown and a Light Brown.

In my opinion, the packaging is pretty slick. I like the shiny black packaging with the girly touch of bling. It doesn't appear cheap yet isn't overly fancy too. It is purchased in a box, which contains all of the details of the product on the side (you know, the how to, step-by-step instructions and all that jazz) which obviously wouldn't fit onto the actual product itself. Minimalism is my style, so this packaging is aesthetically pleasing and I like it.

I must admit, the applicator/wand was not what I was expecting. I did expect more of a distinct brush, so I was curious to see how I would get on with the applicator because I was afraid incase it would be tricky and hard to work with. It turns out that it's actually the easiest thing ever. All you do is literally PAINT the shape of your eyebrows. No gimmick. How simple is that? It only takes a few minutes, and of course, the more precise you are, the longer, but I cannot believe how easy it is to apply. It's not messy whatsoever - I thought that it would smudge everywhere, but I was wrong. When applied onto your brows, it appears as a black liquid, which slowly dries, but it looks so funny not going to lie!

Depending on how long you want it to last on your brows, the times vary. If you only want it to be temporary for a day, they recommend 20 minutes. I tend to leave it closer to 30 minutes. Normally, I do it on a Sunday evening at around 7:00, and when I get up on Monday morning, my brows don't need any extra product because this product works so well - of course if you want extra definition, ie at the arch, you may want to use some pomade etc. If you wish for it to last for up to 3 days, they recommend 2 hours, however, I haven't done this - mainly because I'm afraid to if I'm honest aha! After you've left it on for your chosen time, you then have the joys of removing it - well, PEELING it. You basically need to remove the product from the inner part of your brow to the outer. This is a bit of a pain, but it is quite satisfying, and worth it!

Here's a quick before preview of my brows with no product whatsoever in them. Although they are pretty full, they aren't defined at all, and they do have a few sparse areas which I like to fix up with my brow products.

Here's an afterwards preview of my brows. As you can see, they are visibly darker and there aren't as many sparse areas. 

Overall, I think it's a product worth investing in. It certainly isn't a gimmick and I just love the finished results. It's so simple to do and saves you a few pennies by doing it at home!

Have you tried this product? What was your experience like?

Monday 9 October 2017

Why You Should Make 2018 YOUR Year♥

For me, 2017 has been a blast of a year. Life wouldn't be life if there weren't any downfalls, but majority of this year has been positive. I have loved near enough every minute of it and it has past by like a flash. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some years are just damn right rotten from beginning to end and it feels as though you're stuck in a rut that isn't ever going to end. 2018 is approaching at a rapid pace. I'm excited to see what is holds for me, whilst others may be hesitant. Change is good, and change is necessary sometimes. I've constructed a list of small changes you can consider making in 2018 to try make it YOUR year, and the best it can be.

Reconsider your outlook on life - now I'm not meaning dream of fairies and unicorns, no not that. Try thinking positively about everything. I won't lie, it is really difficult to be positive 24/7 - everyone has off days here and there where they feel really down, it's only human. Instead, try to be optimistic about things. Applied for a job? Think positively. Trying something new? Think positively. Instead of having a negative mindset, think positively and well.

Diet and exercise - Well, who would have ever have thought that those words would feature on this blog? Not me, never. I'm not becoming a fitness blogger anytime soon, but small, simple changes in your diet and exercise can make you feel better, improve your mood and is good for your health. Some days you can feel unmotivated, and want to do nothing more than lounge around munching on chocolate - we've all been there. But, how about swapping the chocolate for a bit of fruit? Of course, it doesn't compare at all (it's chocolate after all), but increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is a step in the right direction. Also, drinking more water has lots of benefits - it helps your skin and flushes out any toxins in your body. As for exercise, I don't mean take up multiple extreme sports. Even just walking regularly - get your heart pumping and increase those steps! Exercise releases a hormone which boosts your mood, and it will help you to think a whole lot clearer, resulting in that positive mind set! Although it will make you feel better, remember balance is necessary.

Pick up a hobby - perhaps a hobby is exactly just what you need to stimulate your brain. My favourite hobbies are blogging and photography (cheeky plug in, but feel free to check out my photography here and here), but there are so many options out there. It varies from singing to dancing, baking to drawing, playing an instrument to writing, there is something out there for everyone. You don't necessarily need to be amazing at it; if you enjoy it, then let it be. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters. It will certainly boost your happiness levels by doing something you love, and it will give you something to do to pass your time. I bet if you were to sit down and think "what actually are my hobbies?", you will have more than you even realise. So, for 2018, what's your new hobby?

Be ambitious - when I say ambitious, I mean realistic, nothing overly wild whatsoever. Of course we all want the best for ourselves in life, but when setting goals, but realistic - are they achievable? How can I go around achieving this? Or am I being ridiculous? Setting goals is a good thing, especially if you know the end goal. The journey towards the finish is rather exciting too. Whether it may be short term or long term goals, a goal is a goal and if you're ambitious enough, you can get there - just with a whole lot of hard work and determination! In my opinion, the best way to achieve a goal is by staying humble - don't tell people your goal, instead, SHOW them!

Prioritise YOU - put you first. It is not, and I repeat NOT, selfish to put you first and do what's best for you. Make yourself your number one priority, and watch how your happiness will change. It's only healthy, trust me. Never settle for number two when it comes to you - screw whether you are anyone else's number one, you are your own. Be your own biggest fan, support yourself and make decisions based on yourself. 

Honestly, these simple little things could make your 2018 the best year of your life, so far. Do things for yourself that you will thank your future self for. As I've already said, 2017 went really well for me, and I am nothing but determined to make 2018 as equally amazing as 2017, if not better. I know that I want to look back on my life and be proud of what I've achieved, so I want to absolutely smash 2018 and every year onwards.

How are you going to make 2018 your year?

Monday 2 October 2017

Save Yourself A Few Pennies With Superdrug's Vitamin E Range♥

Trying to discover which products work best for your skin is hard, mainly because there are so many brands offering numerous products these days. I tend to stay with drugstore skincare as it's more affordable and I know that the chances are high that it'll end up on my blog. One brand that I'm always intrigued to is Superdrug's Vitamin E range. I had tried their Hydrating Mist last year (read my review here) and simply I adored the mist. Since then, I hadn't tried anything else. However, that changed last month. I had ran out of both my micellar water and cleansing oil, and when I saw that the Vitamin E range was on special at buy one get one half price, I decided to get the two.

Dual Phase Cleansing Oil; I'm still fairly new into the world of cleansing oils and boy, do I wish I tried them sooner. They are a gift from the gods, honestly. Not only is it amazing for cleansing your skin, but also works wonders for removing your makeup. When I first tried it, I was a bit apprehensive to using it around my eye area just in case it hurt my eyes, but it doesn't irritate my eyes whatsoever. When I use it to remove my makeup, I use it as a follow up cleanser to ensure every last bit of makeup and dirt is removed. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, and appears bright and radiant. Before you use it, make sure to shake the bottle so that the oil and solution come together. The best part? It's suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Superdrug are against animal testing. For the price, I'd definitely repurchase this!

Gentle Micellar Solution; I was a little unsure to trying this out because I have used the Garnier Micellar Water religiously now for years, and to try a different micellar water can be a bit daunting, I won't lie. I was afraid it would perhaps break me out, or if it would irritate my eyes. I'm glad to announce that it did none of the above, thankfully. I have noticed that it has the same scent as the cleansing oil, and it reminds me of coconut, so maybe not ideal for someone with sensitive skin (but the scent doesn't hurt my eyes). It removes makeup quite well, although I like to use two cotton pads, both soaked in micellar water, to ensure that every last trace of makeup is removed. I don't need to tug or pull at my skin as it just effortlessly removes it.

I knew I wouldn't be let down with this skincare range; especially because I had loved the product I had before, and see numerous beauty bloggers rave about the range on their blog or twitter. And, it's only fair to say, I've been looking further into the range - I have my eye on the Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Have you tried this range? Anything you recommend I try next?

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