Monday 16 July 2018

Testing Eylure Brow Productsđź’•*

Brows these days are rather important to some individuals. To me, I'm not crazy on them - sometimes when I do my makeup I don't bother doing them and I'll happily leave them undone to leave the house - but every so often, when I want to make an effort, I'll do them. I haven't quite found my holy grail product yet, so I'm willing to try anything out! got in touch, asking if I wanted to try out some brow products from Eylure, I was intrigued as they specialise in eyelashes, so I said yes. And here's the verdict.

Eylure Brow Paint* || Mid-Brown || £8.95 - I won't lie, this product baffled me at first because of the applicator. I had previously tried concealers of a similar manner in terms of applicator, so I was a bit scared to try this out - especially with it being a brow paint, and I am pretty clumsy. On my first use, I found myself twisting the bottom part of the pen for ages before any product came out, then boom - loads appeared at once. It sure doesn't lack pigmentation that's for sure. As it's the first time I've ever used a product quite like this, I found it difficult to work with, however I know the more I use it, the easier the application will be. I did feel that my brows looked too dark and I initially thought it's because the shade was too dark for me, but now I believe I just used too much product. A light and steady hand is necessary with this product!

Eylure Precision Brow Crayon* || Mid-Brown || £5.90 - I'm used to brow pencils, so I could easily fill my brows in with this. It's the same shade as the brow paint, but I feel that this looks a lot lighter in my brows - perhaps this is just the different formulas, which will alter the opacity. At first, I felt that it looked ashy in my brows for some weird reason, but I couldn't see it the next time I used it. I like that on one end is the product, which twists up so no sharpeners needed, and a spoolie on the other side to brush your brows. I'd say it appears on the natural side, as it leaves them full but not overdone. It helps to give them shape and frame your face without being too overpowering.

I must say, I have really liked these products. Considering Eylure are mainly known for their eyelash products, I feel that they have successfully conquered brow products and have created some fantastic products that aren't overly expensive either. Shoutout to Eylure!


*PR Samples

Monday 9 July 2018

A Hair Favouriteđź’•

Dry shampoo can be a tricky one. Either it works wonders, or it leaves your hair in an absolute riot whereby it doesn't fit it's purpose. Some dry shampoos have made my hair looks greasier than before I used the product, have made my hair go pure white and just won't blend. Everyone always raves about Batiste. I knew it was a reliable product because I had heard lots of good reviews about it from blogs and YouTube. I had been using Lee Stafford ones but once they ran out, I gave into the hype and I bought a tin of Batiste.

Well strictly speaking, it wasn't quite like that. I was needing some dry shampoo, and whilst in Asda, went to the haircare aisle. Batiste was on sale, so instantly was drawn towards it. I noticed how many different scents they had available! The pretty, bright packaging caught my eye, and I ended up choosing the Cherry version. The scent sure didn't disappoint. It says that it's "fruity and cheeky cherry", and it's ever so fresh, and gives your hair that quick and instant refresh it requires. It also provides you with volume too, making your hair easier to work with.

One tin did last me a good few months as well, which I was impressed at. I don't like to use it too frequently just in case I dry my scalp out. I'd say that I maybe use it, on average, 1-2 times a week, depending on how desperately I need to use it. After I had finished the tin, whilst in Bodycare, I picked another one up, which was significantly cheaper. I didn't think anything of it because I thought "aw, it's just because it's Bodycare and they sell things at a discounted price". One I got home, I noticed that not all the writing was in English. The product is pretty much the same, however, I feel that it is a bit more powder based than the other one.

All over,I haven't been let down by Batiste. I feel their dry shampoos are ideal for those who simply don't have the time, or can't be bothered, to wash their hair on a specific morning, or are looking for an easy way to create volume. These products tend to be on offer in Superdrug, and at the moment, the 200ml can is £2.99, and beautycard members can save up to 1/3 on certain Batiste products - so what are you waiting for? Get in there!


Monday 2 July 2018

Intimidating Lip Coloursđź’•

Every season, I change up my makeup. In terms of lipsticks, I tend to go for brighter colours in the Spring and Summer, and keep my dark, vampy colours for Autumn and Winter. A few years ago, I went mad buying different lipsticks - almost every time I went shopping I bought something new - so now I'm left with a collection, full of some whacky colours, which I am quite afraid of. My aim for Summer this year is to experiment more with bright, bold colours, and make them work.

Lancome Matte Shaker in Yummy Pink || £20 || Read more here - You might recall the craze over these little lip colours. First, it was their original juicy shakers. Then, they launched their matte shakers. To say the least, I was right on that bandwagon. And I'm glad I did. Their matte shakers, in my opinion, are by far better than the juicy shakers. The pigment is much bolder, the colour selection is better and the formulation works better. I own two; a red one, and a pink one (as photographed). It's quite a bright, bubblegum pink, which I am intimidated by. As I'm so pale, I'm afraid that it won't compliment my skintone, and that it would wash me out a bit. 

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick in Heroine || £9.99 || Read more here - When Maybelline sent over their matte ink range, I think they purposely chose all of their "out there" shades for me. Out of the four, I do think this one scares me most. Not only because it's orange, but because of it's vibrancy. I'd say these are liquid lipsticks, and I find them tricky to work with purely because I haven't a lot of experience in wearing them. The pigmentation is uber strong, so I find I need to be very precise in applying them. Orange isn't a colour I ever really wear, but to me, it's a beautiful colour and just signifies Summer to me.

Maybelline Vivids Color Sensation in Hot Plum || Discontinued || Read more here - I used to love this lipstick, and now I don't ever reach for it. Purple lipstick I used to love, I alternated between this one and an MUA one. Now, you're lucky if I even wear a nude lipstick some days. I remember being obsessed with how easy these are to apply, they just glide on because they're so creamy, and no need to worry about them smudging. It does have the tendency to fade whilst eating or drinking, but what lipstick doesn't? Sometimes, I used to walk about the place with this being the only makeup on. It was truly loved, and I need to remember how much I adored it to get me back into using it again.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in  || £1 - I love the variety of lipsticks that Makeup Revolution (MUR) sell, and because of their cheap price tags, it means you can experiment to your hearts content, and won't have splashed the cash out on something you might hate. I have some absolute die-hard favourites from MUR, then others are just random shades I fancied trying, which is exactly what the above lipstick is. It's a coral shade, with a hint of pink and a bit of red, unusual and different to the Maybelline lipstick from earlier. This lipstick is really creamy, so could possibly melt in the tube and smudge a bit whilst on your lips. To me, this is a holiday lipstick. I don't know what it is, but I think of abroad when I look at it. With the current heatwave here in Scotland, I think now might be an ideal time to give it a bash.

Those four are my main scares when it comes to lipstick. Trust me, I do have more, but these ones top the charts. 

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