Thursday 28 July 2016

Get Festival Ready♥*

Summertime just shouts festivals. Some have already happened whilst there are still some to take place. Although I'm not going to any, I thought it'd be fun to use this month's Natural Collection* beauty box to get festival ready! Natural Collection are a budget brand where all their products are £1.99 each, therefore are extremely affordable.

For the "makeup necessities", you have got to use a concealer to cover up those tired under eye circles and mascara to open up your eyes. The Cover Up Stick* has pleasantly surprised me. New holy grail concealer I think?! Mine got broken in transit, but that's not stopping me from using it! I usually associate stick concealers being dry, but this surely isn't. I was shocked at how creamy and blendable it is! It covers up those dark circles fanatically and I adore it.

As far as mascara is concerned, the Water Guard Mascara* is superb. I wasn't sure if it would be a lengthening or voluminous mascara, so I tried it nevertheless. It turns out that it's a lengthening mascara, one that actually separates my lashes AND makes them look longer at the same time. It doesn't crumble or flake off, which is ideal for festivals.

You've got to incorporate colour into your festival look somehow. Whether that's nails, lips, eyes or whatever you fancy. Some people even use UV paint on their face, which tend to be bright, neon colours. I have two colour options - lips and/or nails. Both are colourful, not too intense and striking, yet are pretty and look beautiful on.

 For lips, the Tinted Lip Balm in Caribbean Crush* gives the perfect pop of colour. Although classed as a lip balm, I'd say it's more of a lipgloss. It's a pretty pink shade which isn't too "in your face" yet is effective. I was afraid in case it was sticky and non-festival appropriate, but it's not overly sticky unlike some other "cheap" lipglosses. Due to the colour, it can go with any look, and just gives that subtle pop of colour.

A second alternative for colour is the Nail Colour in Hibiscus*. I feel that the lipgloss looks like a very similar colour in the tube when compared to the nail polish. I really like the colour of the nail polish, and I also like the finish of it. It is slightly watery, but after two or three coats, it is a strong colour and is on the opaque side. When on your nails, it is quite a vibrant colour and definitely makes a statement. 

For a festival, I don't think that you would need to wear too much makeup as at the end of the day after jumping around, your makeup will sweat off and be patchy. That's why I highly recommend all the above products because they would create a minimal makeup look yet is effortless to create. Not to mention the products altogether only cost a whopping £7.96.

Are you going to any festivals this year? What makeup shall you be taking with you?

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Monday 25 July 2016

Budget Outfits♥*

The sheer excitement when you find a beautiful item of clothing for a bargain price is brilliant. Although some believe quality comes with price, I reject this as some of my favourite pieces of clothing were inexpensive. When Everything 5 Pounds got in contact about doing an outfit post featuring some products off the site, I could hardly resist.

Outfit 1
I love the detail of the Lace Back Stripe Crop Top* - the stripes compliment the lace very well in my opinion and isn't too over the top. The material is also flowy and light therefore is ideal for the Summer. I just paired my top with a pair of jeans from New Look, some slight rips but nothing too out there; I wanted to let the top do the talking.

Outfit 2
The Crochet Back Embroidery Top*  created more of a basic outfit. I decided that I'd wear my shorts with it because I liked the simplicity of the look altogether. The back of the top is really pretty: you would originally expect those "spaghetti straps" like normal vest tops, but this has something a little different.

I particularly like the Denim Zip Up Jacket* because it's smarter than your typical denim jacket. The style is more on the formal side, and could be classed as a "dressy" jacket. I feel it gives the outfit an overall smarter finish. If I were to go to somewhere formal, this jacket could be worn as it's not as casual than a denim jacket normally is.

Outfit 3
I adore the print on the Mono Check Print Crop Top*! It's a bralet style top with a striking print - rather eye catching. As the top is quite to the extreme, I kept the bottom simple with a basic black skirt, also from New Look. The monochrome trend is still popular so I decided that I'd wear it without being too bold, being more low key.

In each outfit, I'm also wearing the same Adidas shoes and Primark sunglasses as they went perfectly with every look, and I'm obsessed with how comfortable my shoes are!

Everything 5 Pounds has everything from tops to dresses, and is ideal for those last minute arrangements. Not to mention that the quality is brilliant too. The only thing is that I found I was unsure regarding sizes as it's risky ordering online, however, everything fits perfectly!

Have you found any bargains on E5P?

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Thursday 21 July 2016

Luminous Hair?♥*

Hair oils are a tricky one. People tell you not to use it because it weighs your hair down, yet others then tell you to use it because it helps your hair. I'm always paranoid to use an oil incase I use too much and make my hair greasy looking. I was a little anxious to whether or not the Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil* would leave me with silky soft hair or horrifically oily hair. So, in normal beauty blogger traditions, I put it to the test.
Personally, the only hair product I use whilst my hair is damp is heat protector, so initially, I tried this after blow-drying. I didn't want to use it from root to tips, therefore decided to use it on the ends of my hair where I feel they were most dry and damaged. One pump was plenty for half my hair, I soon discovered. I was expecting it to be thick, but it's the polar opposite to my expectations. It's on the thin and runny side, which I have came to deciding I love. After I use it on the ends of my hair, I like to brush through it, just to make sure it's evenly spread. Due to it being so runny, I realised it feels quite oily on your hands and found out that it's best to wash your hands before even attempting to brush your hair.

There is a strong, distinct scent that I believe to be rather familiar but can't pin point as to what it is or reminds me of - it's 100% on the sweet side. Once it's in your hair, you don't notice the scent being too overpowering. In fact, I quite like the scent!

For the purpose of this post, I decided to try it on damp hair to see the final results. I used a few pumps from about the nape of my neck to the ends of my hair after towel drying, and brushed my hair before blow drying. When I was brushing out my hair before I tried it, I felt that the oil helped brush out the knots easier. After blow drying, oh my, the results are incredible. My hair has never felt so soft! I can easily say I can notice a difference in my hair. I know for sure I will 100% be using this in damp hair more often!

I reckon my first impressions on this hair oil were wrong. It completely shocked me. As I said, I'm usually nervous with hair oils, but this might have just changed my views on them. Highly recommend and I would say that this would be ideal if you have dry hair.

Have you tried this hair oil? What are your views on it?

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Monday 18 July 2016

Get Your Glow On♥

Makeup Revolution have really taken the beauty world by storm. Their range has expanded loads since they started out, and for the price of their products, they are incredible. I had heard good things about their highlighters - the single ones and the palettes. For my birthday, my sister bought me the Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette in Highlight. Fair to say I couldn't wait to get my highlight game on point.

As you can see, the packaging comes in their usual black casing, nothing too fancy, but it's the inside that's the exciting part. There is a relatively large mirror and three different highlighters inside; a white, a peach and a purple. I won't lie - I did feel intimidated by the purple and thought I was only safe with the white. Thankfully, my instinct was wrong, and turns out I get on with each colour. The white looks gorgeous against pale skin, the peach would look gorgeous with a tan and the purple looks great on pale skin, surprisingly.

Each and every highlight is incredibly pigmented, although I feel that the peach one isn't quite up there with the other two but I overlook this as it still looks stunning. I apply with my Real Techniques Contour Brush (I'm yet to get a fan brush, suggestions would be much appreciated!), and to make them pop even more, I spray my setting spray and before it dries, apply a little bit more for an extra sparkle. Best tip I've ever taken on board.

For the price tag (£8), I would suggest this to many people. I reckon that it would suit a variety of different skin tones too! I've had compliments on my highlight (when using this) and people are shocked when I tell them it's a Makeup Revolution one!

Have you tried this palette?

Thursday 14 July 2016

How To Save Time Drying Your Hair♥*

I hate drying my hair. Well, let me rephrase that. I hate having the wet hair and then overheating within five minutes of drying my hair. Washing it? No worries. Then I know what follows. I have long hair which is also relatively thick, so drying it can be a nightmare. You know when all your hair dries except the back part of it? Literally me. 

I'm all up for trying new products, and when it comes to hair products and they promise to reduce the length of time you dry your hair for, I'm more than up for that. I was intrigued by the Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Primer* because it claimed to be a time-saving product, a primer and heat protector in one. A hair primer? First time owning one. But the real question is - does it actually reduce the length of time for blow drying? Yes, yes it does! My original instinct was that it would be a gimmick. However, it actually does work.

The consistency is a light-weight and creamy formula which doesn't make my hair feel heavy or greasy. I cannot write a post without mentioning how good it smells either - it's hard to describe it other than using the words sweet! The packaging looks super pretty too - little details add towards a product, and the fact it's pink is an added bonus! What I love most about the product is that not only can it work for my thick hair, but for any hair type too, whether you have long, short, thick or thin hair, this product will work on your hair!

Usually when I dry my hair, without this product, it can take around 15 minutes, sometimes even longer, however, I find that when I use this, it normally takes 10 minutes or less. Everyone's a winner, right? My hair also feels in such good condition after using it too, and anything that helps my hair is a true genius in my opinion.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

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Monday 11 July 2016

Lorac Pro Palette Dupes♥

As much as I would love to own the Lorac Pro 1 & 2 eyeshadow palettes, it's my money that yells no at me. At £30 each, they are quite steep, and not exactly the most affordable palettes out there. That's where I love dupes. A well-known drugstore makeup brand that produces brilliant quality products, many of which are dupes for highend products, is Makeup Revolution. I must have stood a good ten minutes "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" at the stand over which palette to get, but in the end, I settled for the Iconic Pro 1 and Iconic Pro 2.

The palettes both look the same. The packaging is the same standard as the other Makeup Revolution - black, matte and has gold writing on it. Basic, yet sleek and minimalist. The palettes come with a brush. Thankfully, it's not one of those ridiculous and useless sponge applicators - it's an actual brush. It's not too bad, which means it would be ideal to keep in the palette for travelling etc. They also come with a large mirror which is a bonus in my books. To identify every shade, the palettes come with a plastic sheet to sit over all the shadows, to give their names.

 Above, is photographed Iconic Pro 1. The first half is the lighter, more day-time appropriate shades. These are the "Jasmine" shades. With a mixture of golds, creams and browns, a variety of looks can be created. The second half is darker, more night-time appropriate shades, and are more on the smoky side. Although, the palette as a whole can be used in conjunction with one another, mixing the lighter colours with the darker colours. Majority of the colours have a metallic/glitter finish, leaving the matte colours all the more suitable for your crease.

The Iconic Pro 2 has more of a diversity of colours. Unlike the Iconic Pro 1, it cannot be distinguished into "categories" as such. No two colours are alike in this palette whatsoever. I like that there are some "out there" colours to spice things up a little - did you know I'm very adventurous? No? Learn something new everyday, ohh! - and are like an extra for changing up a look. I feel that the first half on the left of the palette are probably easier to wear on a day to day basis, but if you're feeling like you would like a bold eye look, the darker shades are ideal - they're more "mysterious".

All the shadows have a high quality of pigmentation. Sure, with some of the glitter shades I experience fallout, but that is expected from a shade consisting of glitter. Each palette retails for £6.99, and to me, I'd say that certainly is a bargain and a half. As a dupe, they perform well and I am beyond impressed.

Have you tried these palettes? Do you like them as a dupe?

Thursday 7 July 2016

Makeup For £1?♥*

I'm willing to try any makeup, drugstore or highend. I'm not a "makeup snob" or anything like that. Makeup for £1? I'm up for a trial. When Miss Beauty London* contacted me about their products, I jumped at the chance - of course I had to give it a bash to review! Unfortunately, I cannot link any products however, they are all available from Poundworld. They are manufactured in the UK.

Having oily skin, I was delighted to see their flawless matte foundation. Sending foundations can be a little risky, especially not knowing if it'll match. I was sent out shade 3, which surprisingly doesn't look all too bad. I found that the consistency was rather thick in comparison to some of my other foundations. It blends almost flawlessly with my damp beauty sponge then I blend it around my neck and hairline a bit more with a buffing brush. The powder sets my makeup into place. It's a little dark for me but used with the foundation, you don't even notice.

For liquid eyeliner, I only own pen style ones. When I saw the fine liner, I was a little nervous to try it because I've never tried a "pot style" eyeliner. It turns out it's actually really good. Perhaps the best product out of the whole box. There's no denying that it's the blackest black eyeliner you can get. Once applied, it almost sets in place and it doesn't shift one bit. I just find it a little difficult to use to wing it out but nonetheless. The mascara doesn't impress me too much. I use it in conjunction with my other mascaras - it's a good "base" mascara as it's light and does separate my lashes. It would be ideal for those natural makeup days/

For £1, what can I say? I'm blown away because I wasn't quite sure just what to expect. I do echo myself again and say that the eyeliner is my favourite - it just shows that price doesn't go for quality!

Have you ever tried Miss Beauty London? What did you think of it?

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Monday 4 July 2016

Be The Rock Princess♥

Perfume is one thing I wear everyday. I love the vast diversity of available perfumes, and they are all unique to each other. If you remember a few months back, I reviewed the Vera Wang Princess perfume, and since then, I received the Vera Wang Rock Princess for my birthday. To say the least, I was looking forward to putting it to the test to compare it to the original.

Firstly, the bottles are similar; they are of the same, elegant, heart-shape which is made of glass, with the cap consisting of two rings, which I think makes the bottle appear cute. It has the standard "Vera Wang" wrote across the front, followed by the name of the perfume. With this perfume, the bottle has a theme that co-operates with the name. It is "edgy", essentially "rocky" and "mysterious". The black bottle with white markings makes it unique to my other perfumes on my shelf.

If you are familiar with the original Princess, you will know that it has a distinct, sweet scent. However, this perfume is not nearly half as sweet. Instead, it is empowering, darker and different too. Although, I do notice that there is a noticeable sweetness, but has been toned down a lot. I couldn't say I preferred one over the other because they differ so much.

The opening notes include white peach and raspberry which is mixed with floral Jasmine, lily and rose. The base notes include cashmere, musk and coconut. Looking at the notes, they're all unique to each other, yet they blend beautifully to create a stunning scent. 

I highly recommend checking out this perfume. It may only be my second perfume in the Vera Wang Princess range, but I would most certainly expand upon that, and would love to own them all one day.

Have you tried this perfume? What's your opinion on it?

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