Monday 26 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #2: The Blending Spongeđź’•*

I've been using the same makeup sponge for months now, and truth to be told, it's actually disgusting - no matter how many times I wash it, there's still traces of makeup on it that simple won't budge, and it's beginning to tear a bit too. Nanshy brushes are a brand which I have heard of for a while in the beauty and blogging industry. Their PR contacted me, and sent me out one of their fairly new makeup sponges.

Nanshy Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge* || £6.95 - Straight away, I was intrigued by the shape and form of the sponge as it is different to any other sponge I've used - typically, I tend to use the stereotypical egg-shaped sponge - so when I saw that not only is it a rounded-end, but also a flat tip and front. 

When I went to use it, I dampened it under running water, and to say the least, I was surprised by the amount it increased; it almost doubled in size! This, for sure made it easier when it came to applying makeup. I only use it for my foundation, concealer, and if I feel like it, cream contouring. Due to its precious shaping, it makes it easier for the application process. I use the round end for applying foundation on my cheeks and chin, the flat front for my nose and forehead, and the tip at the top for beneath my eyes.

I haven't tried using it dry because personally, I'm not a fan, as I feel it doesn't blend makeup well on my skin. When using it damp, my makeup looks flawless and airbrushed - it looks as though I have no makeup on, which of course, is a lie. I particularly like the peculiar shape of it, because it means you don't require numerous makeup sponges which are of a differing shape, you only need this one.

I really wish I had discovered this sponge sooner, because it's made doing my makeup a dream, it's a whole load easier. If you have a beauty guru in your life, then I highly, highly recommend treating them this Christmas to this Nanshy makeup sponge - trust me, you won't regret it!


*PR Samples

Monday 19 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide #1: For the Scent Loverđź’•*

Back in the days (around 2009-12), Charlie and Impulse were my go-to body sprays as I didn't use perfumes. I remember the excitement you would feel when you stood in front of the range, trying to narrow down which one to buy with your pocket money. Oh, those were the days. It seems that since then, Impulse has been through one of the biggest glow-ups ever, the packaging has completely changed for sure. I was rather excited when the PR got in touch asking if I wanted to feature the new impulse products in a blog post.

Helen Anderson Limited Edition Violet Palms + Neon Nights* || £6 - look how much more appealing the bottles are nowadays compared to the old, thin cans they used to be in - the packaging would definitely draw me in more! The Helen Anderson body spray was created by Impulse in collaboration with blogger and youtuber Helen herself, and has created a Summer-scented body spray - so even though Summer doesn't last all year round, the scent will. It almost reminds me of Parmaviolets as it has a similar scent to it, resembling the childhood sweets. It's quite sweet but not exactly sickly. The scent is infused with cactus flower, neon apples and rose - which is clear because it does have a subtle fruit tone throughout it.

Go Get Glitter Melted Candy Unicorn Dust Mist* || £6 - If you like young and exciting scents, then this is it. It's definitely a fun scent because it's so sweet. For some reason, it makes me think of hairspray because it has a very similar underlying tone - but don't fret, it's not like you're spraying hairspray on yourself at all! This time, it;s infused with fresh vanilla, which is perhaps what provides it with such a sweet scent. In my own opinion, I do prefer this one - I just think it's better, but everyone will differ.

With a lot of body sprays, I've found that their scents don't last long, but with these two, their lasting power is pretty strong, as I will get a whiff of the scent from time to time. Considering their beautiful, revamped packaging and desirable scents, I feel that these would be ideal as a Christmas gift, whether it be a stocking filling etc. If you know someone who loves their perfumes or beauty items, then they wouldn't be disappointed to open their Christmas present on the big day for sure!


*PR Samples

Tuesday 6 November 2018

From A Hate Mascara To A Loved Oneđź’•

Although you're advised to replace your mascaras every 6 months or so, I am awful at doing so. I just tend to forget, or I think "it'll be fine I'll just finish it". I need to stop because it may result in an eye infection or something. Ew.

So, when I went to buy foundation the other week, I thought I'd treat myself and get a new mascara. I don't get on with Rimmel mascaras - I don't know what it is, but my eyelashes almost rebel with them - so I always stick with Maybelline. And, coincidentally, there were some Maybelline mascaras on deal. In the end, I settled for their Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Mascara, which was reduced to a decent price of £5.

I hadn't ever tried this one, hence why I opted for it. I've tried their other colossal mascaras, so thought I'd try something new this time. Upon my first couple of uses, I hated it. I regretted buying it and was tempted to bin it. For some odd reason, it clumped my lashes up something awful to the point it looked as though I had about 5 lashes per eye, when in fact, I'm quite lucky to have quite a lot of lashes, of which are long and thick. However, they looked short and stumpy too. I wasn't impressed.

After about a weeks use, I started to like the mascara. I've heard people complaining about other mascaras being too "wet" upon first use, which I reckon is what I experienced with this one. As I had used it a few times, it started to "dry out" - not in a bad way - to the point you could work with it a whole lot easier. It applies so much nicer now. For some odd reason, I have nicer left eyelashes than I do right eyelashes, and it even looks quite nice when on my right eye - this eye can look clumpy and horrid sometimes. It helps to enhance my natural lashes by emphasising their length, and helps to open up my eyes more.

It doesn't feel heavy when on your eyelashes, which is something I've experienced in the past. It's easy to apply to your lashes too, but the only downside I can think of when applying is that it's not ideal for applying to your lower lashes - I'd say on about 9/10 occasions, I have to use a cotton bud to remove the excess spots beneath my eye. It is because it's quite a thick wand. It's formed of plastic bristles, whereby the bristles at the tip of the wand are smaller than the middle of it, which makes sense for when it "fits your eye". It isn't waterproof, which makes it easy to remove - all I use is micellar water, or a makeup wipe if I'm feeling really lazy. In saying that, I live in the not-so-sunny Scotland, where we see a lot of rain, and even when it's lashing down, it hasn't ended up running down my face (yet). In terms of tear-proof, I can't answer that because I'm not much of a crier haha.

Considering I hated it at first, I'm quite a fan of this mascara. In the past, I've had the tendency to always use a lengthening mascara but this definitely falls into the category of being a voluminous mascara, and I must admit - I really like the effects!

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