Monday 25 January 2016

The Hidden Lush Gems♥

Lush are known for a variation of products; some mainstream and others are quieter. I'd say Lush is busiest around Christmas, and majority of people know which product is which from just hearing the name. A lot of the non-festive products aren't as well known, and are almost hidden. At Christmas time, I received a gift set from Lush, containing three products which I hadn't tried nor heard of. To say the least, I was intrigued!

First up is a soap. Sadly, I forget the name of this AND cannot find it anywhere! With that aside, this is pretty amazing. I love the wash of colours within this one bar, and it smells fresh. It reminds me of the sweets, freshers. The smell is quite strong, but not too overpowering. I like to use this in the morning as a "wake me up".

A limited edition Christmas product, the Snowman Shower Jelly. I had been curious to shower jellies, and was originally going to buy myself one, but then I never for some reason, so I was rather chuffed to see this in the box. It smells phenomenal - it's a citrus blend! The actual jelly is shaped like a snowman and has the detail of the snowman's face too. It's slippery too, even worse than soap! I genuinely like it though, and the scent is absorbed into your skin.

The true gem of this box is the Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream. I was wary to using it due to the colour of the product as it reminded me of mustard, but ignoring that, this shower cream is incredible. Think of chocolate oranges and coconut merged together - it's basically those two in a bottle. Due to being a shower cream, it's really creamy but feels insanely nice on the skin. My skin always feels smooth after using it, and thankfully, my skin absorbs the scent for hours afterwards! 

Have you heard or tried these products? What do you believe are hidden lush gems?

Monday 18 January 2016

The Makeup Revolution Goodies♥*

With there being so many makeup brands, it feels intimidating when it comes to makeup shopping. If I want a new mascara, which brand do I go to? Makeup Revolution is one of those brands which I always see and hear about. Something entices me over to their stall in Superdrug but I'm usually overwhelmed from all the beautiful products and cannot choose anything to buy. I'm still quite a newbie to the brand, and when I received two of their goodies, I was adamant I was trying them out that exact day.

Both products are fairly new, the first one being the Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt*, I believe it was released on 24th December. This contour kit makes life easier; it eases contouring. The contour shade, on the right, is an ideal shade to contour. Being pale, I often struggle finding a shade that doesn't look "muddy" or "dirty", however, this isn't in any way. It creates a subtle contour (or sharp contour if that's your aim!) but looks effective either way. The white shade is perfect for highlighting under your eyes, down your nose, your forehead and even to sharpen your contour. I don't like matte highlight on my cheekbones, but can be used to do so.

When I saw I had been sent this gem, I may have squealed a little. The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate* highlighter is a true beauty. I might have a slight confession - I think I love highlighters.. This has been my absolutely favourite highlighter lately! I have used it almost everyday since I got it. Just look at it, isn't it gorgeous? It's quite a warm, gold tone which complements my skintone extremely well! The littlest bit goes the longest way where this is concerned - it doesn't lack pigmentation for sure! The pan itself is rather large, which means you're getting a lot for your moneys worth.

Top swatch - Pro Illuminate Highlight
Middle and bottom swatch - Duo Face Sculpt
 As you can see, each product is pigmented, and of course is buildable. Personally, I think my favourite product has to be the highlighter - especially with being such a highlighter addict! For £4 each, I find both these products are bargains! I know for sure I'll be getting more of their highlighters in the foreseeable future.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution? What do you advise I buy next?

*PR Samples

Monday 11 January 2016

The Easiest Eyeshadows Available♥

Eyeshadow can often take ages. Sometimes when I'm doing my makeup, it takes me the longest because of all the different colours to choose from and all the blending (blending is key!). However, I have days where I don't have enough time to do my eyeshadow or I can't be bothered and want something simple. When this occurs, I reach for my Maybelline Colour Tattoos.

Aren't they so pretty? The colour tattoos are pots of cream eyeshadows. The range is huge, and are affordable too (£4.99 each but often on a 3 for 2 deal). I find the packaging to be sleek, and well suited for the product itself. The consistency of these cream eyeshadows are creamy and blend so smoothly, as well as majorly pigmented! Also, they're apparently dupes for Mac paintpots, and are a fraction of the price.

My personal preference for eyeshadow is usually golds, browns or bronze, so the three I own are along those lines. The top left shade is from the original collection, and the other two are from the leather effect collection. Unlike with cream products, I haven't found that these dry out, which is a bonus.

Creamy Beige was the first of the leather effect collection that I tried. I instantly loved the colour when I originally saw it on Instagram, so knew I had to go out and buy it for myself. As you can see, I'm a big fan of this product - it's gorgeous! If I'm wanting a light base for my eyeshadow to go on top or just for a wash of colour, I tend to reach for this as I adore the colour.

On and On Bronze ("Bad To The Bronze" in America) was the first colour tattoo I bought. It goes with almost every look and always looks flawless. Paired with winged liner, this is my favourite look to wear at the moment! All I do is sweep some on with my finger and blend out any harsh lines with a blending brush, so easy!

Chocolate Suede is the last of the three I have. It's a deep, dark, chocolate brown colour with a hint of glitter through it. This colour makes me think of chocolate and feel as though that's how they created it and the name. It's ideal for darker and smokier looks, although, it can be toned down if required.

With one sweep across the lid, these are potentially the easiest yet greatest cream eyeshadows you will find in the drugstore!

Do you own any of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos? Aren't they just so easy to use?

Monday 4 January 2016

The Lush Alternative♥

It would take a lot of beating to beat Lush, it's a fantastic brand and they have such a variety of products. It would also take a lot for me to dislike them, because after trying their products, I'm hooked now. As lovely a bath it can produce, I will be honest - it can be ever so slightly expensive, or maybe that's just me because I add too much into my basket. I like to see Lush as a luxury brand for when I need a relaxing bath, and since my nearest Lush isn't too local, an alternative is necessary.

The bomb cosmetics is a fairly popular and well-known brand. I've heard many people go as far as saying they do dupe products of Lush, which is extremely exciting! When I received their Little Box Of Love from my Aunt at Christmas time, I couldn't wait to dive on in and give them a shot!

Looking at them, they're seriously some of the cutest little bath bombs I've ever laid eyes on, and that's saying something. I'm a lover of pink, so these are winners for me. As soon as I ripped off the wrapping paper, I was greeted with the strong scent these beauties have. Don't worry - it's a good thing, they smell beautiful! I had them sat next to me as I wrote this post, and the smell was coming out of the box, it's seriously impressive.

I like the design of these - they're made out to look like little cupcakes which is honestly one of the cutest ideas ever because who doesn't want to have a bath which had a cupcake bath bomb in it?! Each bath bomb has it's own name, which are all really cute. The names include; Rosebud Cupcake, Chic & Cheerful Bath Mallow, Urban Rose Bath Mallow, Kiss Me Quick Bath Creamer, Love Birds Bath Mallow and Feel The Love Bath Mallow. If you haven't guessed yet, there's clearly a love theme running here!

I really like these bath bombs. I love the smell of them, the design and they're a great alternative to lush! I used one this morning and the smell just filled the air almost immediately once it fizzed away. It never created colour as such - it gave the water a cloudy appearance and had dried flowers inside. My skin hasn't felt this luxurious in a while. The water made my skin feel so smooth and my skin definitely absorbed the goodness of it. My only problem with them is that they're too cute and I don't want to use them up..

Have you tried the Bomb Cosmetics? Do you like them? 

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