Tuesday 26 May 2020

Bio Glow Productsđź’•

Years ago when I used to receive beauty sets upon sets for Xmas and birthdays, my shelves used to contain numerous body scrubs, which I'd use fairly religiously. Then, as I got older, I started slacking (I feel I keep saying this in all my blog posts, but it's true, self-pampering really did fall out the window, but it's back!!) and now, I love a good body scrub. I mainly rely on them for my fake tan; to exfoliate and prep my skin beforehand, but also to scrub it off and remove it afterwards. I sometimes struggle to find the right balance with scrubs though - some are too harsh, whereas some are ineffective and do nothing. It's a case of trial and error, but I've eventually found one that's budget friendly, and does the job. Alongside this, I've found the ideal companion for it - a body lotion - which ensures you keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Bio Glow Apricot and Rosemary Face & Body Scrub || 99p - although I can't find it online, it's most definitely stocked in Savers - I've bought it that many times I would know!! I never use it as a face scrub so can only give the verdict for it being a body scrub. To me, it smells like a peach yogurt! It contains small "gritty" pieces which gently exfoliate my skin yet still act effectively - you know it's done a thorough job. It doesn't feel harsh nor leave any red marks indicating that it's too severe on the skin either. One tub does last a while as I feel I only need a small amount each time - but focusing more on my knees, wrists, ankles and elbows if I intend on fake tanning. It washes off easily, and my skin instantly feels smoother and exfoliated, without feeling dehydrated in the slightest. Due to the strong scent, it may not be ideal for sensitive skin incase it irritates the skin, but for normal/dry skin, there shouldn't be any problems!
In terms of using with gloves, I love! The ones I use I got from Morrisons for £1, and they're decent quality - not too thin and fit my hand perfectly. I thought that combined with the scrub, it may feel quite rough on the skin, but it's not really - just a bit more intense compared to using the scrub solo. If it's for removing tan, you can legit see it coming off your skin, so the gloves are essential for quick tan removal! Is there anything this scrub can't do?

Bio Glow Cocoa Butter Moisturiser || 99p - Because I love the scrub so much, it only felt right to expand into the range and buy the body lotion! Looking at the moisturiser, it honestly looks like a tub full of yogurt - so, at first glance, the formula looks thick and creamy. However, it's not as thick as I initially thought - it's actually quite thin, almost water based. Therefore, resembles more of a body lotion formula than a body butter. I adore the scent, it's  cocoa butter but not your typical scent - it does smell like cocoa, but almost a bit toned down and sweeter at the same time? As it's a thin formula, I don't need a lot at all, and my skin literally soaks this up instantly, and with that being said, doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin; it's very lightweight and feels smooth on the skin. I love how smooth it leaves my skin feeling, and when I wash it off, it feels milky, so I know my skin is well nourished and hydrated. I especially like using it after exfoliating just to treat my skin - slather on some of this and you're a literal goddess.

All in all, I love this combo! I wish I could find more bio-glow products online but I'm struggling, so I guess it's time to have a long nosy in Savers next time I go!


Monday 18 May 2020

Lockdown Doesn't Mean Unstylishđź’•*

With the days of lockdown continuing, and no where to go, its no wonder people are turning to their pyjamas and comfy clothes. But, who said comfies cannot be both comfortable AND fashionable too? I know for sure I like to be both! Have you ever stumbled upon Femme Luxe? Not only do they have some gorgeous clothing, but their loungewear collection is equally as fashionable! I spent a good while flicking through their website cause they have such a good selection that it took me a while to narrow down my choices!

Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers* || £14.99 || RRP £27.98 || I won't lie, joggers aren't something I own in my jammas or loungewear, but when I seen the selection on Femme Luxe's joggers collection, I was shocked; so many pretty colours, different styles and all look super comfy. These greys joggers are a bit different to what I own or would ever wear, but I'm obsessed! They're oversized on me, meaning they look slightly baggy, but that just means maximum comfort, right? And they have pockets!! I own a few jammas which mimic joggers and they don't have pockets, so when I seen these joggers had pockets, I was low-key buzzing. There is a draw-string hidden on the inside of the elasticated waistband and they also have a cuffed hem at the ankles. They're perfect for lounging about in, but also acceptable to wear out in public too - your choice whether to dress them up or down! Cute casual or comfy casual, whatever your preference may be. If you fancy something a bit more colourful, there are a total of 16 other colours to pick from!

Pink Off Shoulder Loungewear - Blake* || £18.99 || RRP £39.98 || I couldn't resist this super cute matching set when I seen it, pink is my favourite colour after all! With that being said, there are numerous other pink loungewear sets available to choose from. I went with this one because it's slightly different; I was a fan of the off the shoulder idea. The top is slightly cropped, but this doesn't bother me - I think it looks good with the neck design! I love that it's a matching set, it's the ultimate girly loungewear! It's made with super soft material meaning they're extremely comfortable to sit around the house in. They have cuffed hems at the ankles, however I found I had to go up a size to get them to fit properly on my legs. Apart from that and now I have the perfect size, I am in love with these! If pink isn't your colour, it's available in another 6 colours - a great variety!!

Camel With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set - Shani* || £20.99 || RRP £39.98 || I am really liking this stripe trend that going on at the moment - and I'm not one for trends normally! That's why I instantly wanted and needed this loungewear set! I also think this camel colour is so pretty and complimentary on everyone too, which is forever a winner in my books. Another set from their off the shoulder collection - seems I'm following this trend too then?! - and it's another stunner. I feel that even if it was all camel colour, no white stripe, it'd still look great. But in my opinion, the white stripe adds an essence of style and sass. It's pretty much the exact same set as the previous pink one, so I won't ramble on too much. It's also made of the same material so it's comfortable and guaranteed to keep you cosy warm on those miserable lockdown days too. Also available in another 3 colours if the camel colour doesn't take to your fancy!

As I previously mentioned, there are many, many other loungewear sets if you don't like the look of the above (although I'm a big fan!). For the days I'm not working, I am living for these sets as they're comfy yet stylish - so come on, what you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new, trendy loungewear set during lockdown!


*PR Samples

Monday 11 May 2020

Live in The Lightđź’•*

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you'll probably know by now that I am a big lover of trying new brands. Whether they're small, independent brands or large-scaled, well-known brands, I'm all for it. I'd never heard of Live in The Light until their PR got in touch with me. After having a nosy through their website, it was clear to me that they had a large selection of products with varying scents too! I settled for trying three of their items; a body butter, sugar scrub and facial mist. But their stock doesn't stop there; they also have vegan handbags, haircare, makeup and much more!!

Whipped Body Butter - Mango and Peach* || £9.95 || First things first, this genuinely smells like a yogurt. As the name would suggest - mango and peach - it's super fruity and sweet, but I personally love that. It's a fair-trade African and cocoa butter, blended with organic Moroccan argan oil to help nourish and hydrate your skin. It's a hydrating body butter for extremely dry skin, including eczema, psoriasis and sun-damaged skin, but also dry hair and thin nails! As much as I love the scent, the formula is quite messy. When you look at it, it looks like your typical body butter, however when you begin moisturising it into your skin, it melts in a way and becomes quite greasy, which I did NOT expect at all. It took a few minutes to dry into my skin, which I can deal with, but the results are totally worth it; it leaves my skin feeling so soft and thoroughly moisturised. I decided to lather my legs in it one day after shaving and boy, I can totally recommend doing it! The only thing is that the tub is smaller than I expected, but not to worry!

Sugar Scrub - Wild Cherry* || £14.50 || Although there were a few sugar scrubs, I instantly decided to try this one because of the cherry scent - and it's absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, same can't be said for the products itself in my opinion. I had a bit of a disaster with it. I've had a hit and miss with sugar scrubs in the past but did have high expectations for this one. First things first, I found it way too waxy and greasy. It left my bath a bit slippy which I was not a fan of at all. And, when it came to washing off my skin, it just wouldn't? I had to scrub my skin with soap to wash it off. I am rather annoyed that I didn't like this product more, but hey ho, it is what it is! Despite saying that, after drying my skin, it left my skin soft, but it was a bit too messy for my liking.

Victorian Facial Mist - Lavender and Rose* || £15 || I had one of the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Facial Mists years ago, and I love how it left my skin, so I was intrigued to see how this one lived up! Although it's a facial mist, it has 3 purposes; traditional toner, refreshing mist or hydrator. Personally, I've only tried it as a refreshing mist cause I felt my skin was a bit dried out from all the warm weather we've been experiencing, and it just helps my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. I haven't used this much, but I will be publishing a separate blog post all about it, putting it to the test to discover how well it performs all 3 purposes!!

I've really enjoyed trying out these products! Although I wasn't a big fan of the body scrub, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't like it either! I recommend giving the brand a check because their products smell good enough to eat.


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Monday 4 May 2020

Trialing InVogue False Lashesđź’•*

Now that I'm finally coming to terms with lashes, I'm more than willing to try out some new, different styles and brands! That's why when the PR over at In Vogue asked me about trying their lashes, I was delighted! I couldn't get over the wide selection they had either, all which fell into the categories of volumise, glamourise and naturalise, as well as individual lash extensions! There's a lash style available for everyone, and the packaging is pretty cute too, which also includes a small lash glue too.

Invogue Volumise False Lashes #7* || £3.99 || Trust me, I cannot WAIT to try these lashes, but I don't want to waste them just being in the house so I'm waiting until lockdown is finished and I can finally go out again! I love how dramatic and extra these lashes are, they're super long and dark, so are definitely going to be noticeable. Although I haven't tried them, I can already tell they'll live up to their name of volumise!

Invogue Glamourise False Lashes #10* || £3.99 || The first of two glamourise lashes, but these I haven't worn yet. These are interesting, cause they look like normal lashes but then appear a bit more wispy, textured yet natural towards the end. What I like is that they don't look cheap and plastic either, but the extra long lashes at the ends really help to make your natural lashes appear longer and fuller, helping to enhance your eyes. They state that they help provide you with a medium volume and length, so nothing too dramatic.

Invogue Glamourise False Lashes #9* || £3.99 || The other pair of the glamourise lashes, this time a pair that I've actually worn! They look super long and extra, but once applied, they're not too extreme, they actually look really pretty on! They are so lightweight despite their length, and I feel that they'd be suitable for most eye shapes, and any eye look too; whether it be bold or more chilled. I find that I don't need to cut the lashes either, that they actually fit my eye shape really well! I may have only worn them in the house for trialing purposes, but I cannot wait to wear these on a night out! They flare out slightly towards the end, which is very complimentary as it helps accentuate and elongate your eye.

I decided to wear them with quite a full on makeup look (I had a red/deep burgundy liquid eyeshadow from Beautybay I was desperate to try!) but I reckon it'd work well even with a more toned down eye look.

Invogue Naturalise False Lashes #21* || £3.99 || Again, a pair of lashes I've worn, and to be honest, a pair that have really taken me by surprise! When I initially seen them, I didn't think they'd have that much of an impact as they're "short and natural", but damn, I was wrong - I am obsessed!! Although I said they're natural, they still help to enhance your eyes, bringing you extra length and definition to your natural lashes. 

Here, I chose to pair them with a basic winged linger and red lip, and the classiness was unreal! I didn't want to take them off cause they were so pretty.

One of the main reasons I love these lashes is because they're so lightweight! Sometimes some lashes can feel heavy and tiring on the eyes, but with these, it didn't even feel like I was wearing any. They have an extremely thin lash band, and the application process was super quick and easy - I managed to get them first time! (That's an achievement for me, trust me). I am happy to inform you that they are cruelty free, and vegan friendly! The lashes come with their own glue, but I prefer to use my own glue. For me, invogue lashes get 10/10!


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