Monday 26 October 2015

Perhaps The Brushes That Were Made For Me♥

In July, it's no secret that I fell in love with Real Techniques. I bought the Core Collection (review here) and I've used those brushes religiously since getting them. It's not a surprise that I've wanted to grow my collection even further. When I went into Superdrug, I was looking about and out the corner of my eye, I spied (ha) the Eye Makeup Brush Starter Set reduced from £21.99 to £14.99. And how can one turn that down?!

If you know me, then you will know that I LOVE nothing better than seamless eyeshadow, so these appealed to me. Real Technique brushes are some of the best brushes on the market, and are just stunning! You can't deny the purple and black brushes don't look professional! The brushes also have their dedicated job on them so you won't ever forget what they're for.

Left to right; deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, brow brush, accent brush and fine liner brush.
I don't know about you, but I think these brushes look incredible sitting alongside my other brushes within my collection. There's just something so amazing about the brushes that I love and makes me want the whole range. Maybe it's just the inner beauty blogger within me..

Deluxe Crease Brush - I adore this brush! It is most definitely one of the best brushes ever created for blending eyeshadow and making it look perfect. The bristles are densely packed together nice and tightly. They are shaped together to look round, and fit fantastically into your crease.

Base Shadow Brush - This is probably the brush which I rely on most. It picks up shadow immensely and then packs it onto the lid. Maybe it's my imagination, but I feel it makes the shadow more pigmented. Or maybe it just picks up product better than any other ol' brush!

Brow Brush - The new best thing ever. I just use it to fill in my brows, simple really. Apart from that, I use it to smoky out colour on my lower lash line. It's angled to my liking to fill in my brows. From using this, my brows are definitely 'on fleek'.

Accent Brush - At the moment, I'm currently using it for a highlight colour in my inner corner and brow bone. It's small and precise enough to get the product exactly where I want it. It's one I use quite regularly and honestly, it comes in handy!

Fine Liner Brush - I haven't found a definite job for this yet, although, I do know once I do, I will love it. I have used it with shadow to give the appearance of liner on my upper lash line. The bristles aren't soft like the other brushes so it makes it easier to use for liner.

I genuinely think these brushes have been sitting in Superdrug waiting for me to pick them up, and I am not afraid to admit that I am (slightly) late on the bandwagon with these but I do wish I'd picked them up sooner! Since I own one too many palettes, these brushes get used almost daily. Of course, I just want to go on and collect even more of their eye brushes because I'm a bit of a hoarder that way..

Have you tried these Real Techniques brushes?

Monday 19 October 2015

Achieve Glowy Skin In Autumn/Winter♥*

The craze for glowy and dewy skin this Summer was unreal! Highlighters at the ready as strobing was the latest beauty trend and everyone was wanting highlighted cheekbones. I must admit though, I do love a good highlight myself, it completes any makeup look, no matter how natural or dramatic it is! As we're coming into the Autumn and Winter seasons, your skin can become duller and loose it's natural glow, but I've found five products from The Body Shop which work perfectly in conjunction with each other to help bring your skin's glow back.

Moisturising is key! If you want any type of flawless base, you got to have smooth skin. Having a soft skin to start means all your face makeup will apply and look perfect. The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser* is my current go-to moisturiser every morning! It's quite lightweight yet extremely hydrating. It boosts skin which may look or feel tired. The best bit? It smells gorgeous! To me, it's basically Summer in a tub as it smells like Sprite or Fanta Lemon. As it's quite a strong scent, it helps the skin to feel awake and glow beautifully underneath the makeup!

A light base is perfect if you're wanting that glow to look as natural as possible! The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream* does the job. It gives coverage yet isn't too heavy on the skin. It smooths the skin, leaving it look flawless. I blend in with the W7 Power Puff Sponge as that's my own preference, and like the look of the finish. It's colour adapting, gives even coverage and doesn't clog up your pores. It is much lighter than a typical foundation is, so still looks very natural yet covers up any redness your skin may have. What else could you wish for?!

For concealer and under eye highlighting, The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer* is my favourite at the moment! It's a pen style concealer where you twist the bottom to use the concealer. I like to apply this in a triangle underneath my eyes as well as down the bridge of my nose for extra coverage. Again, I blend in with my W7 Power Puff as the tip of it reaches perfectly under my lower lashes to blend out the concealer. It's not cakey and blends like a dream. Not only is this concealer quite high coverage, but it's brightening so brings a lot of light under the eyes!

Layering highlighter is what I do best! I start off with The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter* which is a cream highlight. This can be applied before or after foundation, but I usually apply it after my foundation. I apply two or three dots on the tops of my cheekbones then blend with my contour brush from Real Techniques. It gives a subtle glow which is what I'm always trying to achieve! It also makes your skin look fresh, looks subtle and quite healthy! On top of that, I use The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome*. I sweep my contour brush around this dome to pick up some product and apply on top of the previous highlighter. This does have a bit more of a shimmer to it. Alternatively, you could glide it along the tops of your cheekbones and blend out. Both work and leave your cheekbones looking on point (hahaha!)

So there you have it, my way on how to achieve that amazing glowy skin look in the Autumn and Winter!

Have you got any secrets to achieving glowy skin throughout Autumn and Winter?

*PR Samples

Monday 12 October 2015

The Bubble Bar Of All Bubble Bars♥

Don't get me wrong - I really like bath bombs. There's just something amusing about watching them fizz about the bath and see what pretty colour the water changes to. However, I like a bubble bath, one that not only makes the water smell nice, but creates a lot of bubbles. Let me introduce you to my new, favourite bubble bar - Candy Mountain.

Candy Mountain is from Lush's Christmas range, and is perhaps one of their best-sellers from the range. It's basically meant to look like a mountain which is made up of swirled pink and white candy, and actually looks very girly. The bubble bar is also coated in a layer of glitter to make it looks sparkly and even more Christmassy!

Personally, I'm a fan of this. If you love Snow Fairy, then you will adore this! It smells sweet, sweet like candy, and almost creamy too. The bubble bar itself is quite big, therefore is reusable and you can manage to get two to three baths out of it, depending on how large a chunk you use. It's simple to use; break of part of the bar and crumble under running water to create gorgeous bubbles.

I used a third of the bubble bar with a little drop of Snow Fairy and this is the result. I'm very impressed with the turn out, I had heard a fair amount about it, so I'm glad to have tried it out for myself. After I used this, my skin did feel phenomenally soft and smelt divine.  The only thing is - I wish I had bought it sooner! I have a feeling I'll repurchase this again before Christmas..

Have you tried this bubble bar? What's your favourite Lush bubble bar?

Monday 5 October 2015

High-Street Body Scrubs♥*

Body scrubs are something I use weekly. Not only do they leave your skin smelling gorgeous, but also feeling amazing because they remove any dead skin cells (sounds so gross but it actually isn't!) Some body scrubs can be a little pricey, for instance, I absolutely LOVE The Body Shop body scrubs, but at £13, I sometimes like an alternative for when I'm in need of a body scrub but don't have the money.

Typically, if I'm looking for a new body scrub, my instinct would be to look in Boots, Superdrug or The Body Shop. Oh how I could be so wrong and not know I was missing out by not looking elsewhere. Ever think to look in Wilkinson's? No? Well, you definitely should. They have a fantastic skincare range, which contains these body scrubs, and are only £1.50! (Currently £0.95).

Within the range, there's many different scents to choose from. I have the Fruits Body Scrub Orange and Pomelo*Fruits Body Scrub Rhubarb and Vanilla* and Kiss Exfoliating Body Scrub*. The Orange Pomelo and Rhubarb Vanilla body scrubs are very gentle on the skin, yet leave it feeling clean and smooth. The Kiss body scrub feels like it exfoliates your skin more, but doesn't irritate the skin at all, and is great for dry patches such as the knees or elbows.

Of course, you'd pay more for quality, but that's not always the case. These three can be bought together for less than £5, now, that's a bargain! Not only do the smell great and are brilliant body scrubs, but they do look cute too! The bright, colourful colours would definitely catch my eye!

Will you be swapping your body scrubs for these high-street body scrubs?

* PR samples
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