Monday 5 June 2017

Unspoken About Eyeshadows♥

I love eyeshadow and there is absolutely no denying it. There's just so many stunning shades and the number of looks you can create are endless. As much as I'm always on the hunt for eyeshadow palettes (nothing better than owning 1000 different natural eyeshadow palettes), I do own a few single shadows, three of which are from No7.

Single shadows, blah de blah. I'm more of a palette girl - I think it's easier for daily use as you have all the colours you need together in one palette. However, there are some hidden shadow gems. I own three No7 eyeshadows, and aren't they just stunning? As annoying it may be to have individuals, they are lovely to use but blend smoothly.

The shade from Navy Trio comes in handy, for me anyway. I wouldn't recommend it all over the lid because there's not much colour to do so, however, it is fantastic for highlighting! It is a great colour to use in your inner corner and/or under your brow bone. It is quite shimmery and brightens your eye area. I find it's one of those shades which I find myself reaching for just to highlight with. It really finishes off a whole eye look.

The shade from Cappuccino Trio has to be my favourite out of the three I own. It's a beautiful, creamy brown-golden shade which can be wore in the crease OR all over the lid. If you know me, then you'll know I love gold eyeshadow, so you can bet I use this a lot. It is on the pigmented side, but can be built up to a more intense look. I find it's the perfect shade to add a little "something" to your completed look, whether that may be just across the whole lid for a wash of colour or into the crease for depth.

My final shade which is fairly new is the top shade from Tea Party Trio. It's completely different to anything else I own; singles or palette. I find it's a gorgeous colour which is ideal as a crease colour - it adds a lot of depth to your eye. It blends seamlessly too, and is rather pigmented. When it's blended on top of a transition shade, the blending is looks flawless, and there's more colour pay off. I think I love it because it's quite cool toned, and it's uniqueness makes me opt for it more often.

I feel that nobody ever raves nor talks about No.7 single shadows, the most known ones around the beauty world have got to be Makeup Geek or Mac. These retail at £7.00 each here and I'm now contemplating buying more!


  1. i know the N7 brand but I have never tried these shadows before . They look really pretty !

  2. All these little eyeshadows are so cute and such pretty shades! I didn't know no7 did these! X


  3. I think I still have a couple of these somewhere! I absolutely loved them when I first tried them I'll have to see if I can find them out again! Thank you for reminding me haha!


    1. I love reading blog posts which remind me about certain products that I have aha!! x


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