Thursday 10 August 2017

A Miracle Brand For Your Problem Areas♥*

I don't know about you, but I feel Summer is the most vital time of the year to give your footsies (aka feet) a little bit of TLC, especially if you're planning on wearing some sandals or heels. Alongside this, I always try my best to combat dry hands, and although I'm more prone to suffer this during the Winter months, I try my best to keep my hands hydrated with hand cream all year round. Dr Ceuticals got in touch with me, asking if I wished to sample any of their products. I was given the opportunity to select whichever products I wanted, and I opted for the Hand SOS Intensive Balm* and Foot Rescue SOS Cream*.

Dr Ceuticals create products which aim to work on your problem areas, including your stomach, arms, cellulite and bust. There are numerous products available for your problematic areas (click here to find a product for your concern). The products are not tested on animals as the brand are against animal testing, and are dermatologically tested too. 

Hand SOS Intensive Balm* - I have tried many hand creams, but never a hand balm; I was curious to see how things would go. On day one of trialing this out, I used a bit too much of the balm, and I found out quickly that it left your hands greasy, so less is more is the key here. Ever since, I have used a smaller amount and find it works much better - my skin is able to absorb it much faster, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It claims to be deeply hydrating, and fast absorbing, which it definitely is. Right now, my hands aren't in too bad a condition, but I can still see an improvement - they feel soft, smooth and well hydrated. I do believe that this hand cream would be ideal for someone with extremely dry, dehydrated hands, and I think that a hand balm has proven to be more effective than a hand cream in terms of hydration and treatment. There is a slight scent to it but it's quite faint, once your skin has absorbed it, you don't really smell it anyway.

Foot Rescue SOS Cream* - Foot cream can be a hit and miss with some people; many love it whilst others loath it. Personally, I quite like it - as long as I don't use too much. This foot cream claims to get to work fast within 3 days to target areas of hard skin from the first application. Personally, I feel I can notice a difference after a few days use. For me, I only use foot cream in the evening because it gives it time to work wonders as I sleep. It's not a greasy formula at all, a small amount is all that is required and it has quite a strong but refreshing scent - it reminds me of peppermint. I have tried a fair few foot creams and I find that some of them can be a little bit "too gentle" - I feel that this one actually is more effective and intense, so a difference can be noticed. 

I believe that if you have a specific body/skin concern, Dr Ceuticals would have you covered as their product range is pretty vast. Although a few products may be a bit on the pricer side of some people's budget, they honestly are worth the money, they do work (from what I have tried so far anyways!) And the best thing? They're stocked in Boots so they're easy to access!

Have you ever tried Dr Ceuticals? 

*PR Samples


  1. Seriously my feet are the only reason why I don't wear sandals 😂 So the foot cream definitely sounds like something I should try, have to take a look the next time I'm in Boots! xx

  2. I've never tried this before - I think I really need to though because my feet are in awful shape.

  3. I've been trying out this brand and really liking the products! Haven't tried these though so I am putting them on my wish list! Xx

  4. I feel like this would be great to bring away on holidays, my feet always get destroyed in the sand and heat! Thanks for sharing. K x

    1. Oh god yeah, I went away the end of May and my feet are only just recovering aha! The sand is a nightmare! x

  5. My feet are always so dry, I suffer with them all year round :( It's just minging haha! This sounds amazing to use and to take on holiday with me next year when I'll be in the heat xx


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