Monday 18 September 2017

Hugo Boss Deep Red♥

Typically, I am drawn towards sweet, floral perfumes. Rarely do I ever go for deep, musky scents, however, for my birthday, my mum treated me to a bottle of Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum, which is completely different to anything else I own.

Deep, dark and mysterious. If the bottle's aesthetics itself don't give you an insight into the perfume then I don't know what will. It most certainly is not sweet nor floral; more like secretive and seductive. I believe it is unique as I don't own anything quite like it, and is rather distinctive too as it's one I'd be able to recognise. Although I happily wear it throughout the day, I would say that it's perfect for a night out. The bottle itself is thick, dark glass which is strong and sure to make anyone feel as though they run the world, honestly.

The notes of the perfume are as follow:
Top Notes: Clementine, Blood Orange and blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Freesia, Pittosporum and Ginger Flower
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vanilla.

As you can see, the notes are varied but combine together to create a sensual, exciting fragrance, and work together extremely well. Using a range of different ingredients can be risky, however, it is clear to me that Hugo Boss managed to pull it off and once again, have created a stunning fragrance. The scent lasts on the skin for a good few hours before it begins to fade, so has a good, long lasting power.

Have you tried this perfume?


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