Monday 20 August 2018

A Much Loved Skincare Rangeđź’•

For months, I have been using the Superdrug Vitamin E Range religiously. I went on a mad online shopping spree and ordered numerous items that I had been wanting to try out, and they were on a buy one get the second half price deal. The range has been working wonders for my skin, however, my inner blogger enjoys trying out new products. I have read umpteen reviews about the Garnier skincare range which is infused with Rose Water, and whilst I saw them on deal in Superdrug, I snatched up a toner and cleanser.

Garnier Natural Rose Cleansing Milk || £3.49 (now £1.69) - Cleansers are something I never used for years in my skincare routine, and I still struggle to comprehend as to why. I've tried multiple different brands, all of which have varied drastically from each other - I've tried some which are thick, whilst others are extremely thin, on the watery side. This is quite a thin formula, but it's not overly watery - for a cleanser, it's probably on the correct balance. I love how smooth it leaves my skin feeling, and it looks clean and healthy too. After washing my face, I feel this is an extra step which I benefit from, and shouldn't have been skipping out for years! There's a floral scent, but nothing too overpowering or strong - it just smells clean and pleasant.

Garnier Natural Rose Water Toner || £3.49 (now £1.49) - I find toners vital for my oily skin, because it completes my cleansing routine, and closes my pores to prevent any further dirt entering my skin. Some I find work better than others - some feel like you've just swept a cotton pad with water on it all over your face, whilst others leave your skin feeling clean and tight (for those who use a good toner, you know what I mean). This one is definitely in my good books. I knew that rose water was beneficial for your skin, so I jumped onto trying this. I've found that I don't need to use a lot at all on a cotton pad, and my skin absorbs it pretty quickly too. It does have a floral scent, but it's not too harsh on my skin at all - and it's ideal for dry and sensitive skin too. I feel as though it really does tone my skin, and it works well with my skin too

I had high hopes for this range, and I can assure you, it didn't disappoint me. The toner and cleanser were the items I wanted to try most from the range, but whilst linking the products for this post, I see they do a moisturiser as well, so I'm tempted to complete the range. 

Have you tried these products?



  1. I must admit pretty much anything Garnier has my vote! I love their micellar products and masks but admit i haven't tried this range...yet!

    1. I was obsessed with the Micellar Water when it was first released, you've just reminded me of my love for it!! x

  2. I love Garnier’s ranges! However I have never tried them but considering they are on offer I might give them a go because I LOVE a bargain! Amelia Xxx


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