Thursday 7 October 2021



WOW, this feels hella weird. Remember me? It's been over a year and a half since I last sat down and logged into this blog. I feel like a stranger in a place that used to feel like home. 

Let me tell you one thing - this pandemic - covid aside - has been surreal, for me. Let me give you a BIG life update..

Rewind back to March 2020, when the pandemic struck. I was a few months off of finishing my HND College Course in Photography. We'd just handed in our final project plans, when we went into lockdown. This meant one thing - changing our whole original idea. Sure, heartbroken, but determined nevertheless to deliver a strong project. In the end, I collaborated with my sister (who loves baking, check out her instagram) and created some mouth-watering treats and delicious photographs. I worked extremely hard, given I was working from home and still achieved a final grade A - not bad, right?

Since then, things have been wild! First off, I graduated. Not quite the graduation I imagined I'd have - in other words, non-existent due to the lockdowns - but education world had came to an end. Into the big bad world for Jasmine! Food and product photography land, here I come! I have been extremely fortunate to work with some INCREDIBLE clients, which I'm forever grateful for. I've shot packaging for Mathiesons; Dumfries House to be featured in Tatler Magazine; shot some tasty bread treats for Just Gluten Free Bakery to mention a few. The last few months though? MADNESS


Back in April, Central Bakery contacted me - an exciting new brand. Between July to September, I was shooting their super scrumptious puddings and running their social medias. Additionally, I've been shooting fun, exciting and creative content for Mackays - no, not the crisps, ice creams or whiskey, but the jam company. Alongside this, I've been working on creating a strong portfolio to reach a further audience and clients - damn, I've been a busy bee!

My mind works 24/7, it's non-stop - ideas running through my head at the most inconvenient of times, such as when I'm trying to sleep (here, they sometimes turn out to be the best!) - and it's hard to switch off. Would I change it for the world? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

In the space of a year and a half since graduating, I think I've managed to achieve some bloody wonderful things - especially as a 21 year old! Sometimes I have to pinch myself, because it's all so, so surreal; every exciting email/DM; every opportunity and brief; every time the shutter clicks. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing the final result of something YOU shot - from the planning, to the setting up, to the shooting and the final selection & editing process. 


Why am I telling you this? 2 reasons - for the absence, and as a reminder. A reminder that, you too, can pursue a passion, no matter what that may be. Want to be a creative? Go for it. The arts are a job, no matter how many times people tell you it's not. Follow your heart. Live a life you want. It might be difficult - no path in life is linear - but believe in yourself. Have the strength and courage to just do it.

I am blessed and grateful for every opportunity, as well as the support; my own self-belief, my friends and family, and sometimes people I don't even know! I may have a long way to go, but I know that with my determination, motivation, enthusiasm, passion & drive, I'll make it. I won't stop until I do. Even if I need to open and close some doors; and I'm not afraid of leaving my comfort zone!

For the now - you can find me on EVERY social media (yes, I've jumped onboard TikTok too!)

Facebook - @jasminelawriephotography

Instagram - @jasminelawriephotography

Website/Portfolio - @jasminelawriephotography

TikTok - @jasminelawriephotography

Twitter - @jasminelawriephotography

Till next time, catch me on the above socials,

Lots of love,

Jas x


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