Wednesday 23 April 2014

Hollister "Silver Strand Beach" Items♥

Hi :) Sorry I haven't posted a blog in forever, I was busy!

Anyway, today's blog is on Hollister's "Silver Strand Beach" products. I have the body lotion and body wash, and it smells amazing! I'd definitely recommend the body lotion to anyone who is in search of a good body lotion or suffers from dry skin as it's quite a thick consistency. The body wash lathers into an amazing amount of bubbles, so you don't need a lot therefore lasts you ages!
Here's a picture of the products. The packaging is simple, but nice, I really like it, the flowers add that extra touch, making it look pretty.

I'd definitely think you should try the Hollister products, I got given this as a gift and didn't know I was getting it, but there is a range of a few scents to choose from!

Here's the link to purchase the products here


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